Big Debate #1: Should a Local Business / Service Provider even bother with a Blog?

By | August 12, 2019

Bala – Welcome to another show. Here we’re going to be talking and debating
about one specific topic which is – should service providers such as dentists, legal
practitioners, carpenters maintain a blog or not? Let’s debate on this and we have Sameer with
us. Sameer what you think about this. Should they have a blog? Sameer – I think people would normally say
you should. But I think, not at first. I think there are other things that you can
do to market yourself, because, I think, the first thing that service providers want from
their online presence is if they can – see there are two perspectives. Either you are doing it for branding purposes. If you are doing it for branding purposes
then I think, yes, having a blog and showing authority that’s good. But if you are doing it to get business online
I think there are many other better things that we can discuss that you can focus on
rather than creating a blog because it is a hard and a tedious and long process. Bala – Agreed. But say, if a carpenter is there and he starts
a blog okay. I know its not his forte but he finds a person
who can write a blog for him and if he does you know he could do amazing stuff. That’s what I believe in and not many carpenters
do that which is like he could actually show up some of the designs that what he is actually
worked on some of the places and tell people and show people a process of how he actually
does that particular thing and makes it interesting because many people who want to know or understand
how carpenting is done. He could actually talk a little about the
tools that he uses and how he has actually created the design. You know a timeline video of how he kind of
did it. And if he shows all those particular things,
I think it’s going to attract lot of business towards whatever he is doing. Sameer – So, I am not going to debate you
on that because that I think its a fantastic idea. So, if content is something that you if that’s
an idea that you naturally have and if you feel you can produce very easily then yes
I think go for it. Because, I think what people do mistake is
that they think that they should create a blog just for the purpose of creating a blog. I think that’s a mistake you will also agree
with me on that people create a blog and they don’t have a strategy. If they had a strategy like what you just
said then I’ll say definitely go for it because it would make so much more sense because you
are sharing a journey, you are showing authority, you are showing your quality of work and you
are personalizing content. So I think content could be personalized for
service provider where he could showcase a journey then yes. But many people we have to be realistic some
professions don’t allow you like if you are plumber, I am not sure what you can show in
the journey. I am not sure but may be I am not sure. But there are certain professions, may be
yes carpenting could be interesting, could not be I am not sure. Bala – But the debate is here where is he
suppose to put the money in? Now obviously we can’t expect a carpenter
to be writing a amazing stuff or he doing an amazing video and editing that particular
thing he won’t be able to do it. But he’d have to outsource it. Sameer – We have to be practical. The type of content you are talking about
takes a lot of money in terms of investment and you need skills not only putting things
together then publishing it. Even if you do publish a blog, who’s going
to read it? Are you assuming that you don’t have a captive
audience? When you start you don’t have a captive audience. You’re going to have to do something to promote
it. You are going to spend say $300 or $500 on
Facebook ads or you are going to promote it on, just sharing on Facebook, tweeting about
it, magic will not happen that way. So, you definitely need to promote because
you have to be realistic that these people starting on a blog they do not have any captive
audience. Bala – Got it but since they do not have anything
now this is a great way they can do it and obviously if they kind of make some time in
creating a video, very simple video something like what we are doing right now. Very simple way of putting up what they actually
want to be doing and do a small Facebook ad which they can target in their particular
area alone and let people know that hey buddy there is a carpenter in your area or say a
dentist in your area who does amazing stuff. Like one of the thing I think most of the
dentist don’t do is like they really don’t bring the testimonials out and I would be
happiest person if a dentist in my area shows a patient with real bad tooth that’s something
the target audience is and then they literally say that you know I’ve been taking up 6, 7
& 8 sessions and now I have a fantastic tooth that I am able to smile and this and that. A story apart he doesn’t have to kind of go
technically inside it but a little good story, that good testimonial about it will give me
an authority that hey, I have dentist near my area and the next time, I think about any
of my dental plans or my appointment, I am going to look at this particular guy. Sameer – If you are doing that definitely
again as I said many people don’t do that. So if they did do that would make so much
sense. But yes, if you do have content like if you
create content, I believe like either you follow a story based approach or you follow
educational based approach like how if you are a dentist I mean for the purpose of SEO
