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How to Get Free Traffic from Quora | Tyler Horvath

What’s up guys its tyler horvath here welcome to another episode of The Daily T….. today I’m super excited to talk to you guys about this I’ve been using Korra for a long time to just get really high targeted traffic to my websites And I wanted to share with you guys today How you… Read More »

Yoast Academy webinar: The Big “Is it a Ranking Factor?!” Show

Hello, and welcome to the second Yoast Academy webinar! I’m Marieke, the CEO of Yoast, and I’ll be your host today. In this webinar, we’re going to talk about one of the most notorious topics in SEO: ranking factors. What are they? How do you deal with them? And what ranking factors should you focus… Read More »

Computing & Air Traffic Control – Computerphile

In the old days air traffic control was .. didn’t really exist as such. An airplane wanting to fly from one place to another would just take off and would try to work out how to get to wherever it was going. Over time it was realized that we needed some form of air traffic… Read More »

Erica Douglass of Whoosh Traffic, an SEO service provider

So, I write a popular entrepreneurship blog called E-R-I-C-A dot B-I-Z. It has 1.4 million unique visitors a year so it’s incredibly popular, it’s one of the most popular entrepreneurship blogs online. I got started with it in 2007. After I sold my business, I turned my personal blog into a blog where I… Read More »

Google Pixel 3a Review – 6 Months Later

Well it’s been six months since Google sent us our Google Pixel 3a and in that time we’ve gotten to thoroughly test this device so in this video we’re going to go over our favorite features of the GooglePpixel 3a, some things we didn’t like, and our ultimate recommendation on whether or not you should… Read More »

JC Website Design

Are looking for a website that explains your business in a clear and interesting way? Are you looking to work with someone that truly understands the needs of your business? That’s great news! But… There’s only one problem. Your wonderful new website will be lost in cyber space. Potential customers don’t even know you exist.… Read More »

Where HTML beats C? – Computerphile

You take great care when you’re buying an app. to make sure it’s good and it’s not going to ruin your machine and does exactly what you want. HTML is the ultimate example of what troubles you get into if you are promiscuous, right [laughs]? And you are promiscuous why? Because part of what HTML… Read More »