Can YOU Build A Drone in 30 Minutes? | You Build It, You Keep It

By | March 13, 2020

– What am I doing wrong?!
(laughs) – You’re on top of it.
You’re on to– just go! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, Kendelle,
today we’re gonna be playing another round of You Build It,
You Keep It. – (claps) The goal is to keep it.
(laughs) – (FBE) You’ll have 15 minutes
in round one, 20 in round two, and 30 in round three
to make one of three objects. In each round, you’ll be given
three options of things you can build. However, you’ll only be able
to build one of them, so once you make your selection,
you can’t change your mind. Anything you fully
and completely build, you’ll get to take home.
And if you don’t finish anything by the time an hour passes,
you’ll get nothing. So, be careful of traps.
There might be some items that take longer to build
than the time we give you. – I mean, that’s– yes,
I experienced that firsthand. (laughs) – (FBE) We also have
the instructions for each of these standing by for you to look at.
However, if you choose to look, you will lose some time.
We’ll give you a minute to look. We’ll also take two minutes
off your build time in addition to the minute you spent looking.
– Okay. That’s my strategy. For only one minute,
and you get all that, you can probably make up that time
for guessing where things go. And I’m gonna take home
whatever I want today! (laughs)
– I am so ready. – (FBE) In the 15-minute round,
your options are a DIY Bluetooth speaker,
a LEGO TIE Fighter, and a nightstand.
– See, as much as I’d love to go, “Oh yeah, let’s go LEGOs,”
you can never build anything LEGO without the instructions
unless you are a LEGO-building master. – (laughs) No, thank you.
I feel like I need this. But 15 minutes for this?
Okay, I’ll do this. I’ll do this.
I’ll do IKEA. – I’m obviously gonna do this,
which I’m already feeling anxious about,
but it looks easy. – My ego says Star Wars,
but my brain’s saying be smart about it
and go with the NORDKISA. – (FBE) On your mark,
get set, build! – Ahhh! Okay.
Nice. Oh, god. This is… nice.
Oh, I’m feeling the pressure. But I’m not gonna stress.
I’m not gonna stress. – First off, I’m laying out
all the parts, so I can see all of what I have available.
And then, from there, finding the legs and then figuring out
what stands on what legs. – There’s a lot of screws here,
so I’m not feeling very happy about that.
I also have no idea how this looks. – Are these supposed to be separate?
– (FBE) You tell me. – Oh! (chuckles)
I’m scared. 15 minutes is not enough time.
– Let’s see. This goes here. Yeah, okay. That goes there.
– This is probably the top part of it. Get out of here. Okay.
I’m gonna clean that up after, okay? This is so cute.
I want this! – Let’s see. That doesn’t
lock in at all. Really?! There’s nothing that screws together
to hold it stable. That is infuriating. Okay.
– I just don’t know what the wood parts are for,
but we’ll figure it out. Oh my god. I only have 15 minutes.
I just realized that. That’s very stressful.
– Everything’s fine, guys. Everything– it’s not sliding.
Everything is fine! I’m just freaking out.
Why is it not doing it? Okay, we’ll come back to this.
(laughs) We’ll come back– If I make the drawer,
can I keep the drawer? – And what’s that screw head type?
Are you serious? A [bleep] hex key?! I hate these tiny ass
[bleep] hex keys. You get no leverage when you’re
trying to build anything. Part one.
– Oh, I forgot how it looks! Why am I sweating?!
Oh, I’m gonna lose. My 15 minutes are gonna die.
– According to that photo, it goes like this!
I swear! What if I blow your minds
and then just suddenly get it? In four minutes!
All right, here we go. – Yeah, I think this one– yeah.
(clicking tongue) Just remembering
which slot it went in, but [bleep] it.
I’m just gonna wing it. – Very hard without looking
at the instructions. – That doesn’t make any sense.
Oh, it does. Oh, there’s a hole on the other side.
(laughs) – [Bleep]. [Bleep].
– Okay, I’ll look at the freaking damn instructions.
Show it to me. Yeah, I don’t get it,
but I’ma do it. – How the [bleep]– Okay. Now is where I begin
to become frustrated. Oh, wait! I’m a dingus!
I was not thinking. I forgot about this [bleep] piece.
– I’m sorry I’m breaking everything. It’s not my intention.
– Oh, I feel so sad! I should’ve looked at the instructions
at the beginning! I would know what I’m doing.
– (FBE) And that’s time! – Where the [bleep] do you two go?
(buzzer) – (FBE) You do not get
to take that home. (buzzer)
– But look at it. – (FBE) Okay, does that look
complete to you? (buzzer)
– I should’ve looked at the instructions
from the beginning! – Oh, I am completely bummed
about building it. Do you not see this level
of completion?! And I got these two [bleep] here
that make no sense! Why? – (FBE) So, next up,
you’ll have 20 minutes to put together a drone,
a gamer chair, or a TV unit. – Oh, I don’t need this.
