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By | December 2, 2019

It’s okay. It’s okay! You saved him.
That’s all that matters. You did the right thing. You did the right thing, Yoon Seo-jung. What is it? I’m sorry.
This is all because of me. It’s due to my own shortcomings. I was a mess when I had to step up
and I acknowledge that I came up short when I had to deal with the
real thing. Oh, stop.
It’s fine. At any rate, the patient survived and
we did what we needed to do. I can write a 1,000 page long letter
of apology if they want. So don’t be scared. You weren’t that bad, either. Your assisting skills were great. Really? Looks like you managed to get one of
the elephant’s feet into the refrigerator. Good job, Intern. What are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Am I not allowed? Am I not allowed to fall heads over
heels for you? You’re… crazy. Hey! I have a boyfriend, you know! I have someone I’m seeing already! How dare you? Crazy little brat…
I can’t believe him. Seriously! Ugh! He’s crazy! Are you leaving? Crazy.
Crazy. Oh, yeah. Dr. Moon is here. About what happened before…
that was just an accident. You know that, right? An accident? Well, you know… We just saved a patient on the brink
of death, so… So, um… you and I were just really emotional,
is all. There was an overproduction of
hormones in me at that moment and I couldn’t react properly,
so regarding what happened… I froze up for a moment and
couldn’t react. What do you mean? I’m just saying that it didn’t mean
anything. You understood? For me, it was since that time… Since that time you found that
patient’s artery and held it down. You were clinging on to that patient’s bed
and heading to the OR. I thought you looked so cool then. Didn’t you hear what I said? I told you that I’m seeing someone. I want to date you. I told you that I’m seeing someone
and we’re in a serious relationship! And I want to sleep with you. What? What did you just say? I like you, Senior. I want to sleep with you. That’s him. He’s the one I’m dating. I’m leaving now. What are you thinking about? Is this the finger that blocked off
the artery? Yes. This is your last year as a medical
resident, right? Let’s get married as soon as your
residency is over. Doctor. Let’s do that. Yes, this is the ER. What?
What is it? Yes, I understand. It’s Dr. Moon from the surgical department. There’s been a traffic accident and
Dr. Yoon Seo-jung is in the ICU! Dr. Yoon! Her BP is bad. She hit the right side of her head and
she’s fractured the right side of her skull as well as her right arm so get
her x-rayed first. And make the necessary arrangements
to run tests on her. Yes, sir. Over here. Get her hooked up! Jelly. It’s a hemoperitoneum. Get her up to the OR as soon as her
CT scan is done. I’ll operate on her myself. And we have to take care of her right
arm and her fractures at the same time so call Orthopedic and see if we can
do a combined operation. Why aren’t you saying anything? Did you drink? I’ll call someone else to handle
the operation. Let’s get her a CT scan first. Yes, sir. Dr. Moon…? I’m not Dr. Moon.
I’m just that bastard intern. We’re on our way to get a CT scan
done on you now. Where’s Dr. Moon? He’s in the ER. He hasn’t shed a drop of blood and
is completely fine. So don’t worry about him. Go down there and check on
Dr. Moon first. Are you out of your mind? You’re the one in critical condition
right now. It wasn’t me, but him. He’s the one who hit his head. What are you doing?
I told you, hurry up and go! Dr. Yoon… Kang Dong-joo! Please.
Go to Dr. Moon. Please? What…is going on? What happened with Dr. Yoon? Kang Dong-joo. Kang Dong-joo! That bastard. Kang Dong-joo! Oh, Mr. Tae-hwa! Mr. Tae-hwa!
Mr. Tae-hwa! Mr. Moon Tae-hwa!
Mr. Moon Tae-hwa! What do I do?
He’s not breathing! He’s not breathing! It’s not me, but him. He’s the one who hit his head. What do we do?
What do we do? Mr. Moon Tae-hwa! Mr. Tae-hwa! It was a blood hemorrhage due to
trauma from a car accident. Dr. Yoon…
What’s wrong? Was my proposal too sudden? In fact… I received a confession today. Was it that fellow from before,
by any chance? But…I was a bit swayed by that,
Doctor. I’m sorry. Doctor! She’s not picking up? Her phone is off. She should’ve told us where she
was going, at least! She’s making me so worried! Can’t we call her family,
or something? She doesn’t have anyone like
that we can contact. What do you mean? Doesn’t she have parents? No. She doesn’t have any family
or relatives. She’s completely alone in this world. I didn’t know that. Where could she have gone? I like you, Dr. Yoon. Crazy little brat… So she’s still somewhat conscious. Geez, she must be out of her mind,
huh? Who are you? How could she think of hiking up
a mountain in her current state? Is he a pervert? Oh, your hip seems fine. So it’s your leg, of all things. Geez…
It’s completely busted. I can’t leave her behind, though. Okay.
Let’s get your ankle realigned first. It’s going to hurt a bit. One. Two. Three! But what do I do with her now? You should’ve been prepared for that much if you were going to take
the chance. Doldam Hospital?
Where is this place? It’s a sister hospital in Jung-sun. Maybe he doesn’t really like our
hospital? Are you people crazy? Are you sure you are real doctors? I’m going to escape this wretched
hospital as soon as I can! Since when have you been here? I don’t know how long you’ll stay at Doldam but let’s pretend that we’re
strangers while you’re here, okay?

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