BiggerPockets Intro – Free Real Estate SEO Tips

By | August 22, 2019

hey everybody my name is Dave and this
is my bigger pockets intro and I’m not selling anything. This is a quick
intro to me … I’m looking to Network. I do a lot of a real estate investing
I do wholesaling I do rehabbing I do lease option I do landlording I do lots
of lots of marketing for myself and for for, i do lots of joint ventures on
marketing, on properties, on hard money and I don’t get paid until my partner’s get
paid that’s me and my wife. We’re at a wedding, not ours, we’ve been married 18
years, 19 years?, 18 years and I am on my SEO journey so I’d like to help you
out and watch as I can so you don’t need me
number one you can hit the easy button on a great website you could buy Investor Carrot you could buy lead propeller and you’ll be great results, you’ll get great leads you get a good return on your investment so if you take
away anything it can be done if you are working on my budget or you want to work
within a budget keep on listening to what I have to say so
here are some assumptions your website is your weakest marketing tool you don’t
have an email list that use for marketing and you about to hit the button to get rid of this nerd all right but here here’s the offer free
website posting free email for your website free wordpress and professional
theme free SEO help on the phone sometimes it will be by email free SEO tools
that i use and all you have to do is sign up at my website WRITE DOWN THE REAL ESTATE SEO WEBSITE!!! access to me and I love Starbucks and I live
in Virginia you want to reach me you do face to face we can do that you can call
me anytime you can email me anytime I’m trying to do weekly 30 minutes
seminars and just go over free stuff I’m using kind of do reviews and answer
questions I never sell anything on websites and if you can’t get me and get
one of my virtual assistants and I love bigger pockets so SEO is everything okay
once I realized you know I was in the matrix I’m Superman on SEO it’s awesome you know the first thing is keyword
research and then you have all these different things you gotta worry about
and just like to help you out with that you’d be a ring give me a buzz
give me a DM give me whatever and we’ll hook up and we’ll keep it moving — Search Engine Optimization for real estate websites

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