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By | December 10, 2019

Can you give me one plate idly? Sure, please sit. Hey Madhava, how are you?
It’s been long time since we met. More than 10 years.
– Now you remembered us. Mallika, come here.
Do you know who he is? Yamini’s father.
– Oh…uncle. Gob bless you. What do you like to have?
– How’s your business? Not so good, it’s very dull. Have it uncle.
-Thanks my child. Yamini completed her studies.
I came here for a license. Ok – I’d settle in this city,
if I get license. You’ll get it,
Weíre here to help you. You start with courage.
We’re there to support you. By the way,
where’s your son Subramanyam? Isnít he helping
you in your business? In their childhood,
we thought of marrying.. ..Subramanyam to Yamini
when they grow up. I’m bit scared now. He’s not like that. Heís a nice guy. He’s not like that. He’s acquired all good qualities
of lord Subramnyam, it’s because of his name. Today is Shasti festival, Heís
at the temple to offer food for poor. I thank the lord for
giving a son like Subramanyam. God, our business
should do well today. God, our business
should do well today. Is Chutney, sambar are ready,
as it’s customer’s time. Every thing is ready, brother Hey, where is Venky
who went to market. When did he come on time, dad? Just for selling idli’s, they are
asking me to go to various bazaars. It’s their father’s fault,
for giving birth to them. Oh no, Dhoopsticks
are there in the bag. God, why did you send
such a dumb person to us? He’s torturing us What Venky,
dad feels so great about you. He don’t know about brain power,
I need a chance to prove myself. Let’s see what you are going to prove. Hello, this is IT Park speaking. What, you need 500 idly and vada, How could I arrange
at this last moment? There are only small
shops but no restaurants. We have, we have What, you have. OK
They have it seems. OK, Iíll get it after tasting
the food. You hung the phone. Hey, give me 4 idly’s as sample. OK, sir – Oh, it’s scorching sun. Hey, Parcel 500 idly’s urgently. Hey Venky,
if we pack it, then there won’t be anything left for
our regular customers. Who are they regular customers? Since 5 years, they eat
only 2 idlyís, Go away, idiots. Shut up, fool Wait brother, we can’t trust him You even won’t trust me. There is no one to
eat even five idlyís, But there is one
who needs 500 idlyís. It’s better to give everything
to him, and go for a second show. Instead of waiting
for customers who ask two or three idlyís,
and have buckets of sambar. And you I stay till late night. Shut up and parcel it. Have it sir, soft idlyís Oh… Instead of standing quite,
Why can’t you pack it? How is it sir? Good…water Water, give me some water Get it ready fast. Parcel is getting ready. No problem, do it slowly Fast… He’s attending phone
which didn’t ring. Shut up, it could be in vibration. Thanks, you understood. You talk, sir. What, Is the engagement cancelled?
Oh no… What happened sir? Girl has eloped with the priest. What’s there for us
even if girl has eloped? Or dead. Idly and Vada are ready. Hey, engagement itself is cancelled. There no one eat. So, idly, vada is also canceled. What, cancel? Take the vehicle,
Go for lunch at different place. What to do with these idlyís? We can do upma with idlyís and
can sell it. Why can’t you shut
your mouth and be calm… No sin in beating you. Golden chicken, has come.
A papa, B papa, C Papa! Hello, you need 300 pesarattu? Hey, give me one pesarattu to taste. You need pesarattu, Wait Iíll hit you with pan.
– Oh, did I come to same place? Why are you working
by wearing a mask? Leather is stinking. If it’s stinking,
then work in Dhoopstick factory. It’s a prestige to work in Malini
group of companies. I don’t it. Sorry madam. Uncle, settle his due and fire him. Okay. Sudha? – Madam.. Cancel all my appointments
for afternoon. I’ve to go to airport
to receive Karthik. Okay madam. If you don’t
mind may I know whoís Karthik. My brother Hey Venky, what’s the time? I’ll hit you if
you ask me about time. It’s tenth time you’re
asking same thing. Karthik is about to come at 2PM.
Did I sleep in the airport? It’s okay brother, he didn’t
in the night, waiting for the dawn. Sister, Karthik is
coming after 10 years. So, you do like this.
Have some more, dad for you. Enough, Hey Subramanyam,
Karthik has come. Subramanyam Hey Karthik, Come How are you, how is foreign
– How are you brother? You’ve become so fair How are you brother? Hello, Malini here Sister, this is Karthik Karthik, where are you talking from? From Vizag, I came in 9 AM- flight 9AM? Where have you
been all this time? I spoke to Subramanyam
on my way back home. Subramanyam, Why can’t you
come straight to home? Don’t be angry sister,
Iíll be there in another 30 minutes Okay, come fast Coming sister Hey.. Sister Sister How are you, sister? – Karthik It’s been so long
– Look at you, I missed you I missed you too, what’s this sister? You bought gifts
as if to give to a kid. You’re always a kid to me.
