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By | January 20, 2020

Finally Dae-goo is confronting him. The one who’s behind all this should
be revealed clearly today, right? On the day of the incident, there were
at least two people who visited my house. First visitor was the person
who dropped the pendant. Second visitor was you, Jo Hyung-chul. We don’t know if the first visitor was one
person or more than two people. Of course, you could’ve
come with the first visitor. But according to the phone call content,
you didn’t come at that time. I didn’t find it yet. What does the pendant look like? Then the person who hit my mom with
the vase is my mom’s first murderer and you the second visitor are
the second murderer. And the reason you visited is clearly
because of the pendant. As soon as you came in the house,
you were looking for something everywhere. Who is it? The person who put you up to it… The person who dropped the pendant… Who killed my mom? I said who is it! Then who is Detective Seo? Who is Detective Seo who stole the
pendant and gave it to you? Is it Detective Seo Pan-seok perhaps? Seo Pan-seok… Detective Seo… That’s exquisite. If I said no, would you believe it? Stop fooling around and said it clearly. Is it Seo Pan-seok or not? It’s not. Seo Pan-seok is indebted to me in a
bigger way than to use him for such thing. Then I’ll ask you again. Who is the person who is behind this
and the one who dropped the pendant? It’s the company president. On the day of the incident, the company president came to your mom first and
tried to convince your mom not to testify. In the process, he became angry and hit
your mom with the vase and killed her. He was running away
and dropped the pendant. He realized that later and
sent me to retrieve the pendant. You can’t believe it? If you can’t believe, don’t believe it. Then why did you try to
kill me again after 11 years? It’s because you’re the only witness. If only you’re gone, it’s my perfect crime. Then what about 11 years ago? It was the same then. I was able find out that you were looking at
me from under the bed from Detective Seo. I’ll ask you again. Who is Detective Seo? I should at least leave one thing. So that you can have something to
work towards, don’t you think? Who is Detective Seo? Tell me! I said tell me! Dae-goo. Squad Leader, you can leave. It’s alright. Please leave. Let’s get a drink of water first. Thank goodness. Since the statement has been
secured, send him quickly. Get a drink of water. Are you leaving already? I’m disappointed. It was so fun. Jo Hyung-chul. Kid. Don’t trust people too much. Your foot is supposed
get hit by the trusted ax. I hope your future will be blessed. Hey. What happened? A victim suddenly came so… Eun Dae-goo. Let me ask you few questions. When you asked me for a stowaway boat,
you clearly seemed like you were trying to leave here after
taking care of something big. Was that when you were
trying to kill Kim Ji-yong? You can look at it that way. Then why did you try to kill
Kim Ji-yong after 11 years? The statute of limitations was almost gone in that case and the
case wasn’t being investigated. Jo Hyung-chul. Is the company
president really the one behind this? The company president admitted to making threats but he denied to the
end about ordering the murder. Why are you asking me that? You should ask that person? Then just who is Detective Seo? Pan-seok. We had some
good times before, right? Stop saying useless things and say it. Just who is Detective Seo? Do you have this picture? Do you know why I like this picture? It’s proof that I was a human being once. Keep it. It’s a souvenir. It’s the data on Detective Eun Dae-goo
of Gangnam Police Department. Sponsor Kang Seok-soon. Kang Seok-soon… How dare you
try to stab me in my back? Hey Eo Soo-sun. When you were young
after Kim Ji-yong went missing, you said you saw Jo Hyung-chul come out of
Science room and reported it to the police, right? Yes. I reported it clearly saying that it
was a man with the scar on his neck. This is the first time hearing this. There wasn’t anything
about it in the incident report. Really? I clearly reported it. Do you remember who that
detective was at that time? I think I would know if I saw his face. Okay. Then let’s go to Masan Station even now. Yes, sir. I’m going too. Then go ahead. Hello. I have something
urgent so I’ll call you later. You’re doing all kinds of things. It wasn’t enough to put surveillance video in my home so now you
even copied my phone? Hey, how could you… Hey, stop right there. Hey Eun Dae-goo. Fine. Since I already let the surveillance video go,
I’ll let this go this time. I will but from now on keep your manners
properly. Do you understand? Why aren’t you answering? Yes, Sir. What are you still dissatisfied about? Is you’re misunderstanding
about me still not cleared up? Misunderstanding? The fact that my mom was murdered
for revenge hasn’t changed. Fine. At least you’re consistent. Surely a person should be consistent. Team Leader.
You’re pretty consistent yourself. It’s going to be a rough trip to Masan. You drive. I’m so tired. It’s so strange that I’m so tired today. Let’s go. Hey. Team Leader. Partner. Should we play
a game of connect the last word? Let’s just go. Okay. Partner. Should we
listen to some music then? It’s so slow. It’s so unsophisticated. Maybe we should just go
quietly while meditating. Yes. Let’s just go. Don’t do anything. Let’s just go. Masan Police Station. Team Leader. Who is this? Team Leader Seo. How have you been? I have Masan in my hands. I’m sorry. I should’ve contact you first. Is he here? I don’t know. I don’t think he’s here. Take a look at this Eo Soo-sun. These are the personnel records of all
detectives who worked here over 10 years ago. Take a look. He should be in here. I saw a man coming out of the science room. She saw a man with a scar on his ear. I think it’s him, Team Leader. This Detective is him. Are you sure? Yes I’m sure, Team Leader. Team Leader, this is Joon-tak. Joon-tak? That guy quit being a detective
and is running a business. He’s not in the country. He went to sell clothes in Brazil. He’ll be back in two or three months. I’m sorry. If you let us know earlier,
this wouldn’t have happened. Right now Chief Kang is finishing her
work urgently and on her way here. If you could wait a moment… I’m sorry. I didn’t hear from you earlier. I’m sorry. It’s my fault that I
didn’t contact you earlier. Chief Cha. I have something to
talk about with Chief Kang. I don’t need tea. Yes. Then. I found out that kid is in Gangnam Station. I just found out few days ago. I was also very shocked. I think you’ve gotten too
comfortable with me. If you get comfortable with me,
you’d think I’m easy. If you think I’m easy,
you’ll begin to make mistakes. You have a misunderstanding. It’s just a
coincidence that seems like a lie. That kid volunteered at Gangnam Station
and he even changed his name. How would I have known? A coincidence that seems like a lie? Yes, Assemblyman. Please believe me. Then I’ll give you a chance
to prove your innocence. As you know, that kid
shouldn’t exist in this world. I want you to take care of that kid yourself. What will you do? I understand. But please let me at least decide the time. It’s not the time yet. When the time comes, I will make sure
that your wish is carried out. I will decide the time. Assemblyman. That kid is my hand. You need to trust me. Assemblyman. I’m still on the same boat. Distrust and animosity can overturn the boat. You should know that better than anyone. Kang Seok-soon. You’ve grown up a lot. I’m far from all grown up. I ask for more of your guidance.

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