BTS, RM의 친척 여동생은 챔피언?! l 스무살 격투소녀 ‘서지연’

By | November 11, 2019

I thought your cousin is a member of indie band. So I thought you are going to Hongdae Station in Seoul. She’s going to Jamsil. She’s cousin is a member of BTS. Special mission Find the fight-dol In the last episode Pretty boy We introduced Kwon Won-il(aka.Pretty boy) In this episode, we’d like to introduce you to an attractive female athlete. This is ‘The GYM Lab’ in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul We introduce a lot of new rookie players for our mission(find the fight dol). Even though this player is a young player, This player has already played a lot of fighting games. This player is also a champion belt player with experience in foreign countries. A rookie player A very rookie player She is the one of player who will lead the Korean women’s fight. Let me introduce you to Seo Ji-yeon of The GYM Lab. The mood here has brightened. If I take off my hat, I can light up the mood. Hello, I’m Seo Ji Yeon, a fighter from The GYM Lab in Seoul. You are 20 years old, When did you start fighting? I started during the winter vacation of the third grade in middle school. I started when I was 17. You’ve been exercising for three to four years? I think Seo Ji Yeon is getting a lot of attention in among 2-3 years. There’s been a lot of media coverage. I thought you had been training for a long time. what’s your score? Eight wins, four losses, and five KO Yes Female athletes have few submissions or K.O scores, nevertheless, Seo Ji Yeon has high final score. How did you encounter fighting when you were in the third grade of middle school? I didn’t want to learn martial arts at first. But I followed my friend and started. I was heard that I went to audition with my friend and became an entertainer. But you’ve become a champion? You were a champion, weren’t you? Yes Actually, I felt a lot of pressure because of the title of champion. I’ve been under a lot of pressure, and I’ve been in a lot of situations, After losing the game, I felt a lot of pressure on myself. You’re One-Warrior now, aren’t you? Yes. *One Warrior is Lower League for One Championship. Kwon Won-il is a member of the main league, You’re fine because you’re young. You’re young and you’re only three years old, But you’re in trouble and you’re in glory, I heard you were even trying to retire. Yes You started at the age of 16, experienced victory, became a champion, and tried to retire. You like something very fast. Do you have any specialties? I used to play ball well. This is unexpected. For example, what did you do well? I played netball in middle school and high school. Netball is like a basketball without a backboard. It’s a basketball game for women. I had a short career as a netball player. Did you play as a player? It wasn’t a player, just school activity. You are basically gifted with artistic ability. Most fighters are not good at ball games. Really? Yes. Most fighters are not good at ball games. But I’ve loved to play ball since long ago. Sometimes I am surprised when I play ball games with UFC players. when we play ball together, i think ‘Are they athletes?’ Do you have any personal goals? Everyone wants to make a big goal, right? as high as possible! I think so, too In my opinion, I think I have to step by step to achieve my goal. So for now, l’ve been hurt, and I think I’m weak. I think the first goal is to keep this mind steady now. You have another schedule after interview. You told me that you are going to see my cousin’s performance. Can I talk to you now? I was really surprised. I thought your cousin is a member of indie band. So I thought you were going to Hongdae Station in Seoul. She’s going to Jamsil. She’s cousin is a member of BTS. Who is one of BTS members? Um… leader… RM Really? Yes. *The two hosts were excited. Two people who look alike in the picture I don’t see RM very often. I think he’s too busy to see often. Right. He’s very busy. I think it’s hard to see his parents, too. I sometimes meet RM on Korean holidays. I couldn’t meet him this holiday(Korean Thanksgiving Day) Your family has a genius talent. Who helped Seo Ji-yeon become a great player? Who is this? My gym director helped me a lot. and my parents helped me a lot. We’re going to talk with Park Tae-hyuk, the director of The Gym Lab. Hello, I’m Park Tae-hyuk of The GYM Lab. It’s not like the gym director. How did you first meet Seo Ji-yeon? I don’t remember.

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  2. Nathalia LH Post author

    She’s so cute. Parece que la familia de RM lleva en la sangre el talento! Que hermoso 😫

  3. Mariya Post author

    Their family be like : it(destruction) is in my blood~~😂 I love em both 💜💜💜
    Oh wait she must've had a combat with our jk-hei~😍😍😍 I wish if could see it😘

  4. 탄이오빠들 보라해 Post author

    사촌오빠가 RM이라는 제목보곤 바로들어왔어여ㅋㅋㅋ 남주니오빠가 사촌오빠라니 진짜 진짜로 완전 부러워요..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  5. khacelly Post author

    와.. 서지연 선수도 화이팅하세요~! 부러워요~ㅎㅎ

  6. Hinata kim Post author

    She should be RM's bodyguard. Have y'all seen her fight..omg am shooked!😱😱😱😱🔥🔥💣💥

  7. yeonji park Post author

    서지연선수 얼굴에서 남준이가 보여서 깜짝놀랬어요~ㅎㅎ

  8. 최중권 Post author

    서지연선수 요즘은 이종에 글 잘 안남기시네용~예전엔 종종 남기시더니~글좀 남겨주세용~홧팅!!핡

  9. Baeh Engko Post author

    Waaaaaa…. 😳😳😳😳 kamukha nya talaga Si RM😍😍😍

  10. 코야코야 Post author

    서지연 선수 응원해요!! 남준이하고 정말 많이 닮으셧네요ㅎㅎ 매력넘치시는것같아요

  11. 유니버스 Post author

    인터뷰 넘 재밌게 하셔서 넋놓고 봤어요
    여리게 보이시는데 파이터라니
    최고보다 차근차근 하고싶다니
    서지연선수 부상없이 꼭 건승하세요
    선수님들 모두 응원합니다

