Carpal Tunnel Treatments – Houston & Sugar Land

By | August 10, 2019

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Hello, my name is Dr. J. Michael Bennett. I’m an orthopedic sports medicine physician
practicing in the Houston, Katy, and Sugar Land areas. My background is orthopedic surgery
with a fellowship in sports medicine obtained from the University of Miami at the UHZ Sports
Medicine Institute.\ \
Today I just wanted to go over some of the treatment options regarding hand surgery that
we offer at our clinic. We have over 7+ years experience in dealing with surgical issues
of the hand, particularly carpal tunnel syndrome. There are two ways of doing a carpal tunnel
syndrome. There is the traditional procedure of a midline palm approach in the middle of
the palm, or there’s there is an endoscopic option, which is two small incisions, one
of the base and one at the mid-palm and putting a camera within the wrist and releasing the
ligament in the palm from the inside out. This is called the endoscopic carpal tunnel
approach, and this is an approach that we do offer at our clinic for patients who do
have primary carpal tunnel syndrome.\ \
In addition we do take care of basic fractures of the hand and wrist including distal radius
fractures or metacarpal fractures of the hand. If you have any questions regarding any of
these issues please feel free to contact our office at 281-633-8600 or go to our websites
at or Thank you very much.}

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