Camping Stereotypes

By | February 19, 2020

Hum, medium rare
with a golden crust. Yeah, right, burnt to the core. Now that’s a s’more. [MUSIC PLAYING] That’s cute, guys, first s’more? I found dinner. Bruce is doing chili tonight. Bruce is weak. I’m having lizard. We’ll be eating in
no less than a week. It’s a little soft-shell turtle. Oh, in Indonesia, they
cook these things right, and these little shells
turn into potato chips. I got him. Oh, ha, ha, ha, I got him What do you guys want to do? I don’t know. We could go hiking. [LAUGHTER] Are you serious? I’m from the campsite next door. Did he just suggest
going hiking? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] What are you going
to do at the end, just turn around and walk back? [LAUGHTER] Not today, skeeters. I ain’t taking any chances. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SPITTING] [COUGHING] That was perfect. I want to make fun of you,
but this is brilliant. Unbelievable job. You guys want to go
call in an animal? Yep, yep, giddy-giddy. [ELK CALL] [TURKEY CALL] [DUCK CALL] This will bring pretty much
anything in with antlers. What’s wrong with this spot? Dude, you can never
put your campsite in front of the
east-facing treeline. You’ll have no breeze. Dude, water– put
your bags down. No, pick your bags up. What about high tide? Unless you got an arc in that
suitcase, we ain’t staying. That’s either a painted bunting
or a golden-cheeked warbler. Silly me. That’s a tufted tit mouse. Dad gum, I found the
devil’s walking stick. Beagle weed. That’s a pretty weepy willow. Rest in peace. Well, I’ll be, a
Montezuma bald cypress. We meet again. Man, it sure would be cool if
we had some music or something. I was really hoping for
some peace and quiet. Oh, you know what? I brought my guitar. Let me, guys, play you. I just learned a new song. [SINGING] Take me
out to the ball game. Root, root, root, root
for the home team. Are you guys a big
fan of original music? I wrote this one. [SINGING] Sometimes
I feel like the rain is washing away my soul. Oh, oh. Hey, man, you mind if I play? Hey. yeah, share
the love, you know? Oh, thanks, dude, pretty awesome Oh. Oh my. Are you serious? [MUSIC PLAYING] [CRICKETS CHIRPING] What’s that? I think there’s bees on my tent. That could have
been a Sasquatch. Hey, sweetheart, is
that you taking a poop? It’s definitely a mammal. [SCREAMING] Now this is camping. If you have to use your
restroom, use the powder bath. Master’s for me. Best part of the day. I have been camping
wrong my whole life. This is unbelievable. Woo, socks and sandals is
not the ideal shoe combo for this terrain. Mind if I put my twitch– I guess I’m going
to camp right here. It’s like a never-ending
spaghetti noodle. Hey, Jack Pot, by my crocks. We just got a fresh basil
plant right near our camp site. Oh, huh, guys I’ve done it. I’ve built a tent. I’ve tented. That’s an itchier
than normal basil. By the end of this, you guys
are going to call me Camper Ty. Whoa! Wow! Whoa! I’m dying. Oh, it feels great in here. Am I the only one that brought
a portable air conditioner? Good thing I brought
my fancy filter straw. Oh, that’s crisp. [MUSIC PLAYING] Where’s Cody? Hm? Where’s Cody? He went to sleep inside
in the air conditioning. Mister, let’s sleep
outside in the tents? That’ll be fun. Went to sleep
inside on the couch? Are you kidding me right now? You selfish camper. No I was trying to make room
for you guys in the tent. Liar! Give me one good reason I
should not rage right now. Oh, I’ll go grab donuts, donuts. You love those. I’m on Keto. [YELLING] No! [SHOUTING] No! [INAUDIBLE] No artificial light! No! You know what we should do? What? Open up some
windows for some AC. Fire wood coming in hot. Never can have
too big of a fire. [YELLING] No! [SHOUTING] There we go. Oh! Oh wow, these
interior windows are a lot stronger than I remember. No! My dog’s in there. He’s probably freaking out,
pooping on himself again. How selfish of me. I forgot the food. I forgot the chili I made
for you last night that you didn’t even take a bite of. I think this room could
use a little color! This is my version of
the Sistine Chapel. This is what I like to call my
Jackson Pollock masterpiece. No! Come on! Are you kidding me? Yeah! Oh! I am never going
camping with you again. That smells terrible! All right, everyone
grab something. Let’s go set up camp. [PHONE RINGING] Grab that end over there. Yeah, now’s a great time. Dude, there’s a frog over here. Oh, why are we doing this? Is there really no place
to plug in my Xbox? It’s way too hot. I have to cook the bacon? Oh. Aw. How am I supposed to cook a
hot dog without a microwave? No way I’m going
to get any sleep. Can’t believe I actually had
to pay you to come do this. Fellas, this is going
to carve up nicely. Not going to lie, guys. I’m getting a whittle tired. Just kidding. I could do this for days. Mission accomplished. The perfect fire is built
with a teepee twig foundation. Have you lost your mind? Go find some twigs the size
of your pinky, no bigger. That is how they do
it in the Boy Scouts. At last, ha, we’re camping. [CRICKET CHIRPING] [LAUGHING] Oh, I hate this. I’m leaving. You all have a
great time, though. You’re not going to stay
and whittle with us? [BLEEP] Oh, this [INAUDIBLE] [BLEEP]. It sounds like a pterodactyl. [LAUGHTER] Well, there’s a
ton of ants on it. Those are good. [YELLING] [SINGING] Root,
root for the home– [LAUGHING] [SCREAMS] [LAUGHING] [SINGING] Sometimes I feel– [LAUGHTER] What’s up, guys. Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
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