Canonical Tags – SEO for Duplicate Content

By | August 15, 2019

Hi Guys, I am Swati from Ungrammary. Generally, people say Google penalizes for
duplicate content but they hardly know what duplicate content is exactly and why Google
penalizes for it. So in this video, I’ll be telling you about
duplicate content and the legitimate ways to avoid such penalties. Let’s see. To understand this first we need to know the
difference between copied content and duplicate content. Copied content is the content that has been
stolen or plagiarised from some other website or two different websites serving the same
content. Google penalises for this because it does
not support plagiarism whereas duplicate content can be the content serving different URLs
of the same website. This is a bit confusing so let’s understand
with the help of an example. Suppose I want to buy a pair of shoes. As you can see there is a particular URL for
the page where all the shoes have been listed. Now I am only interested in NIKE and put a
filter for it. As you can see the URL has changed, but Nike
shoes are a subset of all the listed shoes. Thus in a way, it is duplicate content. Although the duplicate content is not an optimal
setup for pages but in few cases it is inevitable. For instance, we have just seen example of
e-commerce. Another one was when one of our clients wanted
to optimise things for mobile and he got different URL for mobile and desktop. This lead to duplicacy of content, so how do
we solve that? The answer is by using Canonical Tags. These tags helps Google to distinguish between
the main URL and its variants. How to use Canonical tags. This is a simple two-step process. Let’s see. First, identify the main URL among all the
URLs and Put the given tag in the head section of main
URL and all of its variants. Remove with the domain you
have and your-main-url with the main URL of your page. And it’s done. If you liked our video please give us a thumbs
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7 thoughts on “Canonical Tags – SEO for Duplicate Content

  1. Sonata Bugatti Post author

    hello can you please telle me if translation is also considered as duplicate content with google s penality ?? please answer me im în big problem 😧

  2. Michael Mounir Post author

    Thank you very much. you introduced it in a very simple way. 🙂

  3. Dhinesh V Post author

    Hi, kindly clear explain about schema in seo

  4. Prince Jain Post author

    Best way to handle duplicate content in e-commerce website is prg pattern


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