Hey Karthik Sister… Who’s there for me except you It’s right, sister But, you went to see Subramanyam
first, without seeing your sister. Uncle, it’s because of sister,
I left Subramanyam for studies Okay come, we’ll have lunch. Enough sister. – Have it Have this sweet
– Uncle, will have sweet at last This one also Taste this one too Enough sister – Serve this one also What is this uncle?
– You wait, brother. I’ll serve you Madam. – Yak. – First you eat Sorry madam,
Police has come for you Madam, your brother made an accident
by hitting a traffic constable Case under hit and run filed Accident?
Sister I didn’t commit accident Karthik, Iím- here right. Wait in hall
– Okay madam Call minister
– Sure It’s ringing,
but minister not picking the call Madam, please cooperate with us You’re standing before me just
because of my cooperation Sorry madam, if you don’t send him,
then we’ve to arrest him Constables, arrest him. You shameless…get up Hey… Hey inspector Inspector… Inspector,
donít put my brother in lockup. Let our lawyer come. Sorry, he has to be lockup
till your lawyer comes. Inspector. Open it Inspector… Sister No.. Do you know who am I? How dare you? If my brother is in
lockup even for a second… See madam, put the gun down.
Don’t create unnecessary scene here. Hurry up! Madam, madam, please stop. Give it to me Hey man, take it
Are you new to this posting? Don’t you know how
to behave with big shots? Didn’t your seniors teach you? You come. Madam, madam,
Please go. I was in as important meeting with
CM, Hence delayed. Please excuse me. You come…hey start the vehicle Don’t take it other way, madam.
You weren’t supposed to do that. I was scared for a minute. Let your brother be in lockup for 10
minutes, lawyer would’ve got him out. Stop the car. What madam Get me a cooled water bottle Yes, madam. Krishna..
– Madam One minute, Remove your shirt and go. What madam? I said; remove your shirt and go. How could I go on road without shirt. Is your status forbidding
you to remove your shirt. Just a 4000 Rs salaried
person like you have status, and then think about this Malini Devi Sorry madam. Start the car Father… – Yak Why are you so dull? Are you thinking about elder brother? Even he could’ve died at his birth,
still he’s my son. I want to ask you one thing? You and mother would’ve thought
of naming him? What’s the name? Karthik What are you saying? Even your mother
was shocked like you. Our lives changed when
Karthik came to home. Your mother never differentiated
Karthik and Subramanyam. Our business blossomed
at his arrival. Everyone of us was happy. Bought small land
at the outskirts of city. Thought of building
a small house for us. Your mother was not well one day. I thought it’s a small pain. But, it caused your mother’s death. Doctors told your mother
won’t live for long. I spent lot of money for hospital. I kept the land for mortgage,
without your mothers knowledge. But, your mother always
thought it’s our land. She wanted to spend
time at that place. Mom, Iíll take it Mom, mom Karthik! Seetha… Mom…mom Subramanyam wanted to have motherís
graveyard at that place, and did. He won’t believe
that his mother is dead, He thinks she’s alive at that place. Have idly with chutney and move fast 4 idlyís and 2 dosas parcel Why can’t the time stop at this time? Have I told no to you, any day? She’s hot, let’s workout. Can you for lunch? You can come by paying 1000 Rs. I thought she’s hot,
but is she a bitch? Still, 1000 Rs is too much for her. Venky, you escaped. Hey, I though you would
help us in business, But you are singing
songs by looking at girls. It’s a different matter. Hey, answer my question, you fool. Ya, you ask only me. Did ask your son,
who didn’t come to shop yet. Hey, he’s sleeping after work But, your work is just to sleep Go, go and work. You’ll say something
and shut my mouth. Yamini, where are you? It’s been 10 years
since Iíve seen you. I saw you in childhood. When
would you come to see me? How will you be, now? No… It’s almost 10AM,
why are you still sleeping? Get up You donkey, stop, stop.
You disturbed my sweet dream. Sweet dreams…
it’s just about Yamini, isnít it. You…shut your mouth. You’re dreaming about Yamini Stop! – Do you know
how she looks like? She’s not going to
come this time also, you have to see her
only in your dreams. You… – Sir, post. For whom?
– To Subramanyam, from Yamini From Yamini, hey stop.
Give me the letter. I won’t give you – Oh no… Brother, what happened? Brother, it’s bleeding.
Isn’t it hurting? Nothing more than this letter… Hmmm…Okay, first read Read brother what she wrote.
– No. What, you won’t read.
Just stare at it. What? First Iíd keep at mother’s place,
Later read it. He’s opening, he’s opening. He has started reading. See, how it would be once done.
