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This is a method of cohabitation
without invading her privacy. I liked this house because the
owner always comes home late. However, I’ve lost 3 kg
because of the food. This method will be the next
century’s cohabiting method. The person financially
off takes care of the housekeeping costs while the
other person takes advantage of it. It’s trespassing. You must’ve been
surprised, however, consider this to be a
redistribution of the fortune. According to his criminal record,
he’s a professional squatter. He had been getting ready for a
job for 5 years but lost his mind. I’m honest.
I never bother my roommate. I’ve never used a new towel. I always used the one
she had already used. You used the towel
I dried myself with? Thank you for everything today. Why don’t you go back home? You moved in here because
of Prosecutor Yun. However, you can’t even
carpool with him. You can’t go out with him
because of night duty. On the weekend, you can’t see
him because of his daughter. This means nothing. I had a date with
Prosecutor Yun. Did you? I did. I see… Then, I’ll be able to leave now. I was afraid of leaving you
because you’re easily scared. Are you going to move out? You asked me to move out
and I told you that I would. – When are you going to move?
– Soon. Wasn’t it you
who sent him to me? I know how easily
sacred you are. Was I too harsh? Maybe I need a security camera… This is very easy…
Pull it out. Didn’t I tell you that I would help
you and him get together? Otherwise, what can he get from
you by getting close to you? Did you find a new house? If you really want me to
disappear as soon as possible, I can do it even today. That’s not it… You don’t have to
move out if it’s not it…. If it’s not what? If you haven’t found…
You don’t have to move out… Are you serious? I don’t lie like you. Then, I won’t move out. This doesn’t mean you’re
allowed to like me. May I ask you why you’ve
changed your mind? I know it’s hard to love
someone from a distance… So, I think I’m too harsh
to ask you to move out… She’s so naive.
It’s as we expected. You’re so good at
reading her mind. It’s because I’ve fought
and learned something… You’ve become at
least her friend now. You got her trust. Why isn’t she like her father? All children are a different
face of their parents. You only can’t
tell the difference. Hyeri Ma, is
Sangtae Ma’s daughter. That’s why I wanted her to get
married as soon as possible. She quit law school
without my permission and has refused all arranged dates. That’s why I haven’t
found her supporter yet… Is something wrong? I knew something would happen… However, I wasn’t able
to prepare for this. It’s not too late yet…
Take responsibility now. What did you say you’d do
if I let her live on her own? Yes, I see. What did you do that you
want to run away now? I told you it wasn’t a big deal. If it’s not a big deal,
why do you want to run away? Everything will be okay
in a couple of months. Someone will send us money… Mr. Park, Ms. Woo ran over your
wife and caused her death, right? Isn’t that case closed? When did you first meet Ms. Woo? I first met her as the person
responsible for the accident. You’ve known each
from a year ago until 4 months ago through
telephone communication. How could I tell you that
my ex killed my wife? It’s true that we dated in the past,
however, we broke up 4 months ago. You should know this since
you’ve seen the chart. Then, why did you introduce your
insurance salesman to Ms. Woo? That’s because she
wanted to be insured… You got $700,000 of your
wife’s life insurance. As for my wife’s insurance, I bought it when I was
an insurance salesman. You’ll also receive $200,000 from
Woo’s insurance company and you still want $90,000 from her
for the mutual agreement? What do you mean? Didn’t you cover up your wife’s
murder as a simple car accident? That’s why Ms. Woo didn’t
slow down on the curb. That’s why you sent your
children to your in-laws. I sent them to my in-laws because
we were going to leave on a trip. We had made reservations
at a hotel in Donghae. – Why don’t you check it out?
– Anyone can make reservations… And you wanted to travel with your
wife with whom you wanted a divorce? Divorce? I didn’t say anything like that. Is there anyone who
can be your alibi? Mr. Yuchul Park. Do you have anyone who can prove
I wasn’t at home or I killed my wife? Didn’t you cremate her body
to prevent the autopsy? You mean you don’t have
any evidence, right? Help me. Isn’t it common sense to
stay at the crime scene? You moved a victim without
reporting it to the police. I thought it was better. However, she died of low sugar
level when she got to the hospital. I’m sorry for her. What kind of medication do you
need to make her liver level rise? Are you laughing at me?
Did you laugh? I didn’t laugh. How could you transport
the victim in the car? Did you carry her, drag her
or carry her on your back? – I carried her.
– By yourself? The victim weighed 60kg.
How could you carry 60kg? – Like this?
