Bread Pudding With Streusel Topping, Golden Raisins…WHAT!?!

By | August 27, 2019

Hey everybody! Welcome to This Dude Bakes. Hope you’re having a good day. Today I’m going to show you how to make a
very rich bread pudding with buttermilk bread, butter, heavy cream, golden raisins and a
few other items. So stick around, watch the whole video and
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button…thank you! The first thing you’re going to want to do
is take a 13 inch by 9 inch pan and take your melted butter and brush, and brush it evenly
along the bottom of the pan as well as on the sides of the pan. Next up you’re gonna take your buttermilk
bread and if you don’t want to use the end slices you can take them out and use them
for a sandwich or something else later. And if you want to you can replace those with
2 regular slices from a new loaf. Next thing you’re going to want to do is cut
off all the crust of the bread. This is going to make it better for your absorption
of the custard in the bread pudding. So cut off all the crust, set them aside and
you can use them for bread crumbs later or butter them and season them and make croutons. And this is what your bread should look like
when the crust is cut off. Next up, you’re gonna take the bread and cut
into very small pieces. And what this does is create more surface
area, which ,makes for better absorption of the custard and to me makes much better flavor
because the flavors of the bread and custard marry together easier that way. So what you want to do next is take half of
your bread and line the bottom of your pan with the pieces of bread, try to make sure
they’re all touching and try to make sure that there’s bread along all the edges of
the pan as well. And if you have any gaps, because the bread
pieces are cut in a different way, just fill in the gaps like you see me doing here. NExt you’re gonna make your custard filling. Put your sugar and brown sugar in, as well
as your cinnamon and vanilla and your softened butter. Cream those together for a couple minutes
until they’re light and fluffy. Then once it gets to that light and fluffy
stage you want to add your eggs in slowly while it’s mixing. And after you add your eggs in, add in your
warm milk. Pour it in slowly. You don’t want to go too fast while pouring
the milk in because you don’t want it to splatter out of the mixer and make a mess. And just take your time, pour it slowly, like
you see me doing here. And then once you get all that in, what I
like to do is take the rest of the melted butter and pour it in at this stage. Now what you want to do is take half of your
golden raisins and spread it evenly across the bottom layer of the bread in the pan. Next, you want to take your custard mix, and
as you can see here mine is a little bit lumpy, that’s due partly to the fact that I didn’t
wait long enough to let my butter get to room temperature to let it soften enough. But this still works. So take half of your mixture and spread it
as evenly as you can across the top of the bread there. Set your remaining mixture aside and then
what you want to do is add in your second half of the bread on top of that mixture. And once again just keep it as even as possible
and if you have any gaps try to fill them in with smaller pieces of bread. Tear them and make smaller pieces if you have
to. Then you can take a glass bowl or you can
use your hands and press down all the bread evenly to make it as even as possible before
you spread your next layer of custard on top. Oops, I’m sorry, next thing you want to do
is add in the rest of the golden raisins, spread them out evenly like you did on the
first layer, and then you’re gonna put your next layer of custard on top of that. Just take your spoon and spread it out as
evenly as possible. And what I did at this point is forgot to
record myself pouring the heavy cream on top. So what you want to do is take 1 cup of your
heavy cream and pour it on top of this. After you’ve poured the heavy cream on top,
the next step is to take a sheet of baking paper, put it on top and then take another
pan that’ll fit inside and put it on top of that and let it sit for 2 hours. And now we wait. In the mean time you can make your streusel
topping, and I’ll show you how to do that. So to mix your streusel topping, you’re gonna
put in your sugar, and then your brown sugar, your butter, you want it a little soft, your
vanilla and your salt and then your ground cinnamon. Put your mixer down and mix it on low speed
at first and then you can increase the speed until it gets blended together really well. Then, once it’s blended together really well,
you’re gonna add in your bread flour. Okay, stop it like that. Put your bread flour in, and if you’re using
a stand mixer, lower it, lock it in, and you might have to pulse it on low speed at first
in order not to make a mess with the flour. But once you pulse it a few times, it should
be okay to turn on low speed, like you see here. And you just want to mix this until it crumbles,
it’s not going to take very long at all folks. You don’t want it to come together like a
dough, only mix this together until it crumbles. and if you have to use a little extra bread
flour that’s okay. This is what your streusel should look like. And as you can see I’m using a beater blade,
what I’m showing you right here, and that’s the reason I didn’t have to stop the mix in
the middle and scrape it down with a rubber spatula. Next up, you want to remove the extra pan
and the baking paper off the top of your bread pudding. Set that aside for now. Then you want to take your remaining cup of
heavy cream and pour it evenly as possible along the top of the bread pudding. And for the streusel topping I actually did
a double batch because I have another project I want to do with the streusel. But what it amounts to for this recipe for
the bread pudding is you want to put about 8 to 9 ounces of streusel topping on top. Spread it as evenly as possible. Once you’ve got it like that, take some aluminum
foil and cover it and you’re gonna put it in your preheated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit
for about 30 minutes. Once it’s in there for 30 minutes you’re gonna
stop it , open it up and remove the cover, just make sure you pull the shelf out enough
where you can get a good reach on it, take the foil off and then push it back in the
oven. And for my oven, this, in order for it to
get golden brown on top, took an additional 45 minutes to get this color. And you can see how the streusel is turned
golden brown and also the heavy cream that was on top is marbled in the top layer. So now, while that’s cooling, if you want
to make a little better presentation, you can take some heavy whipping cream and add
some powdered sugar in with it and you can mix it on your mixer until it gets to stiff
peaks. That way you can do a few little rosettes
on your serving plates, if you want to and if you saw like at the beginning of the video
you can add some raspberries or strawberries. It just makes a little nicer presentation. And you’re gonna want your whipping cream
to look like this, once it’s done. Now that it’s cool you can take your knife
or whatever tool you’re using and cut your bread pudding and you should get twelve servings
out of this recipe. And that’s how it should look. Doesn’t that look delicious? Look at that nice presentation with the rosettes
and raspberries. Alright guys, that’s how I make bread pudding. I really hope you enjoyed the video! Thank you for staying until the end, and remember,
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  1. This Dude Bakes Post author

    I hope you give this recipe a try. Let me know how it works for you. Thanks for watching!

  2. D. Eileen Pielin Post author

    This looks good, but how many eggs do you use? I’ve looked at your recipe and it doesn’t state the eggs. Thank you


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