He’s going to cry. What, three years… Bomb exploded…He’d kill us, if
he finds that letter was sent by us. She told would come in next week,
but now three years, what’d I do. I feel pity, see how he’s feeling, that Yamini won’t
come for three years Okay, let’s do one thing. Shall we tell him that
Yamini is in our city. No brother, let’s play drama with
my brother and Yamini. Where is Yamini and
what is she doing now? Hello, sister-in-law, how are you? I’M- fine, Super We’re all going to cinema, You can
test my brother’s love, if you want. Okay, no one should know who I am, except you,
brother Karthik and father. Okay. Sure, but brother will never
see any girl apart from you. Let’s see, challenge Challenge Ya, isnít it looking great..! It’s a bit too much for you. Hey, we’ve to come
to this place to relax. So, go for body massage.
Cute girls over there… Hey… Would massage you Don’t talk rubbish; I won’t see
anyone apart from Yamini. What did you say, sir I won’t see anyone apart from Yamini. Then see, just because you see,
girls would come with you How is todayís youth?
Will have love for breakfast. For lunch, will have another love.
See, how they are developing? But, look at you. Saying same
name for the past 12 years. You won’t see anyone
and let me also see. A modern bread piece is going
stylishly in a modern dress. I’d like to have it with jam Don’t you think its
too much for your status. Sister-in-law has come Sorry.. – Hey Mr., canít you see
– Sorry madam Hey, Karthik and
that girl are in a spat What, just by looking at
beautiful girl.. Is he coming? He’s coming, continue, continue You know what to do people like you Sorry madam Hey..What did he do? Hey, I’m talking to you.
Why are you smiling? Darling… My darling Rampandu… What Rampandu? Who’s he? He’s Subramanyam. What, Subramanyam. – Yes Isn’t he Rampandu? – No Oh no, I thought he’s my darling
What’d I do now? Thank god, she’s not his relative. Oh no, What did you do, brother? I didn’t do anything. What, didn’t you do anything? Why can’t you tell me
that you’re not Rampandu. You didn’t give a chance to tell
At that time itself.. Just because you’re getting kiss,
you kept quite. Why didn’t you push me back? You could’ve told me
that you’re not Rampandu. Oh no, how could I
show my face to Rampandu. Why can’t you ask him? Please excuse him.
Keeping that in mind, don’t complain to police
Or arrange rowdies to beat him Hey… Madam, this is not wrong What, is it not wrong? Do you accept if your
wife did such a thing She’d die if she does such a thing. So, you want to kill myself No… – Why should I die for you? No need for that When did you come? I came when you kissed him Oh no Yes, this is enough.
Hey, Iíll see your end. What… Subramanyam, Subramanyam
What so ever, you’re younger to me. Don’t think other ways that
Venky asked me this question. How’s the kiss? Hey Subramanyam, clean your mouth. Why? Your darling is coming Oh no, hey..she’s not my darling.
Go away Yesterday, when you were kissed,
Do you have any respect towards me? Hey, why should I respect you? Hey, you have to
put it in sambar vessel. Come on Kiss miss! Come on girls,
ask them what they want Give me two egg dosas. Don’t look at like that, I feel shy Did you come to have a spat? No. She has tasted you,
I meant Tiffin. What Tiffin, brother? You’ll about it
after marriage. – Hmmm Hey, why are pouring oil?
Move No, if you pour this much oil,
then we’ve to shut business. Then… Pour…pour lot Oh, lady chef…hey darling
Can I have one ghee dosa? I’ll slap you. You can’t even
buy oil dosa, you need ghee dosa. Go away. Ha, hey darling… Hey darling… I’ll kill you if you
call me like that, Go away Subramanyam darling.. Who’s that girl, do you know her? What, can I tell him? Shut up Are you scared? Iíll give you
24 hours time. I need an answer. Hema.. – Hmmm… If not, I’ll give
this as an evidence, complain about you and will die. This chimpanzee is the witness Don’t be excited.
– You’ll be jail for life long Hey, give me the phone. I kissed you. You’re my husband. Excuse me. She could’ve kissed me. Hey, you were kissed,
why should I be in jail? I didn’t do anything – It’s my fate Why can’t you what they need.
– What’s this sister? What’s this brother,
you’ve to forget Yamini. Ha…how could I forget Yamini Venky.. Is getting kissed is wrong? Don’t increase my BP
by asking same question. Till date Iíve never touched a girl, why do you tension
me by asking about kiss? Sorry Venky, sorry.
I’ve to decide about this. Let me ask Yamini about this,
she could give correct answer. Very good, very good. – Hey… I’ll call Yamini.. Hello… Darling, this is Yamini speaking Yamini, tell me Yamini How are you? Ya, Iím good Okay, why’re talking
in a different way It’s because…I was thinking Thinking…about what? Venky was dreaming about
marrying his relative… He was dreaming about
marrying his relative… Is it wrong or not? Definitely, it’s not wrong darling. What, is it not wrong. Okay. All these
things happened to me, not Venky. Yamini, Yamini, just now
you told that it’s not wrong. Hello, hello Darling, to be frank, I cheated you. What, you cheated me. Yes, my father didn’t
accept for our marriage. I’M- getting married
to a minister’s son. I couldn’t refuse it. Very sorry,
please forget about me. Do I have to forget you,
what are you talking? Yes… What happened? Yamini asked me to forget her Ya…super Why would I live if she’s not for me Where are you going? I’ll go somewhere.
