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By | September 23, 2019

hey everyone is Neil Patel here and we’re here for another Q&A Thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this one is about infographics we know Neil’s like the king of infographics so this is gonna be a good one I used to do a lot of them not as much anymore I like that the king of infographics what is the best way to approach people to embed your infographic and should I insist that they use the embed code instead of simply downloading the infographic and uploading it to their site themselves what’s the best way to go about this first you always want people to use embed code because embed code gives you a link back to your website if they upload it and then try linking back they may not do it right you may not get the link they may just have the infographic and then say courtesy buy and they put your name or your website name and they forget to link its equal linkjuice if they put in the embed code that’s the same as getting a link from your site yes because an embed code straight up just HTML right so infographic as you know is an image so they’re just doing an image link right but that gets you the same link juice as you would getting a link okay and if you have a wordpress website you can use WP embed code generator the plugins may be expired or not supported but it still works and that’s how I create my embed codes for my infographics genius okay but here’s the thing if you were to credit infographic what topic would you create one on YouTube marketing okay and how would you go about creating the right infographic I’d probably get a ton of stats like all the most up-to-date research and then I would hire a designer to make it and he’s right and that’s how most people create infographics but there’s one hard part about that you want people to embed it yeah so after you create all these stats and this information how would you go about getting people to embed email them directly I guess right and I’d find all the websites where I’d want a link and then email them get them to embed it and it’s funny and you do email I get emails from your team yes I really don’t like their going through the kind of run like I kind of know adamandeva there’s some girl who emails on being yeah yeah okay look if any of you got an email from Jenny leave a comment yeah but here’s the thing when Adam when Jenny or Adam sends emails to people who they want to embed infographics it’s hard for him to get the link because he’s creating all these stats and these data points and you’re hoping that people want to link out to this topic right they may have written about similar YouTube or marking related stuff but you still got to convince them the best way to get people to embed your infographic is to look at the most popular blog post within your niche so if you’re doing YouTube marketing you would go to buzzsumo type in all the YouTube marketing related keywords find out what ones are the most popular when it comes to social shares you do the same with HR EPS you go take those URLs that you found from buzzsumo you put in those URLs into 8 reps or majestic SEO you see the list of all the people who link to those articles and because someone already linked to that article you can then email each and every single one of those people saying hey John I noticed you linked to x y&z article I took that article and I turned it into infographic feel free to check it out here and you can even embed it so that way people can see all the stats and the data in a visual format so my process is you take the most popular articles you create infographics from them and then you hit up everyone who already linked to that original article and ask them to embed your infographic conversion rates are like triple compared to just asking people within your industry for links so you’re saying because Jenny’s emailed you like 20 times that’s yes I know you and I say to you in like Greece font I’m like out whatever I’m not sorry yeah so if you want links from infographics you got to create the infographics that are very similar to the most popular content topics now you can’t just Jack someone’s data you got to give them you gotta set them in the infographic give them credit and of course you want to add in your own data as well and when you do that as long as it’s visual you keep the colors minimal the reason you want to keep the color is minimal is it that way it goes along with more website color schemes and more likely embedded you also want to have no more than five or six main points with you an infographic they all need to flow together tell a story but again if you’re just creating an infographic on the most popular blog post out there within your space when it comes to social shares and backlinks not only could you hit all those people up already linked to that original post get them to linked and embed your infographic but you can also hit up every single person who share that article and ask them to share your content as well yes what about Pinterest with all with infographics yeah you can put them on there it’s hit or miss sometimes they drive a lot of traffic sometimes they don’t I found that the ones that aren’t as technical and they’re on things like design and marketing and they’re more visual not just from infographic because infographics are visual but more so from a category perspective they do better on Pinterest but I’ve also found that when you get that traffic the conversions from those visitors into sales or social shares or even links it’s not really there so I stopped focusing on Pinterest due to that one reason got it so just get the length through the embed code and works so much better genius alright that’s pretty much it thank you for watching this week’s QA there’s a video if you have a comment or you want us to answer your question leave a comment below we may pick it next week either way I’m gonna respond to your comment and help you out in addition please if you liked this video leave a comment like it share it tell other people about it do you have any info graphics as well maybe you’ve made an infographic share it below as well I mean yeah go check it out what a cool spot to share your all your assets that you’ve created from these videos so definitely yep and if you don’t know how to get an infographic produce you can get them done at 99designs calm or dribble DRI bee bee bee le calm

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