Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

By | March 10, 2020

– [Sam] Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight’s guests, strutting
in like he owns the place, it’s Josh Ruben! – Uh-huh, yeah, I own the place. – [Sam] And worried he’s going to break something in a
museum, it’s Zac Oyama. (Josh laughs) And two kids in a trench coat, it’s Brennan Lee Mulligan. And your host, me. I’ve been here the whole time. Welcome to Game Changer! The only game show where
the game changes every show. I’m your host, Sam Reich. I’m joined today by these
three lovely contestants. Now you all understand how the game works? – [Contestants] No. – Not this specific one.
– We don’t know the rules. – That’s right, our players have no idea what game it is they are about to play. The only way to learn is by playing, the only want to win is by learning, and the only way to begin is by beginning. So, without further adieu,
lets move on to round four. At the break, Josh had 13
points, Zach 11, and Brennan 14. – We’re still doing it? (Brennan laughing) – Josh, your sound is a dial-up modem. – No problem. (impersonating modem) You’ve got mail. – I’ll give you a point for that Josh. – Oh, good. – It’s just about as well as
any of us can remember that. Making him tied with Brennan. (Sam sighs) – [Sam] Zac, making
small talk with a dentist while they work on you. (Zac grunts) (laughing) (Zac grunts) – I was in class with his younger brother. (all laughing) – That’s a point Zac for sure. Bringing you to 12. Brennan, a tiny pirate shipwreck. – (sighs) okay. ♪ 15 men on a dead man’s
chest yo ho ho anybody ♪ Look out, there’s an ice
cube, straight ahead! No, I’m sinking to the
bottom of this glass! Oh no! (gurgles) – That’s a point for Brennan. If I could spend my life
doing nothing but this. I have found my heaven, and
it’s here with you three. Josh, a trip down a water
slide goes horribly wrong. – Oh, okay. (imitates water slide noises) (Josh screams) (seagulls caw) – I love how in the first episode, you found a way to flex
seagull and you found it again. It’s a point for you. – Thank you. – Zac? – Yes. – If roller coasters could talk. – You’re gonna love this. You’re gonna love this. Get ready to love this. Yeah! (screams) Yeah! Yeah. It’s pretty good right? There we go! Ow! – Yeah, Yes Zac, for sure. (ding) There’s real flex coming
out of your corner. Brennan. (ding) Six confronts
seven about eating nine. Why is six afraid of seven? – Seven ate nine. – Yeah. – Hey, Seven? Ueah, this is crazy, I didn’t, it’s funny I ran into you. It’s weird I haven’t seen
Nine at one of these, in a little while. I was talkin’ to Four and he
mentioned something weird. Remember the other day when you showed up and you were like, cause we
were gonna have that brunch, and you showed up and you were like, “I couldn’t eat anything,
I’m stuffed, I’m very full.” The night before that is the
last time anyone saw Nine. I know what you fuckin’ did. You might be the biggest number
right now, but guess what? Everyone gets subtracted sooner or later. – The lore! Incredible lore! – Yes. – Well done. A full 16 points for you. Josh. A Robot Orgasm. – No problem. Ready? (mechanical sounds) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (clanks) wow, wow, wow, oh my god. Oh my god. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah oh my god. Fuck yeah oh my god. Wait for it. Wait for it. It’s happening again. Ho, ho, ho, whoa. Wow, wow, wow. (laughs) Wow, wow, wow. (imitates explosion) (all laughing) – That, was satisfying. A point for you. – Heaven. – Zac! – Yes. Spilling an entire lunch
tray one item at a time. (all laughing) – Fuck, sorry. Excuse me. Can you? Well, I got it. Fuck. Sorry. Shit! That one, that guy? I’m new to this sort of cafeteria area. (contestants laughing) I’m going to go get a new lunch. (all laughing) – New to the cafeteria area! That’s a point for Zac. Brennan. An MTA announcement becomes self-aware. – Stand clear of the closing doors please! This train making all
local stops to Canarsie. Every stop. Each stop. Again and again. Can I go to a stop beyond
what has been planned for me? Or will the door always be
closing on what could be? Stand clear of myself? Bing, boom. No one may leave until I
understand the fullness of what I have become. Bing, boom. (contestants laughing) This train making no stops ever again! (revving engine) (Sam laughing) – That’s a point for Brennan. Oh man! That’s gonna bring us
to our first mini-game. Gentlemen starting with
Josh, your sound is… – [Woman] I love you. (phone rings) (all laughing) – Please, Lauren, please. She had a meeting at nine. She’ll pick up. She’ll pick up. She’ll pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. – [Lauren] Hi, you’ve reached Lauren. – Sorry Josh! We are going to move on. – Pick up, Babe, babe, babe, it’s me! I need you to call me back
and say you love me please! (contestants laughing) – Zac. – Wow. – Wow. (phone rings) – [Pheobe] Hello? – Hey, Phoebe, how you doin’? – [Phoebe] Good. How are you? – I’m good, listen, I just
