Can You Do SEO Without Paid Tools?

By | August 10, 2019

Hello, this is John Locke, and today I’m answering
a great question that I saw in an SEO forum, and this question said, “Can you do SEO without
paid SEO tools?” What this person is referring to are tools
like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz Pro, Majestic. It could be any of a number of these or different
ones as well. I think and I believe that you can do SEO
without any tools except for Google itself, and I think in some ways you’re going to have
a bigger advantage over people that do use paid tools, and let me explain exactly what
I mean. As I’ve explained in videos before, I think
that a lot of people that use paid tools rely on them to the extent to tell them what to
do, because a lot of these tools like SEMrush, like Ahrefs, they have what is called an SEO
Audit, but I don’t think it’s really like in-depth SEO Audit in that. What it will look at are things like broken
links. It will look at things like what … If a
page has a title tag or a meta description, and you can get information about the backlink
profile of a site. Primarily that’s what these tools are for,
or to look at the backlink profiles of the competing sites. Now, some paid tools are a little bit more
in depth. I know Moz when I used it last year, they
kind of give some descriptive suggestions of what to do on content for a page. I don’t know if it’s still like that because
I haven’t used that particular tool in a little while and I know that they just redid it,
but your original question, can you do SEO with no tools at all? I think that it’s going to make you do something
that a lot of people don’t do when they’re trying to do SEO or they’re looking at audits,
and it’s going to make you slow down and look at all of the evidence before you look at
all of the data before you, what Google is actually showing you, and make you come to
your own conclusions. You’re going to have to get your own deductions
about what is happening. What a lot of people will do when they go
to do SEO is they figure … I see these comments seriously every week in SEO forums … “My
site speed is faster than my competitors. They’re … I ran it through Gtmetrix and
my site is faster than theirs.” Or, “I ran it through Google Page Lightspeed
or Google Lighthouse, and mine is faster than theirs but they’re outranking me.” Or the other one, “I wrote like a 5,000-word
piece of content and theirs was only 2500 words. What’s the next person going to do? Write a 10,000-word piece of content? A 20,000-word piece of content?” This is all doing things that we’ve been told
will affect SEO and we’re blindly doing things because we think that they’re going to have
an effect. What you’re going to do, by looking at the
Google results is take a longer-term look at this. If you open … Let’s say you’re trying to
rank first for a specific term and you just Google it and you look at what the top 10
results are. Look at each page. Write down exactly what you see on each page. Is there images? Is there videos? If there is an image or a video, what’s it
of? What kind of phrases, what kind of words are
mentioned? What questions are answered in this page? Does the design of each page suck? Or is it good? What sorts of things are there? Write down each little thing that you see
on each of those 10 results on page one. Then what you’re going to do is you’re going
to examine each of the companies, each of the businesses that are on those top 10 pages. Go and do research. Google them. Find out what the rest of their online profile
looks like. What do the rest of their representations
of their business online look like? Like their Facebook, their Twitter, their
Yelp, whatever else you find out there. Everything else that you find out there, write
down everything you see. Look for the patterns. This is what a lot of people don’t do, and
I think if you only have Google, you’re forced to use your wits, and look for these patterns. By looking for these patterns, you’re going
to have an advantage over people who are just following advice that they heard, like, “Do
Skyscraper content. Make the page faster. Do all these things. Add Schema.” By doing these things, by altering the content
of the page based on the patterns that you are observing and writing down or making changes
to the entire business site, how their online footprint is represented overall, you might
make bigger changes than people who are only following the SEO tools and not putting more
analytical thought into it. I did a video yesterday about AI for SEO and
how it is probably more than likely BS, and I think if you only have Google, if you can’t
afford SEO tools, you can absolutely do SEO. Will it take you a little bit longer? Might take you a little bit longer, but you
are going to see things that other people are not seeing because they’re relying strictly
on the software. You are looking at the actual results and
drawing your own conclusions like a detective, and that is what SEO is a lot of the time
is you are playing detective. You are trying to figure out why Google ranks
something higher than something else. I hope that answers that question. I do have a lot of faith in you. I think that you can do it. My name’s John Locke. My name is Lockedown Design & SEO. We help manufacturers get more RFQs and we’re
here every single day publishing. I’d love to see you subscribe. That’s all I have for now. Until next time, peace.

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