Building Your Business By Outsourcing Series Two of Three

By | September 9, 2019

This is Anthony Flatt and you’re listening to the business at the speed of cell podcast Fargo edition welcome to the business at the speed of cell podcast where you learn how to accelerate the growth of your online and offline businesses profits and personal income tune in daily to get the debt tricks and tactics that have generated over 100 million dollars online in online sales now here’s your host Anthony flat welcome back let’s continue with episode 23 in this building your business by outsourcing series now let’s talk a little bit about different types of freelancers and different things that you can outsource one of the things I think is outsourced quite a bit is writing article writing sales copy ebooks writing speeches writing show notes writing press releases business presentations is really an unlimited number of different things that a writer can provide for you when you’re looking for a writer you need to be very very specific on what you’re looking for generically say I’m looking for somebody to write an e-book on babysitting you’ll probably get hundreds of people that respond to you from the online services and from the agency’s wanting to write that book for you you’ll probably be unhappy with the results you get from most of those people the reason being is you need to find something more specific in I want you to write an e-book on babysitting now if you’re just looking for a quickie book and you don’t really care what the content is and you’re just going to throw it out there then maybe you’ll get the results that you’re looking for that’s not what I’m looking for I’m gonna put content out there want to be proud of that content i want to make sure that it reflects me that is written in a style that would be something that I would write and also something that I don’t have to go through and painstakingly added because it’s written in a completely different format or it’s the voice of the content is not my voice so you really want to look for riders that work within your style now the way I find writers that work for me is i’ll give them a little task also i’ll put a job posting out there looking for a particular assignment i’ll have them write something for me maybe i’ll have them write a 500 word article or 1000 word article and i’ll give them some specific bullet so what I want them to write about and then when i get that back on all evaluate that content and i’ll see what that looks like and see if that’s something that I can work with if it’s something I can work with i’ll give them another task and then see where we go from there now one thing that I found to be very effective for me with working with writers is find the level in the skill of that particular writer now you’re less expensive writers are obviously going to be your less skilled and less capable writers you’re more skilled capable writers are going to be obviously more expensive the challenge is a lot of times we try to go to the the more expensive resource the better writer and we asked them to write something from scratch that’s like being a doctor a skilled surgeon to put a bandaid on your finger it’s not something that is necessary to have that level of skill so what I’ll oftentimes do is I’ll have somebody a lower level rider but still a skilled writer write something for me and then I’ll take that and then I have a better writer do the final edits and what that does is I get the bulk of the content written at a lower price and then I get the better of the editing done by somebody that has more capability a couple specific things that i do that you might find useful as well is when i’m working with somebody who’s writing something for me that they’re not necessarily skilled in what they’re writing i’ll give them as much information as I possibly can as far as giving them an outline giving them chapter titles giving them subchapter titles now I used to go and research and find liens and then provide them with the links to the research that I found but to be honest with you i found that they just copied the content from the links and reword it really didn’t flow and it really didn’t come together so i don’t usually give them my research I usually let them go do their own research or come up with in their own words the content that matches the headings and the titles and the subject titles in the chapter titles that I came up with what I’ve also found is if I’m trying to get a very high-quality ebook written that you know I want to publish on kindle or that i want to sell is one of my training courses usually the first version or two are not as good as the final versions are going to be so what I’ll do is I’ll us that my own expectation that the first book i get back is probably not going to be as good as I’d like it to be and sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll actually have one person right the first book for the first draft and then i’ll take that draft and i’ll make some notes of some things that I’d like to see covered better I might even go in and edit out big chunks of fluffy words and things that don’t really help the overall content of the book and then I actually give it to a second writer and have them start from where the first writer left off and fill in the blanks and echo and do more research to cover some of the areas that the first writer didn’t the issue that I’ve had is sometimes you know writer write something and then you ask them to expand upon it or you ask them to add some content that they may have left out and they have a hard time envisioning that book being something other than what they wrote the first time so actually having somebody else do a second revision is a good way to improve that content another skill that is is good for outsourcing to a freelancer is transcriptions are having things transcribed now I do a lot of audios I make podcast but also do other audios and that’s usually my preferred method for creating content i’ll create an audio and then I’ll have somebody transcribed into text and then i’ll take that text and use it in multiple ways sometimes i use that text as articles