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hai guys welcome back to my YouTube channel well, this time on video I want to tell you how to increase the number of viewers, the number of subcriber and the number of hours shown By using youtube SEO YouTube SEO it is Optimization steps of the video that you make And upload it on YouTube The purpose of this optimization is Make videos more accessible to the public With certain keywords Videos can appear in the top position How to open or find out youtube SEO The first I entered the Tubebuddy application In Tubebuddy you can find out Is a youtube video What you guys have made, have you entered yet? In youtube SEO Well here I will see One YouTube video that I made What I will see SEO, guys How to see SEO, just click it The title of the video So this is SEO Youtube, guys In SEO YouTube this consists of eleven results Or eleven ways All you have to fulfill for a YouTube video This youtube SEO Can make YouTube videos that you have made Many viewers or a lot of people watching More can add more subscribers And Enable the YouTube video that you have made Being in the top position, guys Here later We will study One by one of the eleven ways on YouTube SEO Ok, let’s just continue to the video Ok guys for the first YouTube SEO Upload high res thumbnail Upload high res thumbnail here means You are told to make thumbnails The photos or pictures One thousand eighty pixels I recommend here You choose thumbnail In the basic info settings On the YouTube dashboard You can open it later On your YouTube dashboard Thumbnail which I have circled the blue line High-resolution thumbnails other than that You can also make high resolution thumbnails Through the photo gallery Which you edit yourself In the photo gallery settings Because here The thumbnails that I have used do not meet the high resolution thumbnails So on the yellow circle Will not turn into a green circle And nothing Checklist, guys Well later I will replace it With high resolution thumbnails The second on youtube SEO is Add tags to your title Add tags to your title here means Try tags In the thumbnail Same with YouTube video titles Even if it’s not the same between tags and the video title You can add tags In the thumbnail Behind the youtube video What have you guys made, guys The third is on YouTube SEO Is add tags to your description Add tags to your description this means You are told to add tags In the thumbnail You add in the description column Which will be used as keywords For a YouTube video Add tags to your description I made what I marked with The blue line box Yes guys Try between thumbnails Title and description There must be the same tags Because here I’ve made add tags to your description So the circle Turn into a green circle And there is a checklist, guys The fourth on youtube SEO is Title length The full title here means You were told to make a youtube video title It’s a bit long, guys Make the YouTube video title a bit unique And rather long In order to attract the attention of the audience to click Your YouTube video For SEO YouTube the fifth is Untuk SEO youtube yang kelima adalah Tags length, the length tags here means You are told to make rather long tags Or lots of tags, guys as many tags Which matches the contents of your YouTube videos You can search for keyword tags In the Explorer keyword tool or tag on Tubebuddy The sixth on SEO YouTube is Add caption add caption here means You were told to make subtitles With this subtitle Your YouTube videos can be watched By people all over the world, guys With this subtitle too Can improve search ranking Your YouTube video Later you can make the subtitles On your YouTube dashboard This subtitle menu has been provided One hundred and ninety languages Later you can choose which language That you will use To make subtitles On your YouTube video guys The seventh SEO is add cards Or i card I card here the point is To promote YouTube videos The previous one that you have made For more details How can I make a card later you can see On my YouTube video I’ll put the link in the description column The eighth youtube SEO is Add end screen or end screen The final screen here is useful In telling the audience that You guys have other YouTube videos that can They see And more more They want to subscribe to your YouTube channel Video link on how to make the final screen I’ll put it in the description column, guys The ninth YouTube SEO is Add to playlist Playlist here Can increase watch time By adding YouTube videos Into the series playlist Playlist series here means Grouping YouTube videos match the type and content of the video For more details How to make a playlist Later you can see on my YouTube video I’m going to put the video link on Description column SEO tenth and eleventh is Share on Twitter And get like on Facebook Here you are told to share videos Youtube That you’ve uploaded To YouTube Go to your social media Twitter And your social media is Facebook By sharing YouTube videos To Facebook, you must get likes from Your Facebook friends Because YouTube is not the only one Where you have to share videos Make sure you tell the connection You guys are on Facebook About that matter Now that’s eleven criteria From SEO Youtube Ok, guys, let’s get to the video this time Thanks for watching And see you next video Bye … bye …


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    Belum pernah coba nih aplikasinya kk boleh di coba nih trimaksh info nya

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    Seo youtube memang wajib nih my beautiful girl 💕💕

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    Tutorial nya Sangat bermanfaat bosku sukses selalu nggeh

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    cara nambah viewer tips dan tutorial mantul kakak…


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