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Why Your Business Needs a Business Domain Name

– Welcome to The Journey! Today, we’re gonna talk about why need a business domain name. – All right, so digital marketing is not just an option anymore, it’s a necessity for your business to thrive in today’s world. – But what’s a domain? – What is a domain, Emma? – One of my favorite… Read More »

YouTube SEO – How to Get Your Video Ranked #1 with Joseph Marfoglio

– YouTube SEO, and how to get your videos on the first page on YouTube. (upbeat music) – Today joining me we have Joseph Marfoglio, and Joseph he’s actually been helping me with this channel, and today I want to come from the angle of being the student, and really dig deep with Joe who’s… Read More »

Why Technical Factors Matter in SEO || on-page optimization ||rankings

In this lecture, let’s see why technical ranking matters in SEO Technical factors are just like an entry ticket when you enter inside a theme park in Technical factors, we’ve only talked about the on-page optimization Of your website and not about the content. There is a separate section for content Technical factors are not… Read More »

Web Design Software Development Digital Marketing Company in Bareilly : Techno Wire

Are you looking for best web designing web development software development digital marketing Android application development or e-commerce development company in Bareilly, if yes we are here to provide you high quality web designing software development digital marketing Android application development and e-commerce development service at a reasonable price in barrel II why choose us… Read More »

3 Marketing Tips in Under 90 Seconds-ish

Hey guys my name is Jared Vandermeer and this is not your typical business and marketing tips channel it’s my goal and my mission to give you as much value as possible and sell you nothing. Learn marketing in just five minutes a day. Let’s have some raw and authentic conversations together about what will… Read More »

ClickLocal Digital Advertising LLP | Video Ad Sample

I finished my fashion designing course last year… and I was about to live my dream of owning a boutique. But opening a boutique is much easier than getting customers. Everyone wants to own brands… Everyone wants to do business with brands. So, I thought let’s create a brand for my boutique. I did it… Read More »

Andrew Keen: Google Should Charge for Its Services

If I could rework the entire business model of Google I would get Google to charge for their search engine. I think it’s an outstanding product. I acknowledge that. I’ll say it publicly. I use it all the time, too much. I don’t have a Google account. I’m very careful about that. I don’t have… Read More »