sometimes i use that text as part of my presentation sometimes i use that text my show notes for my podcast and then i’ll use that text is something that i’ll go back through and edit myself and make it into a chapter in the future ebook sometimes when i outsourced to have somebody write me an e-book or write me an article if I get it back and I like some of the things that they said in the article or in the book but I don’t generally like the whole ebook or the whole article oftentimes I’ll take that and just use that is notes in a guideline and then i’ll do a recording and then i’ll take that recording and have a transcribed and then i’ll use that as the article or the e-book that’s a good way for me to help improve something that somebody else wrote for me without me having to sit there and edit every single word if i take the article or the e-book that they wrote and I just use it as my guideline and I do a recording basically read their title read the paragraph and then I reword it and say it differently save my own tone set my own way add my additional comments of perspective to it it usually really improves the content another area that a lot of people outsourced is SEO search engine optimization now I’m going to be honest and say that i’m not a big fan of SEO and largely because the rules constantly keep changing google and the other search engines change their algorithms all the time and the rules about how to do search engine optimization are constantly changing and constantly in flux so you never really know you know are you doing the best things to get your website rate within the search engines but it is an area that you can outsource and you can get in expert now I’ve hired a number of people to do SEO for me and I will warn you that there are a lot of scam artists out there there are a lot of people who will take your money and will not do anything you need to educate yourself at least a little bit on what SEO will do for you what are the metrics that you need to be looking at and how do you determine if they’re actually helping you one of the biggest things is just using something simple like Google’s analytics and be able to look at how many people came to your website how long did they stay on your website and what is the bounce rate that means how many people landed on your website and within the first few seconds immediately went someplace else that’s one of the big scams these companies have the ability to drive people to your website by tricking them into clicking a link that takes them to your website and then when they land on the website it’s not something that they were interested in the first place so they immediately clicked off and go away and some of these search engine guys say look I drove all this traffic to you well yeah but it was worthless traffic it did nothing you got 5,000 people to land of my web page and immediately leave didn’t benefit me in any way other than making my numbers go up which i’m not impressed by if they didn’t actually buy anything from me so just be careful with the search engine optimization but it is something that is outsourced and i have found some folks that do help and are able to do different things to help especially when you just want somebody to explain a particular area to you how to improve one thing or another but don’t think that for the SEO that you’re necessarily going to be able to just take anybody off the street and hire them to be your SEO expert and that they’re going to be able to do all these things because the rules are changing because people have to stay on top of everything even the people who are an expert two three four five six months ago if they didn’t continue to improve and continue to change with the algorithms and continue to find new ways to be able to help your website get promoted to help your service get promoted they’re going to be using older techniques that don’t work and again a lot of them are using scanning techniques so be on the lookout for that as well very similar to search engine optimization is social media marketing smm you’ll see that advertised a lot and again there are some great social media experts out there and there are a ton of scam artists out there if you want to get likes to your Facebook page you can go out there and by likes on or on any of the other freelancing websites and they’ll I’d like to your Facebook page but then Facebook is going to immediately remove those lights because they’re not engaged with you they’re not engaged with your content and they know that it was just a marketing ploy to get those people to like your page so you’ll ultimately end up paying somebody a bunch of money to not necessarily do anything it doesn’t matter if they got you five hundred thousand likes if Facebook immediately takes them back away and or if they don’t take them away but those people never engage with you they never buy your products and they never provided any value for the money you spent in obtaining them now what you can do is outsourced the ability to have somebody create graphics for you write articles for you do research on things that you can post that are interesting so that you can engage with your followers i have several different people my personal assistant works on my facebook page my social media pages twitter and linkedin and so forth and they do a great job of managing that for me doing some reach out responding to folks so you can absolutely outsource that to a freelancer for several different freelancers but again just like SEO work be careful on the social media stuff because there’s a lot of scams out there and i purchased my fair share of scams and I’ve learned a few different ways of being able to tell if in fact they’re just going to make garbage traffic or if they really know what they’re doing let’s pause there and finish up tomorrow with this third and final episode in this building your business by outsourcing series if you have a question for Anthony then head over to and leaving a voicemail message for a chance to have your question featured on the show thanks for listening to the business at the speed of

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