Brand Monitoring: How Google Advanced Search Can Be a Powerful Brand Monitoring Tool [CC]

By | November 26, 2019

– What’s up everyone, my name
is Ahmed Khalifa, and today, I’m going to be showing
you how you can use Google and the advanced search
command to find anyone who has mentioned you and your brand. And there are three reasons
why you should be doing that. Number one, for link acquisition, number two, for relationship building, and number three, to keep up-to-date and just for general research as well. When you want to find someone
who has mentioned your brand for link acquisition, the benefit is that when someone who has
a website links to you, high quality website especially, very good for SEO, and it’s good for your search visibility. When it comes to relationship building, maybe a journalist or a
blogger has mentioned you and your brand, and you can find out whether you can help them
further, or they can help you to see what else you can do
with your business as well. And number three, maybe
for general research. Maybe you want to find out more
about a particular company, a competitor, or just
to keep up-to-date with what’s been going on about your brand in your industry as well. So using the Google search
command, it’s a really good way to find out anybody who
has mentioned your brand. So why don’t we just
go straight to Google. Let me show you the basic way, to find out who has mentioned your brand, and that is, to type in your name or your brand name, “-site:” your website address, your domain. And in this case, as you can see, I’ve used “asos” As you can see, I put minus in there, and that is just to disclude
any mention of, because you want to find out
who else has mentioned ASOS. But then you can filter
it even further than that. So, as you can see in our search results, you got these three are
not relevant to you. So maybe you want to
disclude this one as well, so same idea, all you have to do is type in “”,
and when you press the return key, you can see it’s removed. I can go on further. Let’s say
“” and “”
as well. As you can see, they have been removed. And then you can go on further, and look at who else has mentioned you, or even filter even more. While you are still in
the same search result, why don’t you filter it
by time and location. So, at the top, you can
see ‘Tools’ right there. When you click on that, you can see, you can maybe filter it by
location, and also by time. And by time is a really good one, if you want to focus on the
past month, for example, and tend to be more up-to-date. For example, by doing that, you can see some random publishers have
mentioned ASOS in this case, so Guardian, Business Insider, Metro. And here is where you can
start diving further to see, have they linked to your
site, maybe you want to start contacting the journalist, build a relationship with them. And also you’ve got, you know, data, that you got information
about who have mentioned ASOS. Maybe you can even mention
that on your website, about who has mentioned
you and you are ‘Featured In’ as their social proof, for example. Let’s do another search,
and maybe you have someone in your company who has a
bit of public attention, he’s in the public eye all the time. Maybe you want to see anybody
mentioned that person. So why don’t we use, for
example, Mark Zuckerberg. And the most common thing to do is to remove any mention of Obviously, because you want to find out who has mentioned Mark Zuckerberg. And when you start with this
search, this is where you are, and obviously, you have that past month, you can keep it there, or
you can clear it further. But if you clear it, this is what you get, you start filtering it more and more. But let’s add another level to it, let’s say you want to find someone who mentioned Mark
Zuckerberg in a blog post, you can do it two ways. One, you can just type in blog, and the result will adjust itself. But, another way, and
potentially a better way, is to type in inurl:blog, and that telling to go to show results that’s
showing blog in the url. And, as you can see, by
doing that, you can see it can be either this blog post, or it can be maybe in a
category form, so for example, this is a blog category as well. Another thing you can do is
search for a particular type of content in a specific industry. So, let’s say, for
example, you wanna focus on university website, or
educational institution, and if we stick to Mark Zuckerberg, let’s just say we focus
on site:, and in the US, it would be edu, and in
the UK, it would be And by typing that, and
typing Mark Zuckerberg, you can see in the search results, and also all mention of Mark Zuckerberg. And obviously, if you get a link from a very well-known university
or educational website, then it’s a very, very good thing in terms of making sure that Google notice you, and it’s a high authority
website, it’s a great place to be, and it’s a great thing to have, if you have university links as well. And if you wanna go on further than that, not just university,
maybe government website. And you do that by pressing :gov. Same idea, as you can see, you
have all the gov mentioned, and you have Mark
Zuckerberg mentioned in each of these posts as well. Simple as that, if you got
a link from gov website, government website, it’s a
very, very high authority link to get from them. As long as it’s relevant, of course. And then finally, another simple way to find out more information
about, in this case, Mark Zuckerberg, is,
maybe you want to focus on a particular site. For example, maybe you
want to focus on which is a massive website,
and as you can see, a number of people have talked about him, but why not filter it further? Lets go to ‘Tools’, let’s
filter it by the ‘Past Month’. And maybe you can join
in on the conversation, and build a relationship with
the relevant people, you know, it’s not all about links from Reddit, but it can be if you’ve done well. But if you join in the recent
posts about Mark Zuckerberg, maybe you can conjugate, maybe if you find someone talkin’
about you on Reddit, you can join in that conversation as well. So let me know what you think, and let me know if you try that technique, and what have you find
have been useful for you, and did you manage to
build some relationship, did you manage to get
some links out of it? Let me know in the comments below. If you have enjoyed the show, I would really appreciate
if you could subscribe to this channel, it’d be
amazing if you could do that, and, of course, as I always
say, in the mean time, keep doing your thing, because it matters. And I’ll see you next time.

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