– See, I want this or that, but I also wanna redeem myself
for that round one, ’cause IKEA–
it shouldn’t have stumped me, but it did.
– The chair is the one I wanna build, because, I don’t know,
it’d be cool to own a chair like that. – I wanna go for the gamer chair.
If I could take it if I build it, I’m totally gonna,
you know what I mean? – Pretty sure I could build any three
of them in 20 minutes, so let’s see what happens.
Eenie, meenie, mini, mo, catch the tiger by the toe…
(audio fast-forwarding) …for your whole entire life.
Looks like we’re doing the drone. – (FBE) On your mark,
get set, build! – Okay. So, I’m gonna
put the things out, so that I can familiarize
with the stuff. What the hell is this?
– This has to come together, this has to come together,
and then you just attach the arms. That’s what I’m assuming.
– Oh, I’m totally regretting it after I opened it.
(chuckles) Okay. Oh, man. I am regretting
this decision immediately. – Okay. Oh, this is so complicated! Oh, god. This chair is bigger than me! (sighs)
– It’s so heavy. Oh my god. (grunts) Wow. There are no scissors.
All right. Whatever. Let me look at the instructions.
(beep) Ahh.
– (FBE) All right. That’s time. – Okay. (laughs)
Thank you, sir. – Another thing
about the small parts, they can take longer to put in,
just ’cause I got big-ass hands. So, my fingers do not
always cooperate. How come that propeller
went on easy, and the rest of the ones don’t even
wanna push on the– [bleep] you. – I wonder if this is just a tool
or if it does anything. I guess I’ll figure it out. – Does it go all the way in?
You sure? Oh, it does.
You’re right. (laughs) This feels easy. But who really knows?
– Wait, is this all the pieces? Are we sure?
– (FBE) Yeah. – Okay, can I see the instructions?
And then, you go on the back, and then you put
however this thing goes. Now there’s no turning back.
This thing has to work. – What are these screws–
why are there six here, six here, and then there’s four here?
– I have this tiny screwdriver, but no tiny screws.
…Why? Oh, lights!
It’s working! I don’t know what I did,
but it’s working. (chuckles) – Go Sheila, go Sheila.
Go, go, go Sheila. That’s like the most
narcissistic thing, shouting to yourself.
– I’m sweating. I can feel it, ’cause I want it!
– Oh, come on. You were easy to put on,
but now you’re gonna be hard to pull off? Does that go around?
Oh, it does! Now I take you guys off.
I had a feeling I shouldn’t have put the propellers on,
but I did it anyway. Come on, [bleep]!
I don’t wanna break you! – I feel like
I’m more stressed right now, because I know where things go,
and I’m just not using my time wisely right now.
– How much time? – (FBE) You have seven minutes
and 10 seconds. – Seven.
– (FBE) Think you got it? – I don’t know!
– Why are you so stuck to this right now?
You’re a piece of plastic! Jesus!
– (FBE) Remember, at any time, we can pause and you can
look at the instructions. – Pffft. I ain’t no bitch.
All right, let’s see if this drone that I feel like is
still missing parts even though it was a brand new box
that was unopened… – Ahh! I don’t know how to build this! (laughs) It goes the other way! – I don’t know how to do it on here. (laughs) I have no idea where these washers
were supposed to go, ha-ha-ha! But… ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
– Oh. I’m doing things. I don’t know what I’m doing,
but I’m doing things! (drone whirring and beeping) I don’t think it has
enough throttle to fly. No, I need you pointing
the other direction. Oh, did I put the propellers
on wrong?! – This chair’s probably
not even gonna– well, okay, this–
I’m gonna become a gamer after this. – What if I did it upside down?
Would that help, do you think? Or sideways?
– (Sheila) Yeah, this is– this just seems wrong.
– I just want you to know this barely fits in here.
(laughs) – (FBE) And that’s time.
– (chuckles) – (FBE) You sure you have
that recliner on right? And time!
– I don’t know what else I had to do for this!
– Okay, I don’t know what buttons I’m pressing and what sequence.
Oh my god! There we go! (drone whirring and beeping) Okay. Now I’m getting the hang of it.
– And this leans all the way back, but then you do this,
and it only leans partially back. – (FBE) All right,
we’ll give it to you. – (laughs)
– I’m just gonna relax in this chair for like
another 20 minutes, you know? You guys can go home.
– I got it to fly. That’s the part that I was
very uncertain of, of whether or not it was gonna fly.
It flew. It was definitely easier than I thought. (chuckles)
– So far, it has not been easy. It hasn’t been very easy,
so I’m scared. – (FBE) So, in your final round,
you’ll have 30 minutes to put together either a Batman Returns
wood model of the Batmobile… What you’re holding there
in the center is an air hockey table. – (laughs) Okay.
– (FBE) Or you have a nice rolling side table.