She didn’t understand me properly. Acting… Why would I be alive? Stop…stop No one can understand my pain,
Go away Stop…stop I’m going to die, go away
Go away Hey, your brother is going to suicide What, brother – Stop…stop
– No, stop Hey Subramanyam,
come back – Hey, go away Hey Subramanyam, come back.
It’s just a drama I won’t listen to anyone Brother, she’s our Yamini
Subramanyam, Iím Yamini Leave me, Brother,
really, she’s our Yamini Come back Yes, come back – ?? Wow Malini,
how health conscious you are? You won’t stop jogging; you keep on
jogging in any season. But karhitk… – Ha… Nothing, nothing…he’s having breakfast
at roadside hotel of Subramanyam We’ve a big house…okay but taste
differs It’s okay, you sit, sit. Unnecessary talk in the morning Come madam, please sit How are you, sister?
– Ya, fine Why did you come this way? Give me one plate idly. Sure madam Will she have our idly? Are you thinking that can’t
I have your idly for my status Yes madam Why didn’t you think the same way? When my brother came
to your shop to eat. His blood is same as mine.
She’s a young girl. Don’t you have sense for your age? Hey, take care of
Karthik if he comes, Okay What, all of you so busy? It tastes too good to have
hot idlyís in this climate. No customer has come till now. Hey, Karthik, Why are you getting
drenched in rain, come to shop. Hey, what happened? Why are you like that,
what happened, tell me. I wanted to have two idlyís,
but Mallika asked not to. He never said this before. On top of it,
She lied to me, which is hurting. So, Iím leaving. – Did she say that? Come Hey, – Hmmm Apologize to him No, brother… Don’t give me any reason, Karthik
should never be head held down. Apologize to him Okay, go ahead Forgive me Why are you scolding that girl? Heís a friend of you
without looking at status. His sister didn’t like it. She insulted her husband for status,
whoís died. It’s a known fact. Subramanyam,
Karthik is like a brother to you. Never let his head held down. Apologize to him I’m saying again, I never want my friend’s
head held down, apologies to him Apologize to him… Karthik, today everything
is your favourite dishes. Your favourite Andhra dal,
Mysore rasam and panneer butter masala Karthik, sorry. I shouldn’t have spoke like that. I spoke like that because
I was worried about your health. I can’t bear if anything
happens to you. You know that. I’m sorry. You did that as you’re concerned
about my health. – Hmm I thought that you didn’t like
me going there and did that, sorry Why would I think like that. Sorry, sister
– It’s Okay I’ll have dinner that
youíre going to prepare. Thanks go relax Good Malini, I asked you to
scold him, but you’re asking sorry. When questioned,
you tell that when you scolded him,
at young age, he got fits. And you nod as per his wish. Look,
he’s getting close to Subramanyam. Listen to me,
arrange marriage for your brother. He has to spend time with his wife. This is the only way to separate
Subramanyam and him. Look at it, her name is Swetha,
only daughter of SVS Murthy. They stay in Delhi; they liked
Karthik by looking at his photo. And they match to our status. They’re waiting for your reply. Girl is looking good,
and they are equal to our status. Arrange for meeting
in two days. – Okay Hey Subramanyam,
Subramanyam..come Where? Hey, throw that flour on my face Take it I told for namesake,
but you really thrown at me Hey, why did you get me here? I saw a beautiful girl
– What, girl… Hey, why are you hiding? I won’t look at any
girl apart from Yamini Girl is for me, not for you. Is it, for you. Yes. – where, where? she was standing here just now, now she’s not here.
come, let’s search. Where, I won’t come with you.
I’ll come later. You want to escape, Okay,
Wait, Iíll come. Sir, Where did the girl,
who came in this car, go? I don’t know, sir. She’s not here.
– Where did she go? What? – Where did she go? He didn’t know, it seems. What? My friend… He’s gone Bye…
-Hmmm Hey, Subramanyam
– It won’t look good, tell me I like that girl;
I like to marry that girl. s it, you like that girl so much? Yes, yes
– Look at his shy, Okay I care take What? – It’s English,
you can’t understand coming Okay, he liked a
girl and I liked a girl. Can have both marriages in
the same wedding hall. Hey, take the car back What hey, first talk with respect. not, get down from other side. Hey, you know who am I? Ask in ration office Security… – Madam Keep that vehicle aside or move it
away from this place. Yes madam. Hey security, if you put
your hand on the car, Iíll chop it. I came first, so ask her to go. Security, don’t you know
that it’s my permanent parking slot. Why did you allow other people? IF- it repeats, Iíll fire you. Okay, Iíll take if- for his sake. Hey, are you doing
this to impress my brother? I won’t do that even
if you touch my feet. How dare you? Hey Come… Hey Karthik,
please donít, listen to me Come..
– Why should I, stop You have to talk Hey, Karthik, it’s your love,
you should talk, leave me Hey, you told that
you would convince her.. Oh no, unnecessarily I committed. Okay, go.
