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By | February 5, 2020

Why are these pictures
all like this? I should’ve taken
more pictures of him… Aren’t you Prosecutor Ma? You’re so incorrigible… You surprised me. Do you like me this much? Excuse me? Weren’t you taking my picture? Why did you copy me? It’s not like that. That’s right.
You don’t have my pictures. I have a lot of yours. I’ll be going in. Fine. Let’s forget everything tonight. Let’s forget all our problems
for a couple of hours. Hyeri, let’s be together
for half a day. Why did you bring me here? To model in your picture. Do you want me to take
pictures with my cell phone? How could I let that happen? Get out of the car. It’s scary. These are all for
your revenge. Even the camera? Did you take my
pictures with this? Let me see… Give it to me. Why aren’t you
taking the picture? Do you want me to
take pictures? Why? You don’t like it? I like this one. – I like it too.
– What did you say? I told you I liked this. You’re so incorrigible. Okay, this is it. I’m a good photographer. This is so funny. This is nice. This one… He didn’t ask to take
a picture with me. Are you happy now?
Let’s go. Why don’t we take
a picture together? Why together? Why not? – Of course not.
– Why not? I don’t take pictures
with a stranger. Stranger? We’re not dating.
We won’t date. We’re not friends either.
We’re not relatives either. Then, we’re strangers, right? Don’t misunderstand. I think what you’ve
said is incorrect… Do you know what
you’re saying? Isn’t it your
occupational disease? Be careful with that. Because that’s what
men hate the most. Asking something incessantly… Women hate men like you, too. Someone who talks
back incessantly… There is another type
of men women hate… – Another type?
– There are more. Why do you like me then?
Hiding to take a picture of me… I’m so popular… You started first by
taking my picture… You really don’t want to
take a picture with me? No. Then, give all my pictures back. How many pictures
did you take? – Give them all back to me.
– Yes. I will. Anyway, I was going
to throw them away. When are you going
to pick them up? Why are you laughing at me? The pictures are useless. Look at those
facial expressions… you will never take
them in the picture. I have all of those expressions
in my mind, my eyes and my heart. Thank you for today. I worked for you as a model.
Is this all? I will be going. What if we compete in drinking? Didn’t you say you
were a heavy drinker? The most amazing thing
I’ve seen in Korea is this cocktail. I should have made a tornado…
I couldn’t. I lost.
Bottoms up. You have something to
tell me, right? Go ahead now. You did all this because you
have something to tell me. Did all this?
What do you mean? Lawyer Suh… You must feel rushed today.
I see. Listen to me now, then, I’ll let
you go home as soon as possible. Promise. I want to fix something
out of what I told you. I didn’t choose you because it’d
be fun to take advantage of you. That is… I needed you, even though
this may sound like a pretext. As a prosecutor… If I had become a prosecutor, I couldn’t have taken
my father’s case… Who would be interested in
an old case like my father’s? Furthermore, there is no particular
reason to reopen this case. Doesn’t it come to
the same result? Since I’m the daughter of
my father, that’s why you chose me. That’s not true. I only wanted to clear my father of
the false accusation at the beginning. And you were the safest person. Why are you telling me this now? It’s late, however,
I wanted to apologize. Sorry for having taken
advantage of you. Didn’t you apologize
already 3 times? I wanted to do it while
looking into your eyes. Yes. And I feel sorry for you, however,
I have no other solution… Stop playing with me. This is not a joke.
This doesn’t feel bad. Not bad. Being held when you’re shaking… All the parents in the
world are the same… Yes… Are you sick? How did you know? Are you really sick?
You must be sick. I’m afraid I can’t
go to work today. Let me take a break. Let me carry it for you. Look who’s here… What a coincidence. Let me help you. You’re such a gentleman. You should go in. Where did you come from?
Like a real superman… Didn’t you go to work today? I had an engagement
around here. I see a lawyer has
a better life. I should’ve asked
Hyeri to be a lawyer. Lawyer couple…
that’s not bad at all. No, prosecutor wife
and lawyer husband… That’s even better. Thank you. I’ll be going. Why don’t you have
a cup of coffee? No thank you. What about your breakfast? If you didn’t eat,
let me cook for you… I had it already. You seem to be different
compared to last time. Is it because
Hyeri is not here? No. Did you guys fight? That’s right.
That’s why you look so pale… We broke up. Broke up?
I see… I’m sorry. You don’t have
to be sorry to me. Young couples can break up… However… This is abalone porridge
I wanted to make for Hyeri. You saw it, right?
I came back from the market. I’m okay. Since I was so happy to see you
again, I didn’t think about it… Now it seems you were on the way
back from the drugstore…right? I can’t accept this… Please consider me to
be just a good neighbor. Don’t consider me to
be Hyeri’s mother. Good neighbor. If you’re too neat,
it’s hard to live. – Hurry up.
– I’m really okay. Mother. Let me wait for you to
finish your porridge. Yes. Why did you guys fight? Did you find out her
father disliked you? Is that why you fought
and broke up? No. I’m so thoughtless.
Please eat. I won’t say anything. Hyeri looks like you. How did you know? I was like her when I was young.
She looks like me. Yes. I’ve never had a son call me mother,
and since you don’t have a mother, I just wanted to take care
of you like your mother… If there is anything
I can do for you… Are you expecting someone? It’s my friend. Friend? Good morning.
I brought some porridge. Is she a housekeeper? Watch what you say. I’m sorry, Mother. Let me get going. Is she Hyeri’s mother? Where did you send mom?
She doesn’t have anywhere to go. I didn’t want her
to know about this. They broke up because
he has a girlfriend… How could he change like that? Why am I feeling like this? Mother? Since when did you
call her mother? When did you make
her acquaintance? Don’t raise your voice. Why are they so naive and
shaking you like this? Don’t say it like that. She doesn’t even know
what’s going on… We don’t have to care about
whether she knows it or not. If Hyeri buries this case… We don’t have much time. I know. Do you think I believe
you don’t know? We’re running out of time. What is Hyeri doing now? I’m sure she’s
doing something. Anyway, this is what
we expected from her. Since it’s her father’s case,
she can’t take this case. She only has to re-open the
case and make someone take it. – That’s all that’s left.
– It’s not easy for her. Since it’s not easy,
you prepared everything. Don’t you remember?
It’s your father’s case. Didn’t you say that if she
would find out the truth, she wouldn’t be able to
report him to the police? You knew this… We knew that she
would have a hard time. I thought she would
bury this case and resign. And you told me not
to worry about her. You told me that you would take
measures before she would bury it. This is the time
before she buries it. Wait a little bit more. Inwoo… We have to prove that
Sangtae Ma did it. Only after that we can clear
your father of the false accusation. Please don’t tell Hyeri.
Wait for me to tell her. Wait a little longer. Why do we have to wait? Because I promised him. Didn’t you say you
had something to tell me? I’ll tell you what you’ve
wanted to know. I killed Myungwho Yu.

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