– Do you think I just put the legs on then I turn it on and it works,
or do I have to like (clicking tongue) you know?
– Yeah, I’m just gonna do IKEA, ’cause not touching Batman.
I learned my lesson with the Ferris wheel last time.
Yeah, I’m gonna do this one, just ’cause I also feel
like it’s probably gonna be similar to the one I made
the first time I did this. – I wanna go for it. (laughs) – (FBE) Going for
the air hockey table. – Yeah. (laughs)
– So, I think I’m gonna do this tiny one.
– (FBE) On your mark, get set, build!
– Come on, open up. It’s gonna be so– whatever.
– Yeah, they’re right here. So, I think I’m gonna look at them
right off the bat. Oh, no. There’s two wheels.
Okay, I actually looked at the instructions this time first,
so let’s see how much of a difference that makes. (ripping)
– Ooh! Oh, that’s just tape. (laughs) I’m sorry.
I don’t know how to take it out. – Objective one in any type
of building thing: always make sure you see
all of your materials. – (FBE) So, as you’ve learned,
taking the pieces out is kind of the longest part.
– It is the longest part. (thudding)
(nervous) Ahhhh. Okay, we’re good.
We’re good. We’re Gucci. All right, instructions, please! (beep)
Ahhh. Wow, so much.
– (FBE) That’s time. – Is that that?! Okay. I’m serious now! (chuckles)
– Okay. That means there’s a base. Which one of you is the base?
You look like the top. If these two are shorter,
that means you guys get the wheels. – Are you kidding me?
Why are these shorter? – Look at all these washers, right? (laughs) I’m gonna use
every single one of them! – That was definitely
the right decision, ’cause now when you
stand these up straight, everything’s the same height.
– Don’t fall. Don’t fall! Stay.
– Okay, show me, show me, show me. (beep)
So, not the long one. The short one. The short one goes on the bottom.
Thank you. Now it’s like an actual challenge.
At first, I was like, yeah, I’m chilling.
I can do this. And now, I’m actually stressed.
– I’m gonna be the most popular person at the party.
And people will be like, “Where’d you get this?
Did you buy it? How much?” And I go (chuckles)
“No, I won it off that YouTube channel I’m on.
Ha-ha.” (laughs) And I’m like,
“And then you should go subscribe and follow,
hit that bell.” I’m getting myself too excited,
but then I can feel myself being anxious about it.
(clang) – That was– I forgot that
that was a border and not one piece. (groans) Good job.
– (FBE) You are at the 15-minute mark. – (softly) Shut up.
I’ve only done the legs! Okay.
– Coming across to put them in. How much time do I have?
– (FBE) You’ve got 20 minutes. – And I lose two minutes
when I look at the thingy? – (FBE) That’s right.
– All right. Let me look at it. (beep)
Oh, okay! So, I had it right, but I had it wrong.
But i still had it. Fine by me. Ha!
I did that right, and I was winging it too.
Fantastic. – You know what’s funny?
Watching someone think that they’re doing something right,
and then it’s like the opposite. You know they’re doing it
the wrong way. You know they’re doing
something wrong. It’s like you guys. – What am I doing wrong?!
(laughs) – No, that still seems off.
I am confused. I put those in the right holes.
Or did I? No, I didn’t. – God, am I sweating. Woo!
– That maybe? Ha-ha? You think? – All of the balance,
kind of, maybe. Okay, I’m falling. Ah.
Okay, I’ll prop myself on the table. That’s better.
– Oh my goodness! (sighs)
– I’m getting nervous! – (FBE) Almost out of time.
– Not– dude, go. Just go. You’re on top of it.
You’re on top of it. You’re on to– just go!
– Oh my god. This screw… DOESN’T LIKE ME!
(clattering) – (FBE) You got it!
(ding) – Jesus Christ. (ding)
[Bleep] that thing. – (FBE) All right, Kendelle, that is…
– Ugh! – (FBE) …time!
(buzzer) – Jesus! I was so close!
It was just these guys. – I got it built.
That’s what I wanted to happen. That’s all I care about
is getting it built within the time frame,
and again, by the skin of my teeth. – Here it is.
I think I did my own twist, you know? It’s my own design.
It’s like IKEA collabs with Sheila. – I feel like you just need
five more minutes on each thing. – The hockey table
was kind of tempting, but that would’ve been a nightmare.
I can already feel it, so no. I’m happy.
– The next time we– I have to get three out of three.
Getting two– Two out of three
is not satisfying enough. I need victory.
I need undisputed, unrivaled victory. – Thanks for watching
You Build It, You Keep it on the React Channel.
– Subscribe to see what kind of things we build next.
– Thanks for watching. Deuces! – Hey, guys. Ethan here
from the React Channel. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of You Build It,
You Keep It. If you wanna see more episodes
just like this, then be sure to subscribe and click
on some more down below. Bye, guys.

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