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By | January 22, 2020

The use of the mobile web is on steady rise. In fact, 60% of all web traffic now comes
from mobile devices. Get this: by 2020, 45% of all ecommerce purchases
in the US will come from mobile devices. That’s nearly half your customers buying
on their phone or tablet. So it’s not enough for your landing pages
to look just OK on mobile. They have to be designed for mobile. How do you do it? With our mobile workspace. It’s an easy way to design and adapt your
landing pages for all screen sizes. You can: • Simply switch between the desktop and
mobile view workspace, • Scale, hide or tweak elements, so they
look great on any screen, • Edit or replace images to enhance the
landing page design, • Preview your mobile landing pages, so
you can see what your visitors see. Just click the ‘preview’ button to check
your design is good to go! But it’s not just about what your visitors
think. Google loves to rank mobile optimized pages
higher in search results! So, are you ready to generate more mobile
conversions? Start designing your mobile landing pages
with GetResponse now.

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