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By | January 18, 2020

Now, at last, we have the
chance to hear this person sing. The living legend of the
Detective Division… Seo Pan-suk! Seo Pan-suk! Seo Pan-suk! Lee Eung-do! Lee Eung-do! Lee Eung-do! Why is it so loud? Why are you turning it off? Long time no see, Detective Seo. Yes. Long time no
see, Prosecutor Han. Why are you all so loud
going around in a pack? Are they gangsters
or detectives? Prosecutor Han. Even if that’s a joke, it makes the
police feel not so good hearing it. Oh my, the Chief was here. Go and draw some blood. Go to Hanguk hospital morgue and
bring 10 cc of Kwon Dae-yong’s blood. So I can examine for
toxic substances. Are you saying now? Then, when else would you go? Next year? Go immediately and
bring it within an hour! Kwon Dae-yong committed suicide
due to his financial hardship. The cause of death was also pressure in the back of the head,
the jugular vein, and carotid, which are typical signs
of suicide by hanging. There was nothing
to suspect homicide. You talk much too needlessly. Is it a congenital disease? If a prosecutor gives a
directive to a detective, then the detective just
have to go get the sample. The needle probably
won’t go into the heart. You know that, don’t you? Why wouldn’t it go in? After 24 hours since a person’s
death, the blood coagulates. Then, open the arteries or do something to bring the
hardened blood at least! If I tell you to bring
it, do it! We should still be able to obtain
plasma from the groin area. It’s not an autopsy, so we can’t put a knife
into the deceased, right? I will use that to
bring it to you. Chief, I’m sorry.
I’ll be leaving first. It’s alright. Go and come back. Let’s go. Hey, even if he’s a prosecutor,
isn’t this too much? I know. This is too much. Do we have to follow even
nonsensical orders like that? That’s what I’m saying. The day we received a
praise from the legendary Seo Pan-suk for the first time, Team Leader also showed us the
reality of being a detective. Like the day when you, as a
child, first realize your dad, whom you thought was a
superman, is human… Hey, go home. bye. So I now see the conflict between
the police and prosecutors that I’ve only heard of. I heard Prosecutor Han
was infamous from before. Although he entered the school
a year later than Team leader, he still speaks to
him in plain terms. 3 years ago, he almost got booked for
assault because of our Team Leader. From then on,
he became Seo Pan-suk’s nemesis. Even so, our Team Leader was
a little cool today, right? Yes, totally. Eun Dae-goo and I are
going to stop by somewhere. Go where? Since we’re here,
let’s go see Yoon-jung. You still haven’t visited her even
once, have you? Yoon-jung! You came again? Today, I came because
Detective Eun wanted to come. How are you feeling? I’m really fine now. Since you come by so
often, I feel more sorry. Did someone else come by? Didn’t you know?
Team Leader has been coming by everyday. Because I said I like cake,
he brings it every time he comes. Even when I told him I have no
room in the fridge anymore… But, even without the red
cape and the blue tights, Superman is Superman and
Seo Pan-suk is Seo Pan-suk. A child went missing? Yes. A child who was playing in the kindergarten
playground went missing. His mother called that
she’d be late to pick him up and that time was 6pm. At that time,
he was definitely playing on the slide. When they went out
about 30 minutes later, they didn’t see the child. Everyone must be crazy. How could they leave
a little child alone? And the child’s profile? It’s a 7 year-old boy and
his name is Kim Min-joon. His parents are divorced and is
currently living with his mother. There’s no time. Call for backup immediately from
the personnel on duty in the Violent Crime Unit and
request all support. Request assistance form the
Patrol Unit and have them check missing children’s
shelters and hospitals. Let’s go.
Where’s the kindergarten? Yes. It’s Min-joon! He was playing with a ball. Which way was it? Over there. I saw him on the big
street over there. It’s a skid mark. These were made not long ago. I see no signs of accident like a
trace of blood or broken vehicle parts. Let’s go down there. Why there?
