Brand Voice: a unique way to boost your SEO efforts in 2019! [interview]

By | September 7, 2019

Brand Voice and SEO with Bethany Joy Why is brand voice important? One of the biggest reasons I think it is important
is because people so often buy with their hearts and not with their heads. So people want to buy from the brand that
they can really connect with or that fits into their lifestyle, fits with their personality,
so it’s really important that when they come across you when they look at your website
or follow you on social media that they get a sense of your brand’s personality so they can see if you connect, if you are a good fit for them and I think that language and brand voice
is a huge part of how you demonstrate that kind of personality. Another reason why I think a brand voice is
really important is because of the phrase: ‘don’t tell me you’re funny, make me laugh’. These days we live in a digital world, most
people’s first experience of our brand is online, and it’s often through our writing. They’re going to read our website, they’re
going to read a blog, they’re going to read a social media post,
and so it’s our writing that’s got to show, got to demonstrate those characteristics,
got to demonstrate that we are ‘funny’, and actually make them laugh. And the final reason that I think the brand
voice is so important is because it’s not optional. So there’s a lot of things in marketing
like podcasting, paid advertising, social media that you could choose to do or not do,
or engage with to a greater or lesser degree but brand voice, you have no choice, you have
to have one. How does a brand voice help SEO? For me, I really see SEO and brand voice as
two sides of the same coin. So SEO is doing the first part of the work, SEO is what gets people to your content in the first place but at that point SEO kind of hands over the baton to brand voice and to other areas of content and making sure that when people get to your content they actually read it, and engage
with it, and connect with it, and respond. So brand voice is one of the things that makes
sure that your SEO efforts actually pay off and convert people.

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