– Hey, it’s fine to wear chappals Be quite, go. No formalities, we can have
engagement, ya Good morning sir. – We like the girl,
no need to think about Karthik He’s my brother; heíll tie the
knot if I ask him to. Okay. you should talk Sister…
– Hmmm, What? This girl… Ya sister, the one who had
spat with you at parking Oh… She realized her mistake,
and ready to apologize to you Sorry? why do you have her photo. It means Pooja, hey, Subramanyam,
tell her, tell She’s a nice girl,
Karthik likes that girl a lot Ya sister, Pooja didn’t accept it. It was Subramanyam
who made her accept. we’ll talk to sister,
Sheíll accept for your sake. Thatís why… She’s beautiful,
will be a good housewife. What sister, are you still thinking
about the way she spoke. No, nothing like that, your happiness is
more important than my prestige. On top of it,
Subramanyam is recommending her, as she’d be a good housewife. You were flattered for her beauty,
isn’t it? Let me have a look…
– Sister… hello
– Really, she looks beautiful Thanks uncle…hello Pooja,
just now I spoke Subramanyam, you’re really
a close friend of Karthik. Thanks How is your business? It’s going good Sister, Pooja is
waiting for me at CMR, I have to tell this
good news to her, please Okay, okay
– Hey, let’s go I’ll see you Hey, come, Iíll drop you and go. You go, Iíll go in bus. His level has increased to
decide bride for our house. Why is he going to Karthik’s house? Everyone knows that you and
Subramanyam fought with each other. This is just an advance. Throw acid on her face,
so that Karthik would reject her. Here’s the photo. Pooja is in CMR. Sir, may I use your phone. Why? There’s a big problem,
Iíve make a call urgently, please Hey… – Why do you tell
a good news like this… Who’s this. Shit! Who’s this. They’ll disturb
unnecessarily, while romance. Thanks a lot, Sir. You go, Iíll get the cell phone Pooja, Pooja, Pooja, what happened.
What happened? Subramanyam, what happened, tell me.
– Nothing, acid fell… What, acid…What happened,
tell me. I’M- asking you, tell me.
– I’ll tell you. Subramanyam is the cause
for everything happened, isnít it? Subramanyam? Subramanyam?
What are you saying, sister. By the way, how did you come here. Subramanian beaten an
auto driver for your sake So, he wanted to take revenge on you He planned to beat you. He came to know that you are rich He blackmailed us for money We told that we won’t give Out of anger, he wanted to
do something to you. Since he knows that Subramanyam is
at your support, he back stepped. Later, he came to know that
you and Pooja are here. He called us again.
We told do whatever you want. We called you so many times,
but your phone is switched of. So, we came in person. Can we complaint to police? Pooja is going to bride, it’s
not good to see her around court. On top of it,
since I didn’t like your love, The rowdy might say
that I hired him in court. Even your sister, along with Pooja, has to go to court. Oh no, but if
Subramanyam was not here, I can’t imagine about Pooja By the way, Subramanyam,
how did you come here? That’s the true friendship,
isnít Subramanyam. What happened?
Why do you think about same thing? Don’t leave your friendship thinking
about his sister. Go to bed… Go Sister, brother…come, come Dad..
– Yes… See, who has come?
– Ya, coming Please come in, sister First invitation is for you. Subramanyam, sister has accepted to
have both weddings at same time. What are looking at? There are ministers, mayors for
sister’s status, but she wanted to give
first invitation to you. Thanks, sister. Show it to them Mallika, Dad, have a look at it. Iím doing yours and
my brothers marriage at same time for my status,
means there is a price for it. You didn’t see anything,
nothing happened. Understood. Hey Karthik, why did you ask
me to come to this hotel? What’s this invitation? Why it’s printed as your
marriage in your native. Nothing, Yamini’s father has a ritual
to complete, marriage has to be at the temple. Why can’t you convince them. I told them, but they’re
particular about this marriage. So.. By the way, did you ask me to
come to talk about this… I called Yamini, her father
is in the bar, come, let’s ask him. What’s there,
everyone come the temple, Iíll arrange both the
marriages at same place. How could that be possible?
Think of my sisters status. What does that mean,
are we beggars? Oh no, I didn’t mean that. For her range, to accept
both marriages is a big thing. Hey, it’s a big thing
to invite her to marriage, as she’s a divorcee. No need to worry about food, ask
her to have food her belly full, Go. Hey Karthik,
– Talk like a wise man, sister would feel
bad if- she hears it She doesn’t look as she
missed her husband. Why would she feel?