We can’t even see well. I just have a bad feeling. You never know. Baby! Min-joon! Min-joon! Min-joon, come to your senses! Start the car, right away! Yes. Baby. Hang in there. Min-joon, please… please… The case was handed over
from Team 2 yesterday. It’s a homicide case on the
night of the 10th in the Gwangsoo Bridge area. The victim is 7 year-old boy. It appears he wandered the
streets alone and got hit by a hit-and-run. We suspect that the victim was hit
by a car and died after falling from the bridge into the grass. Here. It appears this
will be solved easily. The mark is very unique. I know,
this isn’t the usual tire. For a hit-and-run accident,
the initial investigation and the accident site are most
important in finding the criminal. Obtain as many CCTVs near the site
and black boxes of nearby cars. Higher, higher! A little higher. No, you raised it too high. Lower it a little. Investigate the area of
the incident thoroughly and even a single witness
must be found. The cause of death is as suspected,
multiple damages, skull fracture, and brain damage caused by
the car crash and the fall. The presumed time of death
is approximately 9pm. Per tread imprint analysis, the tire is exclusively for
the Rolls Royce 5V6 model, only 6 of which have been
imported domestically. As soon as possible,
find out where the owners were during the accident and
establish alibi and find out if they have the
car in possession. We found it!
We found the hit-and-run car. It’s Kim Shin-myung’s car. 8:50pm on the day of incident, the car passed a road 500m
away from the accident site. It’s for sure.
It coincides with the time of death. This car is a hit-and-run car. Verify Kim Shin-myung’s
identity and just to be sure, find out whether the other 5
cars were operating on that day. Follow me. Let’s start by seeing
Kim Shin-myung face. Yes. Hey, do you take my
words for nothing? How many times do
I have to tell you? To leave the door
open in advance? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. If you dare make me wait
one more time… Got it? License number 18Noh4885. Are you the owner
Kim Shin-myung? I’m Detective Eun Dae-goo from
Gangnam station’s criminal division. I would like to ask
you a few questions. I’m not the sort of person some
kids like you can question. On the night of the 10th, there was a hit-and-run
accident in the Gwangsoo Bridge. Do you by chance know about it? Because of that accident,
the victim died. On that night, car 4885 passing
the area was caught on CCTV. Just a moment! You wench,
how dare you get in my way?! You wench? Ah, by any chance,
are you the kid’s mother? Did you come here
smelling the money? As a mother, the thing you want
to do with a dead kid is business? Hey, hey, hey. How did you know the
deceased was a child? Huh? Our Detective Eun
didn’t mention it. You definitely drove that
night, huh? I thought perhaps someone
else might have driven. But you are the one who
killed Min-joon, right? Do you have evidence Bring
it, if you have evidence. Do you know this? Had you brought the
child to the hospital, he would have survived. Wait just a bit. I will surely come
with a warrant. What are you doing, you punk? Aren’t you going
to close the door? Yes. Excuse me. Captain. I just went to the
car service center. But they say they never
repaired Kim Shin-myung’s car. They haven’t? But it’s too hard to get
parts for a car like that, so it won’t be possible
to get it fixed elsewhere. But it seemed a bit fishy as
if they were hiding something. I think we will have
to go ourselves. Boss, it’s Prosecutor Han. I left my cellphone and now
he’s calling you instead. Answer it. We have to go to him to
get a travel restriction anyway. . Don’t worry about that. Chairman, why don’t you
send Director Kim Shin-myung oversees for a few months. The detective in charge
is quite a nut job. I can’t put my position on the
line to stop it for you, can I? Yes. If possible,
the sooner is the better. I will call you again. You came? Go immediately to the Busan
Prosecutor’s office and bring the suspect, Kim Tak-goo. Yes, I understand. This is a request for
travel restriction. He’s the suspect for the hit-and-run
case that resulted in a death. Currently we’re strengthening the
evidence, but there’s a risk of flight. I don’t think he’ll run away. His residence and
identity are certain. In a similar case last June… You’re trying to
lecture me again. It’s a congenital disease. Congenital disease. More than a congenital
disease, it’s caution. We gathered all the evidence
despite every difficulty imaginable, if the criminal ran away… Go and bring the suspect. Yes. Detective Lee.
You, go and transfer suspect Ahn Shi-hyun to Gwangju
Prosecutor’s office. Why are you staring
at me like that? You can’t just follow Seo
Pan-suk around forever. Yes. What about you? Until when are you going to
follow me around and harass me? What did you say, you brat? I’m not your brat. If so, are you my father? Boss! Why, you crazy punk! I’m going. The current legal structure is like
this and I can’t leave my kids and quit, so I will go. But I really hope that this
incident has nothing to do with Kim Shin-myung. Without even looking at the
travel restriction request, how you’re so sure of his identity
and residence. I don’t know but… Hold it in, Boss. I’ll go anyway. We’re going. Hello? It’s the car center, right? Yes, you’re working hard. This is Gangnam police station. I’m calling because of the accident
on Gwangsu Bridge on the 10th. By chance,
has car 4885 been serviced there? Ah! Yum! Strawberry?

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