– No, actually, I dragged her. I dragged her to the car. How could her feet be so
clean if you dragged her? Then, did you carry her
on your back? I don’t remember anything but
that I took her to the hospital. Didn’t you transport her
with Yuchul Park? Did you see us? If you both didn’t set this up, how could both of you
act like strangers? It’s true that we dated in the
past, however, we had broken up. Isn’t it normal for him to get
upset when his wife had died? How dare you do this to me
while you killed her together? Wait and see. I’ll arrest you by all means. I told you that
they would be sly. I must arrest them. Seeing the situation,
we can’t indict them for murder. You said there was
no picture of them from the crime scene
to the hospital, right? I presume they avoided the
area with the security camera. I presume she wasn’t
by herself in the car. I’m sure she was
accompanied by Yuchul Park. Since we don’t have visual
evidence, how can you prove it? Security cameras are
not only on the streets. Security cameras are
also in stores, banks… The camera in a store can film
things on the street, too. Are you going to check the
security cameras of all the stores? No, it takes 20 minutes from the
crime scene to the hospital. We have to look into the cameras
near the streets without cameras. – Prosecutor Ma, that’s a lot.
– Yes, you did a good job. Did he go to Daejun?
Even deeper than Daejun? That’s how he’s
supposed to hide. Tell our men to watch
him very carefully. What’s wrong?
What did you say? Jenny, let’s talk
about this later. At 8:00?
Okay. What are you doing here? I’m taking a rest. Are you dizzy?
Are you hurt? Do you want me to escort you? What happened to my picture? If you don’t want to tell me,
don’t address me. Do you want me to move? Don’t you know
how harsh you are? I understand how
embarrassed you are because I found out about
your feelings for me… Are you okay? What did you do today
to get groggy like this? I should’ve called
her before coming. It’s not okay at all. Something’s weird. Lie down here
and talk to me. – I’m really okay.
– I’m telling you to lie down. I’m really okay. Put an ice pack on your eyes.
You’re such a…honey… Honey? Mother. Mom, there is nothing between us. – Nothing?
– Nothing. If there is nothing between you, you should go on an
arranged date tomorrow. Tomorrow? Why didn’t you tell
me in advance? You’ll meet your future
husband next week and you’ll get married next month. Mother. What is your name? – I’m Inwoo Suh.
– How old are you? The same as Hyeri. – Your profession?
– I’m a lawyer. Mother…
What’s wrong with you? I’m okay. Please, keep going. What about your parents? My father is a CPA in the US. I don’t have a mother. Mother… My mother passed
away when I was 13. I’m sorry. Hyeri, why do you like him? He’s like my superman. Superman? He’s always there
when I need him. Whenever I need help… From the beginning…
It’s unbelievable. How wonderful. Let’s talk about it later… – And what else?
– What else? And…
He’s so full of himself… However, he’s funny and
makes me comfortable. What else? He’s nice. It’s so hard. You must have had
a hard time, right? You know me…
I’m a born actor. You were so good…
You called her mother… Since you didn’t talk
about Prosecutor Yun, I pretended to be him… Didn’t you tell me not
to mention his name? Me? When? You told me to be prudent until
I was sure of everything. It was just right here. You were so exceptionally
serious at the time. Hyeri Ma that I know… You’re so compulsive while
Saejun Yun is brokenhearted… Why don’t you think
about his position, your position and if you can
accept all these conditions? If you’re not sure, stop here.
Otherwise, you tell me. I’ll help you. Did you do it following
my instructions? Didn’t you tell me those
things because of that? Weren’t you serious? I was serious, however,
you’ve just assumed it? What’s wrong? If Gong doesn’t appear at the
police station next Monday, he’ll be put on the wanted list. When is it good?
Wednesday? Thursday? Did you dispel the
misunderstanding with Hyeri Ma? It’s better since you
don’t have to move out, however, don’t you
need to do it more? That’s enough. Let’s talk about this later. It’s so weird. Why are you drinking so much?
Is something wrong? Jenny. Go ahead. I want to stop. Stop what? I can’t do it any more. Is it about Hyeri Ma? I can’t do this because
she’s too naive. She’s too easy. What do you mean? I keep tricking her, however,
she always believes me. She finds the few things
I tell the truth about. She’s making it hard because
she keeps finding out the truth. Don’t make me
confused any more. Tell me what you really want.
What do you want to do with her? I don’t want to do
anything with her. He’s in the shower. You regret following me, right? Didn’t he said she’s his friend? You’re not meant to
be a prosecutor. Why don’t you quit? It’s so close. The prosecutor in charge of
Gong’s case is Hyeri Ma? Request warrant for his search. I think we should
keep going this way.

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