She doesn’t look that way. Look at the way she
dresses at this age. Ask her to act in cinema. Karthik, why? Unnecessarily, because of me,
Subramanyam is in problem now. No need to worry, Iíll take care
of it, go Okay Good morning, come,
how are you here? Do you think I came to say sorry,
everything has a price. What are you saying? Your license, that work would be
finished with a phone call. Thanks madam Show your thanks in your behavior Get the bridegroom, soon Where did he go? He was here. No… I saw him standing here. See, there he is Ask him to stop that work
and come here, go Hey, you can’t catch me… Hey, did you get cool drinks? Uncle, please move
– Take it, take it You too, please take. Why are you serving being
a bridegroom? Let me do it. Is it a presidential work
to handover to you? Go away. Yamini, Subramanyam
is not seen around. – What? What are you saying? See, what is doing there? Why are doing this work?
They’re calling you Who’s going to work for my
friend’s marriage, you go Give it fast and come. One lakh idly and one lakh vada,
Okay You idiot, increased from hundreds
to lakhs. I was waiting for you all these days. What is the function?
Oh, party meeting. Here… Sir, our cook will
do all tasteful varieties. I’m not asking about your history? Can you prepare food
for 5 lakh members. Give us the contract,
you’ll come to know. Hey, they’re ready to cook.
Can we give the contract to them? Okay, how could we give contact
without tasting the food? True – You put down the phone. What you do, get me 4 hot
idlyís as sample, to taste. Get it. I’ll get it now, sir At the same time, get me badam
kheer with full of cashews. I’ll prepare it for you, you’re
cheating people with this phone. Oh, there’s no phone at all.
You… Plan for going! Hello…next order 2 lakh idlyís… Welcome, welcome, how are you?
– I’m fine. Please sit, you shouldn’t leave
without having food. Okay, Madam. Is that so… Decoration is good… Please go Yamini…
– Yes dad, – Come here Hey, the priest is calling you
– Wait.. Take it How are you?
– I’m good. – Hey… Hey
– What? ?? Yamini, what happened? Why’re you crying? What happened uncle? Why is she crying?
– What happened? Yamini, tell me what happened? I’m asking what happened? As father was insulter, he wants you not to talk to
Karthik, after marriage Uncle, are you talking with sense? It’s your turn to think and tell. Subramanyam, what are you thinking? Say yes, that you won’t see me again. What are you talking?
What are you talking? How can you say that word? How can you say that
I shouldn’t see you. It’s because of her. I know
how much you like Yamini. Subramanyam, what Karthik said
is correct. You keep quiet. See Uncle, how much I liked her from
childhood, the same way I liked him too. If you ask me friend or love? Then Iíll opt for friend. Then, you’ve to forget to Yamini. Okay uncle. I know, you opted for friend over
love after thinking for five minutes. But, if you ask me to opt
between your friendship and love, I can’t differentiate them. Madhava, what is this? Hey, go away. Yamini,
Come, come with me. Hey madhava, madhava Yamini… Hey, What’s this? Your marriage should happen, come. No, no Subramanyam. We can have
Karthik’s marriage after yours. Sit, you too sit down.
Priest, please tell mantras. Put the garland. Mallika…
– Sister-in-law… I’ll not be there with you
for your marriage sighting, tomorrow. So thought of wishing you over
phone. What’s this sister-in-law, even
now brother loves you Is it true?
– Then, Can he forget you so easily? Don’t trust me, wait a minute. Brother, You’ve to tell me truth by
swearing on God. What is it? Ask. That day, when you opted for friend
over Yamini, did you forget Yamini? Tell me truth by
looking into my eyes. I can even lie to God,
but I can’t lie to you. You’re like our mother. When asked to opt between
friend and love, I say friend. If it is love or mother,
Iíd say mother. But, if it is love or life,
then Iíd say love. I can never forget Yamini. Sister-in-law..
– This is enough, mallika. This is enough.
Itís enough for my life. we all like the photo
by looking at the photo. So, we all came to finish the
engagement, and fix marriage date. Thank you very much. I thought
you’d see the girl and let us later. But you came with a decision. I need ten minutes to take a
decision. In the mean time, have coffee. Okay, okay. Hey, where are you? Hey, Karthik met with an accident.
You come fast. What’re you talking, accident! Yes
– Which hospital? AGS hospital How does it happen? I too don’t know. I’m going there.
You come fast. – What happened? You put the phone,
Iíll come Nothing dad,
Karthik met with an accident. He’s been hospitalized. Accident, what are you telling? I too don’t know, Venky told me.
I’m going to see him. Okay, go Brother, I too will come with you. No, sister, at this time… Okay, you too go.. He’s like a brother to my daughter,
that’s why.. He’s like a brother but not brother. Is she going to stop the engagement
for this? Once I call brother, then he’s
equal to my own brother What’s this? Sheís talking like
this before marriage. I don’t think she’d suit our
family. Come brother, we’ll go Stop, I know about my daughter,
now you can leave. It’s a good match
– Yes Come, weíll go. Venky, Venky I too don’t know, I came just now. Hey, come here, where is
Karthik? He’s in room # 302.Go and see. Come… I kept ointment here…excuse me Who are you, why did you come?
and where are you going? Nothing sir,
I’ve a friend by Karthik. He met with an accident, but he’s
not the one. What, it looks like this girl has
come from directly from her marriage. What’s happening?