  12. RMdeservesThe World Post author

    Destroying records is in their genes… Now I know why RM is God of destruction 😁😁😁

  13. Purple Love Post author

    Rm : mother causin
    Jin : brother
    Suga : brother mom
    Jhope : dad mom sister
    Jimin : brother mom
    V : mom dad causin
    Jungkook : brother

  14. icha 53 Post author

    aaaaa she's so cute and ofc talented. Her smile remind me of Namjoon's smile. So pretty 💜💜💜

    I hope they will add english subtitle 🙁 I want to understand what they're talking about

  15. Annisa Damayanti Post author

    Pas baru mulai ngeliat om yg baju item gua kira deddy corbuzier dong😂

  16. BubblyPeach Post author

    You can literally see they're face resemblance on the thumbnail👁️👄👁️

  17. Art Lexy Post author

    Amys be like I'm jealous of her for being Namjoon's cousin…

    You do you girl!! I seen you fight and you're good… 잘했어요… 화이팅!! 💯👏🏽

  18. Samad Samporna Post author

    Nakoo humanda kayo mga bashers ni namjoon kapag nalaman nya yang pinag gagawa nyo kay namjoon…tingnan lang natin kung di mabugbog mukha nyo pag sinuntok nya kayo😂

  19. min yoongi jjeonjjae jjang jjang man bboong bboong Post author

    Imagine Joon were an MMA fighter. I'm afraid people will be injured when all he did was just touching them.

  20. crystal snow Post author

    I love her already. SHE'S SO CUTE AND COOL!

    Ps. RM is my bias and… ajhhhhh I am being bias wrecked by his cousin.

  21. Irish Bomb Post author

    Good thing big hit trained us to watch without sub titles 😂😂♥️♥️🤘🤘

  22. Irish Bomb Post author

    Good thing big hit trained us to watch without sub titles 😂😂♥️♥️🤘🤘

  23. mirfa hidayah Post author

    RM mother sibling with her father
    Coz, usually
    Son looks like mom
    And doughter looks like father

  24. Charles Jenkins Post author

    She's great I wish her great success in her career and health!

  25. Daren Nicole Post author

    How I wish I can understand what you're talkin' about 😭 Eng subs please

  26. 자스민 자스민 Post author

    OMG why does it feel like Kim Army became an MMA fighter 😂😂😂
    Anyone here familiar with Kim Army?? Daughter of Jung Ho Sook?? 😉😉

  27. J_MIN PABO_ Post author

    Now haters 👌Back off cause we have John Cena and Seo Jiyeon in our Fandom 💕💎

  28. JH H Post author

    서지연 선수 시합영상 전부 챙겨서 봤는데, 나이에 비해 그라운드 기술이 정말 뛰어나더라구요, 근력더키우고 하면 UFC에서 큰일한번 낼듯해요, 서지연선수 화이팅!

  29. Kathy Tan Post author

    oh she is beautiful,cute, humble, smart, and look like RM :))

  30. 얘 여기도 또 있어? Post author

    여동생만 생각하고 엥 왜 성이 다르지 했네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ난독 오져

  31. 얘 여기도 또 있어? Post author

    최소 고등학생인줄알았는데,,옹와 엄청 어려보이심 웃는거 짱 말랑하고 귀여우셔

  32. 이지은 찬양중 Post author

    사촌인데 저렇거ㅣ닮은 분은 처음 봐요ㅋㅋㅋ 비율도 외모도 유전인가
    봅니다ㅜㅜ 세상 귀여우셔

  33. BIGHIT POP Post author

    i see namjoon’s mannerisms and traits on her especially when she’s smiling while nodding her head such cutie and that boxy smile when they are embarrassed

  34. jo kim Post author

    Thank u for the subs but why are they half way through and the rest of the interview is not it would have still been nice to hear what they are talking about, anyway i wish her all the good blessings in the world fighting

  35. 박우와 Post author

    바쁘셔서 라고하는거보니까 많이 친하진않은듯ㅎㅎ근데진짜 닮았어요!ㅋ

  36. Yorim Song Post author

    남준이는 랩으로 뼈때리고
    서선수는 진짜뼈때리고…

  37. 양파링 Post author

    3 4년만에 챔피언 자리에 오를 정도로 재능있는 선수라 앞으로의 성과도 큰 기대가 됩니다. 자신이 하는 일에 대해 만족도와 성취감도 높은 것같아 꾸준히 오래 선수 생활하며 멋있게 성장하길 응원할게요!!

  38. KOOK V Post author

    오 썸네일 사진 웹툰 연혁 아람이랑 약간 닮으셨어요!

  39. 지햰 Post author

    친여동생이 아니라 사촌여동생인데도 되게 많이 닮았네
    남준부모님이랑 저 분 부모님끼리는 똑같이 생기셨을듯 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  40. ᄀᄒᄇ Post author

    와 대박이에요….사촌이지만 진짜 조금씩 닮았네요 신기하다

  41. sj p Post author

    얼굴작고 몸이 근육질인게 강한 유전자였나봐요 ㅎㅎ

  42. Ichilan Post author

    Wow English subs! So great! Thanks, you are more considerate than Big Hit! Seo Ji Yeon fighting!

  43. taekookie 3001 Post author

    She's a fighter…that means destruction runs in their family..but I guess namjoon is the god of it xD

  44. deeep p Post author

    너무 귀엽게 생기셨어용 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 더 훌륭한 선수가 되시길 빌겠습니다! RM처럼 한 분야에서 큰 이름 남기는 분이 되길 응원할게요!!

  45. jiminzzz Post author

    the way she clapped her hands is so cuteee thoo. cutieee jiyeonnnnn 😭❤❤❤


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