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By | January 17, 2020

Team Leader. What’s this? Please take a look. Yes, I saw it well. What about it? Captain was right. Unless you’re pushed, when you fall,
you unconsciously throw out an arm to break the fall,
to instinctively protect your head. I tested it out over 10 times. So? No matter how you fall, you end up bracing
yourself with an arm. Then, isn’t this a murder case,
not an accident, Team Leader? If it’s s murder, then in a house
with no evidence of intruder, one person died
while the other lives. Then don’t we need to dig further
and get an arrest warrant? The culprit might run away. If you look again, now… One, two, whoa! Did you see that? Yes, I did. Here, one, two! You saw, right? The arm, did you see? I said I did. Excuse me… This. Is it something sweet? It’s chocolate, right? Hey, there’s me too, me. There’s me who always have
to stick with Seo Pan-suk too. Come here, Gook. Yes? Hey, I reviewed your
evidence report. Are you writing a book report? Pardon? I think this is, I believe that… These are expressions that
Team Leader hates the most. What’s important isn’t
what you think but the facts. Not your assumptions
but theories or inferences based on the facts. That’s what I thought I wrote. Hey, look here. This one. This is Tae-il’s report. Take a look. This is very clearly organized
and well-written based on facts. Are you complimenting me now? Captain… You should compare to me
to someone comparable. Tae-il is someone
completely out of my league. He’s probably in a completely
different level than you think he is. Did he come from a star? I’ll be going to the storage room. Did you guys fight? No. Yes, Mom. What is it? I’m busy. Pickled apricots? Forget it. I don’t need it. I said, I don’t need it! Of course, I eat. Would I starve instead? Why do you always talk about
food when you call? If you’re that worried,
you should’ve fed me when I was growing,
so I could have been taller? What is this height? What? I’m going to grow now? I’m going to go crazy. My grown plates are already shut, so no matter what I eat,
I won’t grow. What are you talking about? I’m 29 years old. Forget it. Hang up. I’m busy. Let’s talk. Why are you acting
like this to me? What about it? Is it because of
what I told you? Answer me! Is it because what I told you? No. Did anyone say that? Long time no see. Are you back for good? I’m back for good. There’s a debt I have to collect. Tell me what you want. You’re impatient. Did you find that little kid
from 11 years ago? Partner~ What? Just because. Do you know
it’s raining outside now? I don’t know. Do I have to know? No… well… I’m just telling you it is. If you have nothing important,
hang up. I’m busy. You cold and heartless jerk! It’s raining? Is that why she sent messages? I call this jerk my partner? I mean, a person should
have humanism. His partner who is living in
a tent texted him saying that it’s raining. But hang up if I have
nothing important? Gosh. This tent is going to get a hole! How long is it going to rain? Should I go to a sauna? Hey, are you in there? Detective Uh! Detective Uh! It’s Team Leader’s voice… Hey, Detective Uh! Team Leader! What are you doing here
when it’s raining like this? I’m just… here. There wasn’t any room in
the night duty room? Ah, no. It was all filled up. Come out. Yes? Come on out, quickly. Come out, quickly. Come out. Put your clothes on
and come out. Soybean Powder! Come on out. I said, come out. Soybean Powder! Women’s Night Duty Room. I’m crazy… Hey, put it here… Tonight, sleep here. I will leave and sleep elsewhere. You’re leaving because of me? No, I will just go sleep in a sauna,
Team Leader. Just sleep here,
if I tell you to sleep here. And if you go upstairs, there’s a mattress and
a comforter you can use. And the rest, you can
just look for it yourself. And when you leave in the morning,
just shut the door behind you. Thank you, Team Leader. What thanks… Take a rest, rest. What is it? Huh? Team Leader,
don’t you cook at home at all? The sink is completely empty. Don’t you even have a pot? Why would there be? Here it is… Is it up here? Here it is. You have nothing here either. I guess you don’t cook
at home at all, really. Ramen! Give it to me. I will cook it. Please sit down. It’s nice and chewy. Kimchi! Kimchi… Team Leader. You don’t have kimchi either? In there… It’s beer with chicken and
kimchi with ramen. It can’t be helped then. It’s all done. Team Leader, a coaster, coaster. Oh, please be careful. It’s hot. Ta-da! It looks yummy. Let’s eat. Yes, thank you for the food. Just a moment. Who is it? Since it’s raining. Someone is here. Hey! Ah, yes? Yes. You’ve come… She was living in a study dorm
and got scammed. So she has been living in a tent
on the station rooftop but it was raining outside… I was going to leave and… We were eating ramen together… Hello? We found the person
you were looking for. Would you be able to
come right now? Team Leader. Detective Ahn called
and said he found Park Sung-ho. He was found dead a week ago. He has been living homeless
for many years. That’s why it was hard to
locate him. Ironically, his identity was
found because he died. It’s been about a week since he died. The cause of death was a fall. Whether it was a simple accident
or someone intentionally pushed him is still being investigated. Is it him? Yes, it’s him. You were alive. Kim Ji-yong.

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