Box of Lies with Margot Robbie

By | January 20, 2020

-Margot and I are about
to face off in a game of “Box of Lies.” Now… [ Cheers and applause ] …here’s how it works. Upstage are a bunch
of boxes containing objects neither of us have seen before. Taking turns, we’re going
to select a box and open it on
our side of the table out of view of the other person. You remove the object
from the box, show it to the audience, and then look at
your opponent and tell them what’s in your box. They have to guess if you’re
lying or telling the truth. We’ll play it three rounds. Margot, why don’t you pick
the first box? -I go first?
-Yeah, please. You good at this?
-Mmm. -You good at lying?
-I’m a terrible liar, actually. Or is that a lie,
and I’m really good at this? -Ooh! That was sneaky already.
-I’m in your head, Jimmy. I’m in your head.
-I know, yeah. Oh, oh, I can see
the box is a bit heavy. -It is. -Yeah.
Oh, maybe not. Okay, good.
All right. -Hey, hey.
[ Suspenseful music plays ] Ooh!
-Hey, hey, ooh? -Saucy! -Saucy? [ Laughter ] -It’s kind of risqué for…
-Really? -I mean, it is
a late night show. I’m sure that I…
-Risqué? [ Laughter ] Ooh! Oh!
-Really? Saucy?
Something saucy on my show? Risqué?
-I mean, it’s kind of sexy. Like, I… [ Laughter ] I mean… You’re kind of in it. -Okay?
-Um… -Wow.
-…’cause it’s your head, and it’s like the body of,
like, the red-dress lady, Jessica Rabbit.
Roger Rabbit? Jessica Rabbit?
-Yeah, from “Roger Rabbit”? -Yeah, it’s your head…
-My head on… -…and her body.
And you look great. -…Jessica Rabbit’s body.
-You look good. -And I look good.
-You look great. [ Laughter ] -My head…
has never been in doll form. [ Laughter ] -I mean…
-Really? So it’s my head?
Maybe someone made my head and put on
a Jessica Rabbit body? -It’s a bobble-head sort of —
Like a bobble-head doll. -I did have a bobble-head done.
-Oh, you did? -Yeah.
-Right, well, here it is. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, but the bobble-head’s
a giant head. It would have to be
a giant Jessica Rabbit. I don’t know if
that’s just physically… -It looks good.
I think it looks good. -Oh, yeah yeah yeah.
[ Laughs ] See, right there, you just…
-They should sell this. -…you just busted yourself. I think… you lie! -[ Laughing ] I did. -You did? [ Ding ]
Oh, is that a lobster? [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, that was
actually pretty good! -[ Laughs ]
-That was very good! I was like, “Wait, it’s not much
to do with that lobster.” -Okay, here we go.
-It was like a red thing. -No, you’re very good.
What am I looking for? [ Audience shouting ] No problem, here we go.
-Do I put the box down? -Oh, sure.
-Okay. [ Light laughter ] -[ Grunting ] -Oh, come on.
-[ Grunting ] -Please.
-[ Grunting ] -I’m not falling for this trick.
-Oh! Oh, my back!
-[ Laughs ] -My back is killing me, oh. Oh, saucy!
[ Suspenseful music plays ] -Saucy? -Yeah. Saucy. [ Laughter ] -That sexy, huh? [ Laughter ] -I don’t know
what to make of this! -I’m very familiar with this. -Okay.
-It’s — It’s ice cream… -Oh.
-…in a — Looks like a Houston Astros hat,
like baseball hat, upside-down baseball hat. But interesting enough,
they have a Trump hair — It looks like Trump hair
is sprinkled on top. [ Laughter ] -Just wanna recap. Um…
-Yeah, no problem. -There’s ice cream?
-Ice cream in a plastic, upside-down baseball cap. -I’m gonna say that’s a lie. -Gosh, you’re so right.
-Yes! [ Ding ] [ Cheers and applause ] I didn’t know what to do.
I don’t even know — That’s so bizarre, I didn’t know
how to make anything up right. -That is really bizarre.
-This is the — This is the tie-breaker
right here. Whoever wins the next round
wins the whole thing. -I hate losing to you, Jimmy.
I don’t want to lose. -No, hey, I won’t let
you lose unless you do. [ Laughter ] All right, all right.
You choose — You choose the box
in this one. Audience, which… [ Audience shouting ] -That’s my favorite number,
so I’m gonna go with it. -All right, yeah.
Do you like two? -Yeah.
-Is that your birthday? -Yeah, I’m born on the 2nd.
How original. -Hey, no, I like that. -Ooh!
Actually, kind of heavy. -All right.
That kind of sounded heavy, too. So, here we go.
[ Suspenseful music plays ] Oh, thank you, Roots. Now they’re playing music.
Now I can’t hear anything. -[ Laughs ]
-All right. This is all part of the thing. All right, I’m looking
at your reaction. -Oh. [ Laughter ] It’s a, uh… -Would I have this
on my desk at work? -Most probably. [ Laughter ] I think most people would have
it, like, on their desk. [ Cheers ] -Don’t play!
Don’t play along, please. [ Laughter ] -Be on my side.
-All right. What is it, what is it?
-It’s kind of like a — This is why it could be
on your desk. You could use it
as a paperweight. -Okay. -But you probably wouldn’t,
but you could if you wanted to. It’s kind of like a dish,
like a salad-y, glass crystal-y ball.
-Uh-huh. -Um, and… It’s filled with Band-Aids,
so that’s kind of gross. So you wouldn’t have
that on your desk. -No, yeah yeah yeah. Like, open Band-Aids? -No, they’re just like
the Band-Aid packets. -Okay.
-And then, there’s, like, a little toy car
just sitting on the top. I don’t know what it’s doing. Yeah.
-You kind of lost your accent a little bit
describing it. [ Laughter ] So, that makes me think that —
You’d be like, [ Cockney accent ] “There’s a
Band-Aid in a bowl — in a bowl, a paperweight.” -[ Cockney accent ]
A paperweight. -[ Normal voice ]
You didn’t say… [ Laughter ] You said, “It’s a Band-Aid
in a, uh, A-O-O-A-O-A-O!” Oh, I’m gonna say you lie! -Yes, I lied.
-Yes! Oh, my God!
[ Ding ] What was it? [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, it’s Nicholas Cage
on an egg in a bird! -Is it Nicholas Cage?
-I think it’s Nicholas Cage. I have no idea.
I think it’s Nicholas Cage. Margot Robbie, either way,
ladies and gentlemen. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you for playing.
-Thank you. I’m glad you won
-[ Laughing ] I love it.

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    If she wasn't an 11 this would be the stupidest fuking video on the Internet

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    I am impressed by Jimmy. I have always seen him as goofy but here he showed real cleverness and sharpness. He got her good.

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    At least one person that puts shit in those boxes is a fuckin serial killer…

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