– Nothing Sir, my friend Karthik is
like a brother to her. Today is her engagement. As she heard about her accident… You stopped it and came here. What is this sir,
just for friendship, you stopped her engagement
and came here I think, the real Karthik has
to be a lucky fellow…Okay,okay. One minute. My name is also Karthik. By looking at your friendship,
why not I am your Karthik. What’s there…you’re also my
friend. She’s my sister, mallika. Happy birthday, Karthik. Karthik! From today, Karthik is MD of… Side please, side please
– Malini group of companies… Come here, Come here for a
minute. Karthik,
today everyone is looking at you, I wish no harm should happen to you.. Now, cut it.
Please move… Okay,…go What a joke, everyone relax.
Party begins…have fun Come on everybody, enjoy yourself.
– Karthik, big surprise, brand new car is waiting for you, go.
-Thanks sister. Go, have a look at it Please take it. Ya Venky, this is not us. We’ve
a different party, come. You stay here Nice color
– Ya Hi… Okay dad…Iíll do the same way
Hello How are you?
– We’re fine, madam. Ha, wait, wait, wait.
It’s Okay, thank you. Take what ever you want. Wait, not this.
Okay, this. Hey, How dare you put hand on my
sister? Beat him brother, beat him.
How dare can he put hand on me. Beat him brother, beat him. Hey stop. Beat him brother, beat him.
We shouldn’t leave people like him. Kill him, slaughter him Why’re you shouting
like a street girl? Don’t you know how to behave
before these VIP’s He insulted my sister What, What sister, stupid.
Don’t know about status. It’s common in VIP’s function. What, you’re
crying as if you’re a virgin. No, respect, save your respect. I’m keeping quiet for Karthik.
– If not, what can you do. She’s selling idlyís on platform
by showing her skin. Why were you calm at that time? Shit, leave brother, she’s
not a women at all. What did you say? Your sister has…
-Subramanyam… My sister used to say to
do friendship by looking at status. finally, you’ve shown your
true colors. Hey, you’re from platform.
You slapped him. He went to kill an auto driver,
as he spoke bad about your sister. Someone has put hand on our sister, your sister without asking him,
slapped our sister. What happened, did they rape her? Hey, what did you say? How can you say that to our
sister? she cancelled her engagement
when she heard about your accident
to a person by your name. Hey Karthik, you forgot everything.
Did you forget everything. On wedding day, when uncle
asked to opt between friend and love, he sacrificed his love for you. Go away… Go away…go. Just because of a promise made
to their mother before death, they considered you
as elder son for that house. You betrayed their love, you’ve
insulted them before these people. Enough, it’s enough. We don’t
want you or your friendship. Come, let’s go Madam… Come, let’s go Sister, sister get up
– How can she stand? He insulted
us before these many VIP’s. It’s not enough even if we
destroy his idly shop. He pushed your sister down
from the heights of respect. For that, it’s not enough even if
we demolish his mother’s graveyard. IF it’s true that your sister
is more than mother, then demolish his mother’s graveyard. Your sister will get up, later. Subramanyam, hey Subramanyam,
Subramanyam Malini’s men has
destroyed our idly shop. On top of it, they’re demolishing
mother’s graveyard, come fast. What are you talking? Hey… Sir, sir, what’s happening here?
– We’re from court. Your father has put this land
for mortgage to a person. Since your father didn’t pay the due,
that person sold this land to Malini. We came to acquire this land
with court’s order. Sir, ask them to stop,
ask them to stop. That’s my mother sir. She’s alive in that graveyard, Sir, somehow Iíll repay your money,
ask them to stop. Sir, please give me some time Mr Subramanyam,
don’t disturb our work, Driver, demolish that graveyard. This is temple built for my mother, If anyone put hand on it,
I’ll chop it. Get out from this place. Hey Venky, call our lawyer Karthik.
Ask him to come fast, go Subramanyam, whatever you say is
of no use. Hello, lawyer Karthik.
– Sir, this is Venky. Ya, tell me Venky.
– There’s a big fight going here. Malini’s men are trying to demolish
subramanyman’s mother’s graveyard. Please come sir, fast
– Is that so? – Yes sir. I’ll come immediately with stay order.
– Okay, sir. I’ll call police. No need to call police,
it’s our property. I know how to send
him out from this place. You stay aside and look at the drama Hey, come on. Brother.. It’s ridiculous, stop it.
Stop. Father… Stay order. Sorry sir, we can’t do anything now,
as they got a stay order. Ask your men to come back. Okay…Hey, come back. Subramanyam, our lawyer Karthik,
bought a stay order from court. They can’t do anything to our
mother’s graveyard. Yes, they can’t do anything. Now on, this place will
be under court’s custody. Weíre not supposed to be here,
Subramanyam. I’ll make sure this land belongs
to us, in court. Hey, it’s time, leave now. Sir, please sir, one minute sir. Fast, fast. I won’t come, I won’t leave
my mother. I won’t come, I won’t come This is court’s order, please,
we can’t reject it, Subramanyam, come on.. Brother… Come, let’s go Son, come on let’s go
go… Subramanyam, don’t leave and go We couldn’t do anything as they
got stay order. Get into the car, uncle.
