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By | February 12, 2020

hey everyone and welcome to another SEO
tutorial this was going to be about Facebook and how to boost a post a
little more efficient we have a good number of clients who’ve been doing this
for a good number of years and a wide variety and we’re seeing some of the
same issues or mistakes inefficiency that happens when boosting something on
facebook so we’re going to look at two things today number one is going to be
how to boost that post and fix these and number two we’ll see some of the results
and how we can make them more efficient so first let’s go take a look at the
results of a boosted post all right so here we are inside of an example boost
and we see in here in the audience section and they’re going to be three
parts of this audience section number one the people number two the placements
number three of the location so we take a look at these are real quick and maybe
talk about what’s efficiency or where’s waste and that is in the people make
sure you set the right age range right you might want to be down here at 18 to
24 but you might say wow I really don’t want those I want people that are from
the 25 all the way up to 65 type of group because if you don’t specify this
and let it run wild you’ll see that there are a lot down here in the 18 to
24 quite a few people that are on Facebook and social media are in that
age range all right next placements and this says
what site is it going to be running on especially will it go out to Instagram
you can see there’s a lot of people on Instagram there’s gonna be in this case
like 90% of this post that got boosted went to Instagram maybe what you want
maybe not what we’ll show you how to set that last is their locations and
obviously this just shows they a broad-brush this is all Maryland and
we’ll show you some of the details in there alright let’s go take a look an
example all right so here we are on a facebook business page and we see that
we can boost this post so we’re gonna left click on that open it up and there
are tons of things you can do in here like these little dropdowns or we’re
gonna skip all that for this right now we’re just going to get into targeting
the audience properly alright so what we’ll have here is you can people you
choose their targeting you can also pick these other radio BOTS
we’re just go ahead and pick this one this where you can edit it
alright here’s where you can set the age group alright we can set the bottom age
and we can set the the upper age right right in here so that gets you the age
you want you can also target the place that you want like Silver Spring
Maryland obviously we started to go ahead and
type in any town you like and it will show you more options understand the
defaults 25 so be a little careful with that of course if you want to remove one
just click the X and that takes it out alright so that gives you the age in the
area that you want to add this running in you can also do special interests but
be careful if you put something in here that’s too refined it will only that’ll
really cut down on the number of people who will see it right so if you really
want to make this smaller another little tip you can come in here and you can say
the current city only that really tightens it up because if you say within
a radius the smallest you can get is ten ten miles okay so once you set that
audience you can go ahead and click see alright that puts you in the right
audience you want you can also create new audience and save it if you’re going
to use them over and over that might be helpful but not inside this video now
the other thing it is automatic replacements now this shows you what
sites it’s going to run on if you remember from inside of our results so
right now it’s on and it’ll be running everywhere a Facebook wants to run it
that might be what you want you can do learn more you can see if you believe
their efficiency but probably best do your own testing and see what really
works for you so we’re gonna turn this off and now we see that we now have the
ability to turn off these other things like we don’t want it to run on
Instagram or we click it it is going to run on Instagram and of course no matter
what the default is that it is going to run on Facebook after all it is a
Facebook boost alright I hope that that’s helpful and showing you how to
set both the age bracket that you want any special interests the location that
you want and the placement of what sites you wanted to run on because we’re
seeing these problems we’re seeing its where it’s inefficient for people it’s
really easy to boost but you need to take a little time so that you can go
ahead and set up and get the right results you want
they need help you can always come over to and request a membership
you can get much more in-depth tutorials on things like Facebook boosting as well
as everything else that seems to run on this crazy web anymore thanks and I hope
this helps

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