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Can artificial intelligence help predict and prevent traffic accidents? – BBC Click

this week cars bars and the police ride I’m on my way to a reported incident on one of Las Vegas busiest highways with the last rain falling over four months ago the oily roads mixed with the fresh water have become a lethal recipe for disaster in the driving seat is Sergeant John arias… Read More »

DistilledLive | Dealing with Content Beyond the Webpage

Hannah: Hi. Welcome to Distilled Live. My name’s Hannah Smith and this is Bridget Randolph, and today we’re going to be talking about something called content everywhere, which is pertinent. Cisco just released some data saying that last year’s mobile traffic was nearly 12 times the size of the global Internet in 2000. Definitely there’s… Read More »

How to Show Full Webpage URLs in Address bar Opera Browser

How to show full URL in address bar Opera browser Open Opera Browser Following is an example of this simplified URL feature in Opera You can see that no search parameters are showing in the address bar. Click on Opera button and then click on Settings option Enable “Show advanced settings” checkbox Click Browser menu… Read More »

brightonSEO SEO Auditing training course preview with expert trainer Tom Pool

Hey I’m Tom Pool the Technical SEO Director for Blue Array. I’m going to be running the SEO auditing course alongside Blue Array’s C.O.O. Sean Butcher. This course is for people who have a grasp of the basics of SEO and want to be able to perform technical auditing a little bit more competently. It’s… Read More »

SEO For Beginners: 5 Powerful SEO Tips To Rank #1 On Google In 2020

How are you finding new products and services to help you fix problems that you’re experiencing right now? Just like everyone else, you’re probably head to Google and start typing away. If you want your company to have any chance of success, you need to be on that first page of search results, better yet… Read More »

How To Get More Traffic From Youtube Videos Using Video Sitemap

Hi there! It’s Tyrone Shum from and welcome to this dedicated channel where I share with you outsourcing tips and strategies on improving your business. Now, I want to share with you something really special that I haven’t shared with everyone else and it’s something to do with things called a video sitemap. An… Read More »

Filtering Google Analytics by Mobile Traffic – How to Setup A Mobile Only View

In this screencast we’re gonna walk through how you set up a mobile only traffic view. So you can see I’m logged in to Google Analytics here already. I’ve got two views set up – the “All Website Data” which is the default view, and “Taylor View 2.” We’re going to go ahead and start… Read More »

How to load React on a static webpage

Let’s learn how to add the React library to a static web page. First, open your Terminal. Make a directory for your project and change into it. Create a file named `index.html` and open it with your text editor of choice. Here, we’ll create a sample web page. Let’s add a heading and a div… Read More »

Neve WordPress Theme Tutorial: How To Use Neve Step By Step

Hello everyone, I am Robert from and in this video, I am going to show you how to get the best out of your Neve WordPress theme. Here is what you will learn: First of all, I will show you how to download and install Neve. Then you will see how it works out… Read More »

Google Blocks VR [WMR] – Easy low poly 3D models for tilt brush scene

Dan Draw Design Low Poly 3D Modelling Assets In Virtual Reality Created with Google Blocks using Lenovo Explorer VR mixed reality headset Asset One – Floating Island Asset Two – Flat Mushroom Head Asset Three – Tall Mushroom Head Asset Four – Hookah Smoking Caterpiller (Alice In Wonderland) Thanks for watching please give a thumbs… Read More »