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By | August 30, 2019

hey everyone and welcome to another SEO
tutorial this one is about Facebook and how to add a booking button or
scheduling button so that your potential customers can get in touch with you
alright so here of course you have to be logged in you have to be on your
business page once you get that you’ll see here in this area where you can add
a button and if we left click on that you see this pop up obviously there are
a few things you can do and we’re gonna go over the book with you and that does
the scheduling but of course you can also set up the contact learn more shop
with and download your app these to shop and download probably aren’t gonna be
foremost but you may want this one learn more or contact but like I said we’re
gonna go through the book with you so well come over here to the right and
we’ll click this drop down we’ll see the book now click on that and then we’ll
come down the bottom right and click on next alright so there’s two options here
number one is you can link it to website number two you might think of as
appointments directly on Facebook so from an SEO standpoint to help your
search engine optimization you might want to check out this one where you
actually link to an existing scheduling that you already have
especially if that’s on your website and we’ll go ahead and check that out first
click on it bring this up for your link this is
where you put your link in to your website for example we’ll put on the bTW
phone or in this case we’ll go ahead and put in the those were
putting in our contact page and then we’ll click Save alright so when we’re
done with that we’re going to click finish now we see that there is a book
now button so when the user potential customer comes on they can click on this
and it will take them to the page ok so what happens if we don’t want it to go
to the website but we wanted to book the appointment right here on Facebook well
let’s change it will click on book now again that brings us up we’re going to
change theirs to edit we’re gonna come back with still book
now and we’ll click Next and here we’ll have appointments on Facebook all right
I’ll click the start setup and next and here’s where we’ll pick our timezone and
we’ll also click our days and of course the hours that appointments are
available we’ll click Next and from here we’ll go ahead and leave appointment
approval on advance bookings are off and sync to Google Calendar off because
we’re not going to sync this with our Google Calendar in this example you can
also see where we can have the start time to display in the length of times
30 minutes that’s fine and we’ll go ahead and see this preview and this
works fine for us you can check these out the more details yourself how it
works for your business then we come to the bottom right and we’ll click on next
this is where we’ll list our services click Next and we’ll say add a service then we’ll say keyword research and
we’ll say $100 all right has 30 minutes and will say no
need for the block of extra time here we could add an image and that’s pretty
self-explanatory if we wanted right we click on this we’d get a file browser
and then we would go and select the image that’s on our computer that best
shows how to do the keyword research service and we’ll scroll down a little
bit and we’ll click on the Save button in the bottom right okay almost say if
we want to show that service and obviously we could add other services
you can list out all those that are the most profitable or ones that you want
them to be able to book online bottom right we’ll click Next right in this
case we’re gonna say not now but obviously we could go ahead and install
this with Instagram so that it’s more connected oh you for this to load there
we go we can see what comes up is this interface that allows us to see a
booking calendar so it is good to go ahead and put up a test appointment that
way you can see what it’ll look like when someone else a potential customer
uses so we’ll click the add appointment all right I’m gonna select the keyword
research obviously there’s only one in there and for argument’s sake we’ll go
ahead and leave it right here for this time all right and we’ll leave the phone
obviously open them will leave staff notes empty then we click create
appointment in the bottom right there it is there so that’s what it’s going to
look like when you come into your appointments link inside of your booking
you’ll be able to see what those look like we come back out to the page and
we’ll click here in the upper left here we come back and that’s it you’re pretty
well set up now so people can come along and come to your page and now do a book
now and they will be able to contact you and to make that appointment now there
are some some business things that you probably want to think about with this
do you want to have it so that Facebook manages some of the ability to
get appointments and of course they’re going to be sent to you whether you set
that up to be sent a notification through your email or through a text and
your phone to let you know that a no appointment has has been made maybe this
is something that you want and maybe it just has another layer of complexity
either way I hope this helps I hope it increases your SEO if you’d like more
help and to be able to sign up specifically for more SEO tutorials
which are much more in-depth come on over to BT Foom comm and send us a
message let us know that you’d like to sign up either for the tutorial videos
more in-depth or if you’d like more help with your SEO Thanks and I hope this

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