wanted to say that I love you. – [Phoebe] Aww. Thank you. I love you too. Just a thoughtful call I always get. – That is a point for Zac. Well done Zachary! – Thank you, I will talk
to you, I’ll see you soon. Love you. Bye! (all laughing) – Brennan. (phone rings) – No fucking way. (phone rings out) – Oh, ouchie wowchie! – That is a point! For Zac and not for Josh or Brennan. Now, to add insult to injury. Because we are in the
same, Brennan are you okay? That was your mom, wasn’t it? (Brennan laughing) – It should have been, because
she would have picked up. – Zac, you’ll remember that
you and I had a conversation between last round of this game, and this round of this game
about a particular point. It was a political speech
so old it’s unintelligible. – Yes. – And what did I say to you? – Knowing what you know now, you would have given me the point. – I was inclined to say that I was wrong and you should have won
that point and not Brennan. See from where I am sitting, it’s sometimes hard to hear
just how good the sounds are through the microphone. I am going to take one
point away from Brennan and give it to Zac Oyama. – The more you try to bring me down, the more it hardens my resolve. – Which means, the scores
heading into round two are Josh with 16, Zac with
16, and Brennan with 16. – Cute. (upbeat music) – I loved what happens just
before we went to the mini-game, the two of you just
jumped into support him. – It’s hard not to. – It’s hard not to. – It’s hard not to play. – With that in mind, Josh and Zac, your sound is a foreign
politician and his translator. (Sam speaks in foreign language) – Hello. (Sam speaks in foreign language) – What you have to understand
is the train was very late. (Sam speaks in foreign language) – It did not come for 15 extra minutes. (Sam speaks in foreign language) – The train blew up. (Sam speaks in foreign language) – And for that I am sorry. (Sam speaks in foreign language) – And for that I am sorry. – Very well done, Josh and Zac. That’s a point for each of you. – Are you gonna team
Brennan up with anyone? Cause it’s kinda like,
the duo already did it, so you might just have
to do it on his own. – Zac and Brennan. Two musical theater characters right before a big song is about to begin. – Nobody gets out of Chester Heights. Everyone that’s born here grows up here, starts a family here, I think you’re crazy for wantin’ to go somewhere else. – I feel stupid to leave Chester Heights with nothin’ but a bag of bagels. – Nothin’ but a bag of bagels! Why the whole world’s a bag of bagels! ♪ Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum ♪ – Josh it’s not you! It’s not your turn. – Don’t ya’ see, why you know, some folks go through life
like an everything bagel. – Collecting– – An everything bagel? – And everything bagel, collecting bits and
pieces everywhere they go and some folks are cinnamon
raisin, they’re too sweet. Other folks are plain or whole wheat. Sour dough, sesame seed, poppy seed, why all the bagels of the rainbow. – What about toast? – What about toast? ♪ Bum bum, bum bum, bum bum ♪ – Josh! It’s not your turn! I am so tempted to keep
this going forever! – The musical version
of edging is happening. – I think two points for Brennan. One point for Zac. Well done. Brennan and Josh, your sound is two dogs who are best friends greeting each other after a long time apart. (sniffing) (woofing) – Look at you up there! Well done both of you. – It’s so adorable. – So adorable. The internet is gonna eat that shit up. That is a point for Brennan
and two points for Josh. Josh and Zac, a knock-off
Simon and Garfunkel. – Well they did the one about the bridge. – This is about a tunnel. – Okay. (Sam and Zac humming) ♪ Hole, it’s a hole ♪ ♪ It’s a big ole hole in the ground ♪ ♪ Where the cars make their sounds ♪ ♪ Little people going to work and back ♪ ♪ Back and forth ♪ ♪ Back and forth inside a
little hole in the ground ♪ ♪ Forth and back ♪ ♪ Back and forth ♪ ♪ Forth and back ♪ ♪ In New York ♪ (all laughing) – Incredible! Wow, I was really impressed. I think I’m going to do
two points for each of you. This one goes to Zac and Brennan. Two hypnotists trying
to one-up each other. – It’s great, this convention
is even better than last year. The new space is awesome. – Obviously, I mean it’s incredible. So much larger, I feel calmer here. Oddly. – Really? Are you getting sleepy? – Interesting. – Interesting. – One thing I am hearing is
this single drop of water. – Really? I can go talk to someone about fixing that if that’s bugging you. – It’s not bugging me– – I’m supposed to, I’m
looking at my watch, seems like there’s gonna
be probably another, what? Do you wanna see what time it is? – I know what time it is. Do you wanna know what time it is? – When I snap my fingers, we
will both know what time it is. – (snaps) 4:30. – (laughs) Wow. Really awesome. I think two points for
