Can Social Media Still Bring You ANY Website Traffic in 2020

By | February 17, 2020

– The social web is huge,
from Facebook to Pinterest, when you combine them all, it’s over billions of eyeballs per year. But, if you’ve been doing
business on the social web for awhile you’ve probably
watched things become harder and harder every single day. I ran a study and pulled 483 companies who all are leveraging
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. And today I’m going to
show you whether or not businesses are actually getting
any traffic from social. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and
today I’m going to break down can social media still bring you any website traffic in 2020? (light music) Before we get started
make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube click the alert notification, that way when I go live
you’ll get notified. There’s always a big
debate as whether or not social media is worth it for your business in terms of traffic. This study is conducted to
help paint a better picture of how useful social media
really is for your business. Important disclaimer, this
study I focused solely on organic traffic and not paid. Right, from a paid acquisition standpoint social media is really simple. You spend a dollar, you should
make more than a dollar. That is super effective even to this day. If it wasn’t, Facebook wouldn’t be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, they’re all worth billions of dollars because paid ads on social
media are still effective. Sure, it’s harder and harder each year, but it’s still effective. Now let’s go over social media
organic traffic over time. Let’s start by looking at this chart of social media traffic over time. It’s safe to say that
the traffic has died down over the years, and it’s
likely due to the fact that social channels are
bringing down organic reach. In 2015 you can generate
roughly three visitors of month for every 100 followers. However, now that number’s just roughly two visitors per month. That’s a 38.6% drop in organic traffic. Now when you look at
traffic by social channel, let’s first start off by
looking at which channels drive the most traffic per 100 followers. Facebook and Instagram are somewhat of the lowest in the chart. Instagram really isn’t a shocker because you can’t really
add links to your posts. Sure you can add links within your bio, you could do the swipe-ups but still, Instagram, not much of a shocker. What is a surprise though, is Pinterest was the winner by far, followed by LinkedIn and YouTube. So if you want to get the most traffic start off with Pinterest
first and then LinkedIn. I often get asked, how
often should I post content? Well this chart may help. In general, posting more
should drive you more traffic. However, the study shows that
after eight posts a month you’ll start seeing a diminishing return. Now this is due to the way
the algorithms are set up. The more that people
engage with your content, the more of them that’ll
see your future content as you post it. This is why it’s important to
only post high quality content and not mediocre content. If you’re posting mediocre content, yeah you may get traffic in the short run but as time goes on you’ll
get less and less engagement over time and your numbers will die down. Now on the flip side, if you’re posting truly engaging content, let’s say like the Gary Vee’s or the Grant Cardones of the world, you can post multiple times a day, but most people aren’t posting
content that’s that engaging. It’s hard to have a true
following year-round and constantly filming. For that reason, if you’re
going to post and you have that, sure post as much as you
can, but for most of us, including me, limit the
number of times you post to the content that is
super high in quality. If you can produce five amazing pieces of high quality content
a week, then do five. If you can do 20 a week, do 20. If you can only do five a month,
then do only five a month. If you can only 10 a month,
then only do 10 a month, but limit your number based
on the quality of the content that you’re producing. Now let’s look at social channels and which ones prefer videos. So you’re probably wondering, hey, which networks prefer videos? Well, it’s easy to see
that Instagram produces the most amount of views by far, followed by LinkedIn and YouTube. However, it’s important to note that Instagram autoplays videos, while YouTube is much more picky about what they really
consider a video view, which is why you’re seeing
the disparity in that chart. Even on Facebook, as
you scroll in your feed, you’ll see videos automatically
playing without sign on, same with Instagram. YouTube is not like that,
so a view on YouTube is really a view, while a
view on Instagram and Facebook isn’t really necessarily a view. Now while it’s important
to post video content on all channels, Instagram,
LinkedIn and YouTube should be your top focus. By doing YouTube SEO
you can also continually see video views over time climb, while with the other channels,
typically when you post a video it’ll do well within
the first few days or week and then it dies down. Now let’s look at how
well live videos perform on each channel. The results are similar, with Instagram and
YouTube leading the pack. The big takeaway here is
live videos don’t generate as many views as regular videos and the main reason is
is, and this is likely that non-live videos can be
optimized for SEO much more than let’s say live videos. And if you’re doing videos, whether they’re live or non-live, you should use tools like Ubersuggest. You can type in any
keyword within Ubersuggest and it’ll show you all the
other relevant, related keywords that you can be going after. The next thing I want to look at, how much revenue is generated
from social traffic. So here’s a percentage of
revenue that each business has generated from organic
social media traffic over the past five years. Although it has been declining
over the last few years the numbers are finally
starting to flatten out. The decline likely isn’t
solely due to algorithms getting tougher, but that
businesses are diversifying their marking approaches
to omnichannel approaches. This way you can combat it and
continually generate revenue from social media. Keep in mind, over the years, more and more social media platforms have gotten more popular, which then gives you more
opportunities to monetize. So the big takeaway, social media is still a
force to be reckoned with. On average, you’ll receive
two visitors a month for every 100 followers, and as you scale your follower count, so will your visitor count as well. In general, if you need help
with your social media traffic, check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital. If you have any questions
leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. If you enjoyed the
video like it, share it, tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.

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