Can You Use Copyrighted Music On Your YouTube Videos?

By | October 20, 2019

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  1. faith and fame Post author

    Hello. As a small youtuber and just starting, Your videos are helping us a lot. Thank you so much.

  2. elismart13 Post author

    why is this Unlisted???? im the 4th comment xD ( probadly only youtubers here 🙂

  3. BBG Cglizzy Post author

    If this is blue you WANT TO BE BIG ONE DAY 💙


    (I’m gifting my next 10 subs hurry 🗣)

  4. KarenSupportz YTB & SW Post author

    The answer: well yes you can, but YouTube will give consequences for it

    0:22 how to check copyright music rules
    Btw nice new intro (:

  5. The Art of Mastery Post author

    Just go to the youtube library, you will find everything you need there👍😅

  6. Magnetic Balls Post author

    Heey, cool video. Really helpful, Thx for info. This was one of my first problems/ question when I started my channel. Can or cannot use copyright music and in what conditions.

  7. Doing Exploring Post author

    Yes you can, but you need permission, you also need a licence to do it, but you need to fill out a form and have to understand what you are allowed to do and what not allowed to do

  8. That Squid Post author

    And… The video got copyrighted because the music at the intro xP

  9. Dola HY Post author


  10. Almanaque x Post author

    The high traffic from my channel starts at 6pm with the peak at 8pm. What time do you recommend posting the videos?

  11. Crazytrain2015 Post author

    Title: Can You Use Copyrighted Music On Your YouTube Videos?
    VidIQ: Puts a copyrighted song in the vid

  12. Rusky Husky Post author

    Hey Rob! I've heard it's safe to use 95% of the copyright music from video games, since they've changed it when a bunch of big "let's play" channels complained

  13. Blader Kroozie Post author

    I may be a music channel of unreleased music … but out of all my videos, I only have one copyright claim … but I'm happy! 😁👍

  14. Doing Exploring Post author

    Also with copyrighted music, you can make money, but half of the money goes to the artist

  15. Jurta Post author

    just look at my mashups they have two copyrighted music playing at the same time <3

  16. Hannah Mayor Post author

    You literally spent all your hardwork and money just to explain us about this? That's really so good of you. 😭😭😭 You will always be the best 👏👏👏

  17. Anupam prime Post author

    Where is The Channel review stream?
    And when it happens?

  18. Steve Luistro - Financial and Life Tips Post author

    Boss!!!! This guy and his information helps out my channel big time!!

  19. Wendell Live! Post author

    I have been making cover videos for about 2 years using backing tracks. Since I’m doing this for fun and my own learning about video editing, I’m ok without monetizing. I’m thinking of possibly changing to a new channel with a new focus in the future, but for now I’m enjoying creating my music videos.

  20. bun satya Post author

    I spend money to purchased all the sound effect and song for my channel but one question I used it for multiple on my video could it will bring issue for my video ? By saying that I don’t actually get monetization yet ?

  21. Chae Production Channel Post author

    right now im using visIQ but i don;t know how to get more subscriber and viewers 🙁

  22. NidgeDFX Post author

    According to Copyright Law we are a small business in a less than 2,000 square feet (hence my office space is my business space). If you have a radio in the back ground you are allowed to have it. You cannot use a CD/streaming music. You could fight every claim and technically win, or take them to court and sue. If your work space is more than 2k you can have up to 6 speakers in your work space, this is fair use with a radio station btw not picking your music.
    Source: Google "radio business and law"
    I'm guessing YT don't care about this law, I want to try it but i don't want to lose my channel over them not following the law. Im thinking of making a burner account to test it.

  23. aznpikachu215 Post author

    Hmm, points to the video, but he's pointing at the wall… xD

  24. Perfect Time TIPS Post author

    your channel beautiful ,,,and ,,all ,,videos ,,beautiful ,,,like,,,,98

  25. BASS ever exclusive Post author

    how about playstation channel copyright ? i never get the copyright claim from utube when im using sony playstation 100% content. but im afraid they will in further.

  26. love, laughs & giggles Post author

    VidIQ is always the best. Such a pro discussing all about the YouTube Rules and regulation. Thanks so much guys for always keeping us updated and educated. All the best. Keep it up.😍😊🤗

  27. Dedicated Fitness Post author

    Also why do you guys not monetize your content? Just curious!

  28. 원오클락 [교양이 있는 시간- 1o'clock] Post author

    Such a good advice!

