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By | September 2, 2019

build it and they will come this could
be your branding mantra customers are looking for brands
they can identify with customer stick with brands that share
their beliefs and aspirations give your brand
personality make sure that it has the right mixture
of characteristics that appeal to your target customers sincerity excitement competence sophistication ruggedness build your
brand’s presence relevance performance advantage until
you have built a bond with your customers why build your brand because research shows that 60 percent
of your potential customers prefer to buy new products from familiar brands
rather than switch to a new one why optimize it because stronger brands
become more valuable with time a study of six years of stock
market data found strong brands have more power to
retain customers and acquire new ones and have more
amplification power leading to the brand bandwagon effect
so build your brand and customers will come optimize it and more will come no wonder
marketers yes including your toughest competitors
are now focusing and spending on brand building and
optimization research shows that 63 percent of
marketers plan to increase brand advertising budgets one in five at these businesses plan on
increasing by at least 20 percent here’s what that means your leading
competitors are spending a great deal on their branding while you’re ignoring
it don’t do this to your business building optimize your brand today we can help you how we will build your
website and design or redesign your logo if
needed our mobile-friendly responsive web
design service will ensure that your growing number of mobile customers can
reach you sixty-seven percent of consumers are
more likely to buy if the site is mobile-friendly sixty-two percent of companies reported
an increase in sales after designing a site for mobile users we will perform social media optimization to give your
brand increase reach and engagement with prospects
and customers the more engaged your friends fans
followers and connections or the higher the
amplification factor to extend your reach and engagement further forty-six percent of
online users count on social media when making a purchase decision create buzz around your brand in your
locality and niche with our local marketing services which
include publishing your promos promos get you the attention from leads and loyalty from existing customers 78 percent of local searches using
mobile ended in a purchase 59 percent for PC and laptop searches
seventy-seven percent for tablet searches target customer
searching for products and services you offer on the major search engines and
drive them to your website instantly with our pay per click
advertising service your brand’s visibility will increase while you only pay for clicks online advertising with record-breaking
revenues 42-point eat billion in 2013 is now
bigger than broadcast TV advertising with 40.1 billion revenues
more people are searching online nowadays bring it up a notch with
PPC remarketing ads will be displayed across
the Google Network of websites to your visitors who have not yet converted but visited your website your banner ads
will be all over the web constantly reminding your previous
visitors about your brand and forcing brand awareness recognition
and recall and again while you only pay for clicks Google’s display network reaches ninety
percent of global internet users we will manage your online reputation
address negative reviews and make positive once work for you we
will publish a positive reviews at the right places and bring down negative
reviews on search engines seventy-nine
percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal
recommendations we combine the power a video and written
content in our brand booster service this is great for promoting and
strengthening your brand online ninety percent of global online
consumers want brands to share content online ninety-six percent of consumers
surveyed found videos helpful for making online
purchase decisions eighty percent a business decision
makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles
seventy-eight percent of consumers believe that companies that provide
content are interested in building good
relationships so are loyal and paying customers
coming your way build your brand and customers will come
optimize it and more will come contact us now to see
how we can help build and optimize your brand today %uh do do

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