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By | December 2, 2019

I’ve handed my report over to
Dr. Yoon myself. Fortunately, I was able to hear the
answer that I wanted to hear from her. I almost did something quite
immoral as a doctor. Is Hyun-ji doing well? You still remember my child’s name? Hey, of course I do. She was the youngest patient that
I’d ever had. You know, about Doldam Hospital… I think I understand why you’re
remaining there. Please do a proper evaluation of her. This is a life-and-death issue for
Seo-jung, as a doctor. Please give her a proper evaluation,
despite what Director Do said. Dr. Yoon is someone we must have
at Doldam Hospital’s ER. Please don’t screw her over with
a false evaluation. Here. These are thank-you-letters that
Dr. Yoon’s patients have given her. I thought you may want to refer to
them as you write your evaluation. We’ll entrust our Dr. Yoon to you,
then, sir. If you write anything strange,
we’ll file an appeal against you. Please don’t do something to make you
ashamed to face her, doctor to doctor. Well, they’re all such strong willed
people. Don’t lose to Director Do this time. I’ll be going, then. Thank you. How did you know I’d be here? I just received word, so I rushed here. What about you? Did you take care of everything you
needed to? Yeah. All right, then. Let’s head back now. You’re not coming? Are you crying? No! It’s just so cold out here. You know how if you suddenly walk
into a bright or cold place… You know how it is.
You tear up. It’s just that, is all. Oh man, it’s so cold!
Right? Huh? Is this the first snowfall of the season? It seems that way. It’s pretty. Yes, it is. Your hands are cold. I’ll hold your hand just until it
warms up. That’s okay with you, right? But you know… Isn’t today Friday? Ugh, seriously! Why did they bring me to the hospital? Just let me die, already! Darn it, I want to die! Hey, how can you say that when
we barely brought you back? Geez, I have lost my inspiration. I want to draw something, but I haven’t been able to for
three years now! If you can’t help me draw again,
just leave me to die! -Why?
-Hey. Mr. Go! Please let go! This is why I told you to take off
your necktie in the ER. Hey, Dr. Jung! Yes, Chief? You take care of him. I can’t do this anymore! Sir! Teacher Kim is in the ICU right now! Why?
What’s he doing in there? He’s… just sitting there. What should we do? What do you mean? He’s just sitting.
What do you want me to do? Hey, Nurse Ji. Yes. Can’t you see what’s going on here? Don’t you see how chaotic it is in
here right now? Not a single person is helping me out. Ma’am.
Ma’am? I’m going to die. It seems that she has a lot of gas
trapped under her skin. Miss. Miss, please… What’s the matter?
You can’t breathe? Miss! Doctor! Doctor! Doctor! Miss. Doctor. Doctor! Ms. Yeon-hwa. Nurse Park. Go and get Teacher Kim. He should be in the ICU. Go get him now. Quickly. The Seoul region, Gyeong-gi-do
Province, and in the mountains of the Gang-won-do Province have
seen their first snowfall of the season. The snow stopped after an hour or two but there will be a chilly breeze
starting tonight… I’m glad that there won’t be
a heavy snowfall, at least. Isn’t that right, sir? You can’t be too sure. Snowfall at night is the worst! The roads just freeze over, like icicles! Man, what’s with this snow?
It’s making it harder for us to work! Let’s just finish this up quickly and go. Oh man, it’s quite slippery! Be careful. Why is the road this slippery? The ER? Yes, Doctor. There is a problem there. I think you’ll need to head there
for a bit. This seems like subcutaneous emphysema. And this young lady did this? Yes, we believe so. What were the doctors doing that
they missed this? Huh? All right.
Give this patient antibiotics first. Call Chief Song and contact
Dr. Nam, too. Tell him that we’ve scheduled
an emergency surgery. Yes, sir. Hey, you punk! Keep it down! I can’t diagnose the other patients
properly because of you! Oh… you’re here, sir? Just receive treatment quietly and
head home, all right? Yes, sir. What… what just happened? This guy is a regular at our ER. He says that he’s a webtoon artist,
but I’ve never seen his work. Oh man, what do I do? Um, I think you’ll need to disinfect
this spot here. Get me a dset, please! Ms. Woo Yeon-hwa. Yes? Can you explain to me what
happened with that patient out there? We should be there in 20 minutes. I wonder what Teacher Kim will say. Isn’t it obvious? He’ll probably say, “You idiot.” “How are you going to be a doctor
when you’re so weak like this?” “You still call yourself a doctor
after doing this?” “Wait, no, you’re not.
You’re just a helper!” “How dare someone like you just
hand me a resignation letter?” What are you doing? Oh, that was bad, wasn’t it? Don’t ever do that again,
Yoon Seo-jung. Don’t disappear without
a word ever again. Okay? Look at you, messing with me
again, I am your senior. Don’t do it, okay? Fine, whatever. I’ll let you off the hook just for today. Huh? You said that you were Chinese. Is that right? Yes. Are you a medical student? Ms. Yeon-hwa, we’re not trying
to scold you. We just want to know the truth. You must answer our questions
honestly. Doctor, Chief Song won’t pick
up our calls. He won’t pick up his cell,
and he’s not at the hospital, either. To the city.
To the city, please. I think he’s left work. Left work? What is wrong with him? He’s well aware of the situation
at the hospital right now, too! So how could he just leave? All right.
I’ll take over for today. Please prepare the patient for surgery. Will you be all right, sir? We’re not in a situation to be
discussing that now. Get her ready, please. So you disobeyed us. I definitely told you what would
happen if you ignored our command. Nurse Park. Get the patient to the OR, now. And prepare her for surgery. Yes, sir. Stop right there! Are you going to take responsibility if
something bad happens to the patient? Get out of the way! It seems that you’re trying to wiggle out of this by using the patient as
an excuse but I can’t let you do that. I told you to get the heck out of the
way, now! And I told you that I won’t! Why, you little brat… Are you all right,?
Are you hurt? No, I’m fine. I’m not hurt. What about you?
You’re not hurt? Stay in the car. I’m going to check what’s going on. What’s the matter?
What is it… There’s only one way to know if
a doctor is doing a proper job. Through the way they treat their
patients. That’s the only way. So is this the “painting” that you
were working on, Teacher Kim? It’s just a sketch for now. What do you think about Bu Yong-joo? You think he’s a good person? Or do you think that he’s
a genius doctor? Are all of those people going
together, too? What do you think? Want to team up with me? I’ll have to look into it starting now.

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