Cara Jitu Agar SEO kamu tinggi, Channel kamu bakalan Ramai Pengunjungnya

By | November 16, 2019

Assalammu’alaikum Wr Wb Welcome back at Prima Aqute’s channel stays with me Mhammad Azhari Sireegar And don’t forget me always say thousands of thanks to all Prima Aqute friends who have supported this channel until I can publish the latest content on the Prima Aqute channel In the previous content we discussed about introduction to Tube Buddy to raise CEOs on This time we will practice it and hopefully on content this time we will get the maximum value on TubeBuddy the first step to take is Open the Tubebuddy application on your smart phone The function is to ensure that the content I uploaded this time I’ve never uploaded it before seen in tubebuddy my last content is Confused making cool intro videos this is the solution and is copyright free second step we upload a content on the youtube channel this time i will upload about the tutorial Looking for Content not found or resolve the problem if Our channel is not found on Youtube search engine the first according to tubebuddy’s instructions we add up Thumbnail Go straight to the section thumbnail Select Custome and I have created a special Thumbnail for the content this time Finish for thmbnail The second Make a Title which is not too long but appropriate with content and easy to content understood by viewers this time the title is your channel not found on youtube ?? this is the solution Then I will add a Tag to the Title the first step to creating a tag in the title is Link copy or URL of the content and paste it at the beginning of the description then right below it Place the Title on the Content this time Okay, below we put a tag or hashtag required must match the content and content then fill in your content description Finish to fill in the description then fill in the tag column related to the title and fill in your content the first one I will enter is the tag corresponding a recommendation by tubebuddy then i add corresponding with what I understand Actually to use this tag is free according to what we want the key is we imagine what word or sentence is that will be typed in the youtube search engine this is the basis and next steps We wait until the upload process is complete while waiting, we enter the advanced settings for the blog and person categories set recording date youtube certificate select this content has never been broadcast on American television after the video has finished uploading then add content to Playlist then look at the Demonetizen Audit see whether the status is a warning or no warning Tubebuddy provides an audit to content that we upload is safe for monitation then go to the tools given by Tubebuddy there are Cards, and screens and Subtitles da CC CC is Conten Caption I started from giving cards
00:10:19,600 –>00:10:22,680
Make a Card of at least one more than one is getting better the first is that I made a poll the second I will make a promotion for my other content look as hard as the storage, it should be read All changes have been saved then make an end screen on the content my habit is to use Tamplate provided by Youtube then set the end screen set the latest uploads then save for the others I use for promotion of my other content the last one is giving subtitles and CC this part is very important do not miss select add subtitles this time I chose to make subtitles then we are directed to the Subtitlle creator Fill in accordance with the relevant content
00:14:50,235 –>00:14:53,225

00:14:53,225 –>00:14:54,225
00:14:55,295 –>00:14:57,175 After finishing making subtitles now all that remains is share content to facebook and tweeter we will do it with Tubebuddy from Smartphone Alright buddy Prima Aqute everyone now we enter the main part tense too how are the results of what we have done just go to tubebuddy on your smartphone Already appeared we go to the CEO section Alhamdulillah, everything is going well and maximum, there are 2 points left to do share content on tweeters and facebook Immediately, I share this content on tweeters then I share also on Facebook then I log in to my facebook account and I like it back to Tubebuddy back refresh first
00:17:07,740 –>00:17:09,900
then reenter the CEO section Alhamdulillah sudah 11.0 dan semua standart CEO telah terpenuhi

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  1. adi tv elektronik Post author

    Tapi yg paling penting lagi adalah sebelum memutuskan membuat konten di YouTube haruslah memilih konten yg sifatnya umum artinya semua kalangan umur,keadaan,dan genre itu bisa asyik menikmati nya ..nah baru stelah itu ikuti deh langkahnya step by step nya untuk pengembangannya…ya nggk masss


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