Boost Your SEO with One Extra Simple Step – WordPress Tutorial

By | August 10, 2019

Hey ya’ll, I’m Kori Ashton. And it’s another Monday Marketing Minute. Today’s tip is going to
improve your rank on Google, and search engines for that matter. As well as be a great
tool for accessibility. These are two major key factors to improve your website overall. So let’s go look for a minute inside of your Media Library. So let’s log into your WordPress website, we’re gonna go to the backend because we wanna go to the Admin Area. And of course we wanna go
into your Media Library. So dive into this area, and look at all the images and all the different
files that you have here. So, my quick tip of the day is to go into each and every image and be absolutely certain that your Alt Text is filled in. This is super important because it should be displaying on the front
side of your website. So right up above me here, you’ll see these fields. This is what I need you to fill out. Obviously the URL is created whenever you upload the picture, but the Alt Text has to typically be added manually in here. You have to write it in. This is a great practice to do as you’re uploading images
to your Media Library. But if you’ve got a little lazy or if a bunch of cooks are in your kitchen here, and they’re uploading
pictures all the time. Sometimes people just
simply forget to do this. It’s really important though
that you come in here. You can actually click
through up here at the top, it’s got the little arrows
you can click through every single image if you need to. Get in here and make sure that all that Alt Text is filled in. And you obviously want it to be relevant to what you’re looking at. So this is the ‘Best Car Wash Package’, and that’s what we have
here, ‘The Best Wash’. So just be certain that your Alt Text reflects what this image is. Very, very helpful for accessibility as well as your SEO ranking. And then the last step you’ll wanna do is go back to the front
side of your website. Click Refresh, and check to be certain
that your author has coded those pictures to actually
display the Alt Text. ‘Cause again, if you’ve
gone to all the trouble to fill in every single image Alt Text, and they’re not displaying inside the code or they’re not being called
to display inside the code. That could be a problem for SEO, right? And of course accessibility. So you would check that just
by inspecting the picture. Come into here in the
code and you’ll see here that the alt tag has been addressed. ‘The Bubble Bath Car Wash Discount’. Pretty cool, huh? It’s a really cool extra
step that is needed in every website if you’re really gonna be addressing Search Engine
Optimization and accessibility. Hope this helps you guys. Stick around for WordPress Wednesday, coming up in just a couple of days. See you next time. Bye, ya’ll. (upbeat xylophone music) (bell ringing)

4 thoughts on “Boost Your SEO with One Extra Simple Step – WordPress Tutorial

  1. Moom Post author

    One thing to mention, they increase impressions but not clicks. I have one blog pos that gets 14k impressions with very few clicks, I found out that image is the reason behind all these impressions, and as a result my click through rate is not good at all. People can just look at the picture and find out what they need from there. Just be careful on how and when to you use the alt text. Thank you so much kori


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