  29. Salman Sabed Post author

    নতুন ইউটোবাররা একে অপরের বন্ধু হয়ে যায়। তাতে দুজনেই উপকৃত হইবো😍😍

  30. COnTV • Resumo da Internet Post author

    Yes, you can use. Just leave it bellow -30dB and NEVER get any copyright claim. YT content id bot can't identify the song if you talk on that. Doing it for 6 years on YT and NEVER had any problem. Use michael jackson, beattles, lady gaga, whatever. Use instrumentals without vocals. It works fine 🙂

  31. Albania Gaming Post author

    Does this effect to youtube monertizarion approval status?

  32. I love Lunches Post author

    Wow this video answer a lot of my questions 😊 thank you so much. You cannot imagine how helpful you have been really inspiring. please continue to share 🙏🏽😊💗

  33. DIY Invention Post author

    Good command to practice. Appreciate yours. Think so guys?

  34. uyobong pius Post author

    This video is very educative thanks for making because it is better to be forewarned before harmed..

  35. Tuấn Min Post author

    I want you to make subtitles in Vietnamese and many other languages ​​for foreigners to understand and understand easily

  36. Rogue Scholar Post author

    Two questions – are these lists curated by YouTube or through submissions of the copyright owners? Secondly, what if you search for a song and it doesn't appear on this list at all?

  37. Indian's Cricket Post author

    Small youtubers let us support each other

    yes= comment

  38. Pause Viral Post author

    My YouTube channel got a copyright strike. And I wanna submit it for review and monetization. Should I wait till the strike is expired or fine to do it now? Thanks

  39. EveryDay ELLE Post author

    Please tell me you are having a trial or sale on Vid Iq boost🙌🏾

  40. Green Leaf City Video Gaming Post author

    When I upload a video with copyright music I switch the video licenses.

    Example: I switch the Standard YouTube License to Creative Commons License before the video is completely uploaded.

    Depending how long your videos are you should immediately switch these video licenses as fast as you can but IF you're able to beforehand.

    Edit: I use the creative commons license which protects me from being copyrighted. When I upload in the first minute I first switch to that license, then I click save. By the time the video is done uploading I get no copyright strikes!

  41. Georg Gross Post author

    Aussies will get pissed because they know nothing about this.

  42. Don V Post author

    How does this rule apply to music videos? I have a video in which a popular music video is playing in the background. I muted the song, but can the video play or do I have to blur it?

  43. Dimondme8 Post author

    Thank you so much i went from getting 50 subs a month to getting 400 subs in 1 month thanks to your videos!!

  44. Aileen's Lookbook Post author

    Thank you so much for your video. As always very clear cut and informative. and helpful. God bless & have a great weekend. So in the end we cannot use the music. So sad. We are in fact "promoting" their music and artistes are already so wealthy.

  45. The Daily Egg Post author

    I hate how YouTube protects huge companies before their own creators. Instead of giving all the money to the company who owns the song, show clip, movie snippet, etc., share the revenue. It should be changed to this: 50% video image, 50% sound. If you use music for example throughout an entire 10 minute video, 50% of the profit should go to you while the other 50% goes to the music label. If say you used a song for 5 minutes of the 10 minute video, then you get 50%+25%, and the music label only gets the 25% from half the video's audio. This would be a lot more fair to the creators on YouTube and it would open up for a lot more fun when it comes to making content.
    Those dancers who dance to popular songs on YouTube could finally make at least 50% of the profit from their own videos rather than leaving all that money on the table for some music company to take. Just a thought

  46. Richard Ricketts Post author

    I only use music from kinemaster music. A wise man once say "prevention is better than cure" So, with that being said, stay away from the problems and you won't have any problems. PERIOD!!!!

  47. She & Ken Post author

    yang dari indonesia hayo ngaku,
    mari kita main tambahan tambahan

  48. Rajmahendra Post author

    this is so much to work on 🙂 I just use Youtube Library videos just to play safe till I grow 😛 if there are any good loyalty copyright-free lifetime sites please share me.

  49. J PumpkinKing Post author

    Having music blocked or muted has NEVER happened to my channel. I can’t monetize the videos, but I certainly am not getting blocked/muted or getting copyright strikes.
    The REAL problem is shill copyright holders making claims on top of the claims by the REAL artists/studios/etc.

  50. Jay P. Post author


  51. Mike Moonnight Post author

    All that want to use my songs dm me because I authorize it 🔥


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