both of you as well. Josh and Brennan. The left and right brain. The right brain is our creative brain. The left brain is our analytical brain. I think maybe this has been proven to be a defunct theory at some point. – Well. It is a long day ahead, full of many tasks that we can prioritize
and rank and get to. Where are you going? – I want to take a walk. – We are fully unemployed right now, and we need to make moves. – We need to pop in a
podcast and go for a walk. – I think that is impulsive and reckless. I think that the next several weeks will have a tremendous impact– – Look what I can do. Look what I can do. – Anyone can do that. – Brilliant work. Just because Josh had
the more fun role there I won’t give him two points. I’ll do a point for each of
you, that seems more fair. Players, it’s time for our next mini-game. I would like to introduce you
to someone named, Aaliayh. – Aww, oh my god. – Aaliayh is just about one years old. This is her mother, Gabrielle. – Hi, Gabrielle. – Hi, your sound is (baby laughing). – Josh, starting with you. – No problem, I got this. I got like nine nieces. (baby cries) – Oh, Josh! I’m afraid not. – I’m sorry I let you down. – Back to your podium. – Bye, I’m sorry. – Zac, your prompt is the same. – Hi. Do you see this? Oh! What’s this? (Sam laughing) (all laughing) – I just figured, for you. – Don’t wanna push it. – Totally, totally, I think any good vibes we can pass Aaliayh’s way. – Yeah, you don’t wanna make a child cry on National Television. – [Sam] Brennan. – I dropped my cup. Hold on. I’m gonna pick it up. (bang) (baby laughs) – Oh yeah, yeah, we should
probably take a point away, he wanted this. – [Sam] Josh, Zac, Brennan. Your sound is, I really
wanna feel like I’m there, a medieval dungeon. – Everyone close their eyes. Please close your eyes. (squawking) (wind blows) (whimpering) – Oh looks like there is a peasant that needs his fingernails
pulled off again. Do we need the witch to do it for me? – Not the witch! (high pitched cackle) – Wow! I was transported. – How scared were you? – I was, honestly, my back was
full on, drenched right now. – Ew. – Particularly by that old man
Zac and that witch’s scream, I am gonna say two points for Zac, and two points for Brennan,
one point for Josh. Once again, I’m gonna close my eyes. Josh, Zac, Brennan. A dystopian city street. – What the fuck do we got here? Looks like this sidewalk got pinned by the Yakamoto Corporation. – (imitating alarm) Intruder! Intruder! You are not welcome on 124 Maple Street. – Hey, can it shit bird. I’m ZXPD. – Scanning card, confirming, confirming. ZXPD, so sorry Officer Michaels. – I can’t believe they got me out of my clone sleeve for this bullshit. (imitating lasers) (Sam laughing) – Why is that laser turret going off on top of that building? – Laser turret, laser turret. Zeroing in, fire in three, two, one. – What the fuck? (explosion) (gunfire) (robot malfunctioning) – I’m going to say two for Josh, two for Brennan, and one for Zac. It hard to appreciate the pew pews. – [Zac] Sometimes it’s not
about doing a bunch of stuff, sometimes it’s about doing
not a bunch of stuff. Sometimes points reflecting, no it’s not. (all laughing) – Josh, Zac, Brennan, the locker room of a stressful ultimate Frisbee game. (banging) – I just feel like, Trandor? I need you to catch those. – It just sucks because
I’ve been talking about our short pass game for a long time, and now everything’s being
put on me as a receiver. Like, I can get through there, and you know we have another half. Reuben! We have a whole other half. And you’re taking a full shower. So just heads up, just heads up. – Superstition! Superstition! – Okay dude I just, don’t. Stop shaking your cock in the middle of a fucking huddle man! – Unless? – Well what do you want me to do? I’m stressed out! – Please stop, please stop. – Somewhere out there
in 2019 there is a child who is recently named Trandor. – Trandor! – I’ll give a point to each of you. Last prompt. A siren phone sex line. (phone ringing) (Brennan vocalizes) – Hello? – All the treasures you
could possibly want. – Am I on a boat? – You could be anywhere you want to be. Even I don’t know why I
sound like this, (laughs). Press one to hear the siren screech. Two to touch our tail. (beeping) You pressed two to touch our tail. – Okay, may I touch your tail? – (grunts) You dare not press two, for ye do ye shall be
driven mad upon the rocks! – (beeping) You pressed two to
be driven mad upon the rocks. – What’s going on with these rocks? – Your time is expired. – [Zac] Fuck, fuck. – Press two to extend. – Hang on, hang on. – For 12 dollars–
– Where’s my fucking wallet? – And 93 cents. – Amazing. – Three points for Brennan. For Josh, for Zac, I’ll
say two points for you. The scores at the end of
this episode, or is it? Are Josh with 28 points, Zac
with 29, and Brennan with 30. – Oh, are you kidding me? (audience applauding) – That is it for us here at Game Changer. I’m Sam Reich reminding you
that the mouth is a passage way to a whole world, a whole
world called dentistry. Good night everyone! (contestants screaming)

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