yes you can talk about root canals you can talk about many subjects people fear or pain
involved. There are many things we could talk about
from a blog. But my only question is whatever you do what
you said you do, is it worth investing that first few hundred dollars in developing the
piece of content that’s going to take time? Time is money, brainstorming, shooting, writing,
editing then promoting versus I am just talking about initially I don’t debate the fact that
a blog can help you grow your online presence eventually. But I think initially may be it may make more
sense to see if your websites’ actually maybe even working for you. I don’t doubt that but authenticity matters
if you can show testimonials, proof of work. I think that that is even without a blog. But you should invest your money in may be
marketing activities that can get you leads online. Bala – Okay. Now, that is a perfect way like you know I
would be happy to kind of put the money if I am getting real good leads obviously I got
to be putting that money. But let’s look a different way altogether. Like say I am going to start a gym I am a
gym instructor and I want start a gym right now. And to survey that if that particular area
of people are going to be liking a gym or whatever it is. If I create a say a simple site and then say
that you know gym is going to be coming up. And I open up a blog and say talk to people
say that you know benefits of gymming or benefits of working out or very interesting topic which
I am specifically targeting for that particular area. Take my camera around and show people like
you know this particular area you can actually do jogging. Sameer – Let me interrupt you out there. Now suppose you have a gym, your audience
is actually limited to the people within your vicinity. A blog is an online platform which will reach
out to many people. A lot of that audience may not be the audience
that will actually come to your gym. So, you have to be really practical. You can gain name, you can gain brand but
unless you are a big chain of gyms it may not make sense if your local gym is having
just one or two centers in very specific locations. Because your audience online is going to be
limited to the vicinity around you so how much ever your blog unless those people in
that vicinity who are interested may not even look at it. And people who read that blog may not necessarily
know that you even I mean are you selling gym services I mean that awareness may not
come up. Because if you write the content that is promotional
then I don’t think going to work also. Bala – You definitely have a point there but
I have to tell you that you know if the blog has been focused in getting organic traffic
for the service industry, that wouldn’t make much sense but if a blog is done in a smart
way and a Facebook campaign and or any other social media campaign is run on that to attract
the audience in a specific niche for that specific area, wouldn’t you agree like a blog
would work there? Sameer – My personal opinion, if you’re small,
focus on a certain region. I think first advertise on Adwords or on Facebook
and just try to get leads in the smartest way possible. Blog is one avenue but I think that there
are better ways you know website if you create enough resources or just market yourself to
the audience around you, I think that maybe a smarter way to spend your money initially. I don’t know blog is great brand building
strategy or great long term strategy but if you’re just starting out, I would say invest
in the blog but may be later with strategies that you have said but initially definitely
I think may not be worth it unless you are large scale. If you have many branches or franchise system
and it’s worth building a brand around it. So, I think we have to be practical and realistic. So, blog yes you should definitely create
a blog I think from my perspective there are better ways to spend your money initially. Long term definitely initially may be not
so there are you can spend on Facebook ads, Google ads or even just use it as an avenue
to tell people around your vicinity that you have atleast a brand presence. Bala – I will agree with that and one point
I just want to add as we conclude here. Like you know many people in the service sector
do not blog that’s because it’s not their expertise at all. But, if they start doing blogging, I strongly
believe that they can create a huge authority in their particular subject in their area,
in their vicinity they can do a lot lot more interesting stuff if they start doing blogging. I think they need to do as Sameer was saying
they have to do blogging but not initially but once you kind of have the initial leads
coming in, well to create uniqueness or to kill your competition, I think this is one
great strategy that you should be kind of looking into. Sameer- Yeah, it was great to have two different
perspectives. I think you can go either way but yeah you decide
however what I would say is, think, if you can blog make sure it is consistent. And if you want to spend your money think,
is it what’s going to deliver you highest ROI? Look at the competition are they doing it
maybe if not then. Ya do watch us again and see if you can form
an opinion for yourself. Bala – Exactly alright thank you very much
Sameer and keep checking out this session if you really like this particular debate. Subscribe us, like us and put your comments
on it. Keep looking for this space for more debates
like this. Until next time good bye.

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