Can an SEO HERO Reconnect the World? |

By | August 23, 2019

Howdy SEO Heroes. The world needs your help The notorious villain Apocalinks has decided To break all the links in the world, And if we don’t stop him soon… Everything will be disconnected! You have to find the only man Who can guide you on your path. Wait… You don’t mean…. Yes! I’m talking about….. Matt. Wo! Wo! Wo! Wo!!! But… But… No one has seen him for years. You have to find him ASAP. There’s nothing more important than that right now And now, if you excuse me, My “Whiteboard Friday” is about to begin so… Take care! Great. What are we going to do now? Found him… All I had to do is local search him in the most distant place on earth. Evergreen. You come with me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Matt, Sir… Oh, we’re so glad we found you. We came to seek your help. All the links in the world are broken… Apocalinks is coming, we need your help. S…E…Ommmmmmm… You must search the organic results within yourself… Optimize your chakra… Wow… That’s deep. He’s a genius. All you have to do is search around… Wait! I got it! All we have to do is SEARCH around! Yes! that’s it… Oh, bring it out. You’re an animal. That’s right, show me some fur. Oh, Mi-ao! Perfect, perfect! Now this pose should be worth a couple of links… Ah Proxy. Content people….. SEO Heroes, The world is linked again. howdy’you do it? Well…. We used Matt’s Cats!

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  1. Jeffrey Siereveld Post author

    Not using Wix they can't. A client's marketing agency has been asking us to add a RTD Pixel Script (one line script) to their site for weeks now and we can't get it to work. It's not Google Analytics, Adwords or Facebook Pixel Script…we've even tried adding the ID for it to those locations as well as the iframe option. Nothing is working and they aren't collecting data.


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