[CC] 돌아와요 아저씨, Come Back Alive, EP10 (2/3)

By | December 2, 2019

Da-hye, what are you doing
with the Store Manager? What is it about the
back and those shoes? I can understand you feeling thankful
to him for looking into your husband’s case, but why do you keep
giving him opportunities? He’s boarding. He’s boarding at my house. Why a man who is
not your family.. Why? What are you thinking exactly? Then, as a man not my
family, what do you care? Da-hye, I mean.. Do you know what
kind of person he is? What kind is he? He came determined to
fire the employees. He’s coldblooded. It seems that at least I
know him better than you. This is the store manager. It’s a bit hot, so let’s crack
up the AC one or two degrees. Turn up the volume
of music a bit too. What are you trying to pull? Managing well-being
of the employee. Stop fooling around. She’s not a woman
you can do that. Why can you do that but I can’t? I’m a much better catch than you,
anyone can see that! You have no clue. He hit me! That jerk. I want to hit him. I want to hit the daylights out of him. Employees of Sunjin, this is
Store Manager Lee Hae-joon. Employees who are on their break,
please come to the rooftop right now. I, Lee Hae-joon, will sacrifice
myself to relieve your stress. Blow away the spring fever too! Now, the fist candidate, Department Head Jung Ji-hoon. Go for it! Mr. Jung! You’re dead. I’m counting on you. Don’t worry about
rank and let’s play fair. This is just a game, after all. Alright then. I’m warning you. Stop messing around with Da-hye. What if it’s not a joke? Are you saying you really
like Da-hye or something? It’s better than an ex-boyfriend who
betrayed her wanting to date her again. I can do everything that Da-hye wants. What would that be? See? You don’t know
anything about Da-hye. Yes, I’ll get to know
her from now on. Maya, please stop time! It’s alright. At least, I should get hit like this. Your stress has been relieved, right? I’m okay, Mr. Jung. Who’s next? Maya, please help me. Maya, you really have
to help me on this. The president wanted
me to give you this. You followed me all the
way to a shoot. So rude. Oh, whose picture is this, Uncle? This is Gi-tak’s picture. He had a younger brother? Young-chan. My baby, listen to Daddy, okay? Yes, bye mommy. Okay, get in now. [NOTICE OF APPEAL FOR CUSTODY] [Due to financial inability, mental
instability due to alcoholism, scandalous life style, unfit for child custody..] What do you want me to do for you? Should I steal Young-can away
and place him in your arms? Or do you want me to throw
punch at Cha Jae-gook’s face? Really? Yes, really. So, stop holding back
and cry by yourself anymore. The best thing to do with
this is to just ignore it. I’m not ashamed. I’m not ashamed, so
I have no reason to cower. Let’s go. The shoot is going to start. Hello, drink this and take
good care of our Actress Song! Thank you. Hello, please take good care of.. Extras stand by there. How long are we on standby? They don’t give us any
food because we are extras. How can they
discriminate us like this? What? What do you want? Since while ago, you’ve been
giving me the stink eye. Are you an aspiring actor? We came at dawn and have
been waiting for 10 hours. Since the main actress is over four
hours late, we’re stuck here like this. What a wench, that Wang Joo-yeon! By, are you an aspiring actor? This lady is a celebrity. Actress Song Yi-yeon. Who? Kiddo, what were you doing in 1995? I was born in 1999. Oh, I see. Be careful, would you? Are you alright? The shooting schedule for day has
been cancelled, so you may all leave. What? You made us wait for this
how long and now this? Forget it. What? Did something happen? The head boss told us he’ll pay
us the month’s wage today. But since we didn’t act well, he won’t pay us. He says he won’t pay us for today
either since we didn’t get to act. What? If I stand idle by this injustice, I, Han.. Where is that head boss? You can manage to swallow that? You’re doing well, I hope. We’re not. You’re taking advantage of my kids and
yet, you’re here stuffing your face? Some rough words are about
to come out of my mouth. Hey, Boss due. If you used them for work,
isn’t it only right to pay them? Why? Am I wrong? I don’t have money right now,
so I’ll pay them next month when I do. You have money for brand-name goods but you don’t have money
to pay your workers? Is this the Ministry of
Employment and Labor? I’d like to report an abusive
employer taking advantage of minors. I just feel so bad.. This won’t do. Hey, President.
It’s me, Song Yi-yeon. Do you know a company
called Ahje Agency? They’re no good.
Don’t use them. You just can’t. You know my temper, right? Hey, Reporter Park. You said you wanted to investigate
stories about employers who mistreat part-timers, right? There’s one right here. I’ll pay them! I will! You should’ve said
that from the start. Excuse me, I’m from the
Fashion Department, here to help.. Have a seat. I called for you. Don’t do this. My livelihood depends on this job. Just sit down and have a cup of tea. Have some cookies, too. If you’re going to ask me out
on a date, at least do it properly. This isn’t a date, though. Oh, so it isn’t. Lounge dessert tasting. It’s because you keep
saying weird stuff. Oh, what are you doing? Ms. Shin Da-hye, I told you
that I’m working right now. You should receive services from
a customer’s point of view, so that you know. Sit down. This won’t do. I will clean my own feet. Stay still. Why do you remain at
this department store? There must be other places
where you could work. Aren’t you tired of this place? I am. I’m tired of my legs hurting
and the meager wages I get. Obnoxious customers. And the women whispering
behind my back. I think about quitting at
least 12 times a day but.. This place where my
husband laid his life down for. I feel I should find what that
is that held him here. This place brings so much pain but
there isn’t any other place that I can remember him. We’re going up! I heard something today
that made me angry. I realized I know nothing really
about the woman named Shin Da-hye. What you want. What you need. I want to know everything. But I know it’s difficult right now. I now know one thing. I will protect you. Since you want to remain here, I will protect this department store. Cha Young-chan. Why isn’t your mom calling? She’s so excited. Oh, hi. Did you receive what I sent? Let me speak with Young-chan. Oh, son! Did you eat? Yes, mom ate and work is going great. But Young-chan, since my work is going so well, it might be a couple days
before I can come get you. Can you have fun with Dad
and Grandpa until then? Such a good boy. Okay. What? She hung up? Did your mom hang up? Yes. She told me to have
fun playing with you. Right! I’ll crush Cha Jae-gook
and save the department store! I’ll destroy Cha Jae-gook and
have Song Yi-yeon make a comeback! I won’t let him off the hook. Cha Jae-gook. Stop! Way to go! Let’s go destroy everything! I’m working late tonight. Please bring me a packed dinner. He can just buy something. Why bother telling
me to come and go? Just wait until I get
all those stickers. Oh my! You came? I brought you food. You can leave it there and go. Oh, Ms. Da-hye, you’re here? Oh, I didn’t know you
two were here together. I only packed one dinner. It’s alright. We can just share it. Thank you. Then, keep up the hard work. Thank you. What is it? Why are you taking that back? It’s nothing. What is it? Nothing, really. Give it to me. It’s nothing. Give it to me. Thank you. I needed this. Okay then. Work hard. But what’s with your face? It’s so red. It’s not red. Are you going through
menopause already? What did you say? Oh! Maybe it is jealousy? Unbelievable. Hurry up and go.
I’m busy. Let’s go. I will take you out to the front.

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