– Okay. Hey, I believe that my
mother is still alive But, all of you together killed
her, today. I’ll not spare anyone of you. I was quite because of
promise made to my mother that Iíll never let
your head held down. But, when you killed my mother
and dragged us to the road, I won’t forgive you, even if
my mother forgives you. Hey, shut up, Do you know to
whom are you talking to? I know that Iím talking to
person who’s mad about status. You made my sister a scapegoat, just to get good
name from your brother. I’ll make sure you to regret why did you do to my sister
and make you cry. Hey…
– Hey… How my family came to road today, every step of my success
will show you failure. Make sure you’ll feel
the pain as I feel today, and make sure you’ll apologize
in front of my mother’s graveyard… My name is not Subramanyam. They asked for this file… Hello…
– Call Karthik, One minute, uncle, Iíll call him. Oh no…uncle, he went out… Am I looking like a beggar to you, How many time should
I come to you for license. Who asked you to come? What you are talking
is not respectful. I stopped my daughter’s wedding, just because you asked to separate
Subramanyam and your brother. What I wished not happened
because of you. So, what you wish also won’t happen.
You can go. Please Yamini, forgive me. Just, for a license
I did a big mistake. Don’t ask me to forgive. Ask them
to forgive you. I did a big mistake,
please forgive me. You’re younger to me age,
otherwise… You have to forgive me. I apologize for Karthik slapping you,
that day. But, I won’t forgive me for insulting
my father on the wedding day. You can leave, uncle. Brother… I’ll ask you one thing?
Can you answer. Won’t you forgive
if Karthik brother changes his mind and apologize to you. I’m happy as son-in-law has
accepted for marriage. Manikkam, tell me, when can we
fix the wedding day? No dad, let him pursue his ambition,
I’ll wait till that They understood each other.
Why should we be in a hurry. Madhava, thereís a big relation than
a marriage. You know what it is? Getting two souls to become one. What would you say sir, am I right? I like your confidence Subramanyam, unlike other people who are wise
enough but are lazy to execute. I’ll support you in every work
you do, you can call me any time. But, one condition. No need to call
me sir. You can trust this Karthik. There’s lot of difference between
sacrificer and betrayer. Hey, Subramanyam, why’re talking
like a kid. Keep quite. One more thing Karthik, I want start
an idly shop. Tell me what to do. Lawyer Karthik has signed
surity for you, Mr Subramnyam,
I wish all the best on behalf of State bank of India
for your fast food joint. I’m sure that you’ll make it
big, all the best. Thank you, sir.
– Thank you, sir. – My pleasure. Breakfast is too good, where
did you get it from? From Subramanyam hotel.
– Shit… Hello, this is Subramanyam. Brother, Who’s this? Brother, Pooja, is it you. Yes, brother. Can you talk to me? Why are you talking like that.
I’ll talk to you, for sure. I can’t stay here, brother. What sister, what happened? I can’t live with people who
look at me as an enemy. What are you talking? No brother, I can’t share
that Iím three months pregnant, but want to share with you. Very happy for you, they are
angry about me, but not about you. Tell them with courage, go No brother… I’m saying right, go and tell them. Okay brother See you. Wow, congrats,
Iím so happy, congrats. Thank you Come on, have this sweet. Uncle, please come here. Tell me, what happened? Karthik is going to become a father.
– Is that so. – Ya. I’m so happy, Iím happy, Iím happy. Sister, Iíll go to temple with Pooja. Sure, go. Call the future teller, fast.
– Sure, Iíll call now. What happened? Nothing, by looking
at stars of the couple, a baby girl would bring
wealth to your family. But, if a baby boy is born… Born? Let’s forget about that, no need
to think about that. What are you talking?
I can’t understand. I’m hesitating to tell you
as you might not like it. If a baby boy is born, you’ll end up losing your wealth
and come to road. How my family came to road today, every step of my success
will show you failure. Make sure you’ll feel
the pain as I feel today, and make sure you’ll apologize
infront of my mother’s graveyard… My name is not Subramanyam. Oh no.. If you close your ears, will the
problem be solved. Let’s kill the fetus. Uncle, Why are talking like that? It’s not me, entire city is
talking about Subramanyam. We destroyed his only shop, but
now he has four shops in this city. So… As per future teller’s words,
baby boy will be born. On other side, by looking at his
development… Uncle, if a baby girl is born,
what you told would become lie. If Malini never want to be fooled,
then hit on enemies success. Not the fetus, do as I say. Good morning madam,
my name is balaSubramanyam. I want you to help
me without saying no. Please tell me.
– It’s good property, there’ll be huge demand in future. I’ll give it to you for 20 lakhs. You’re saying it’s good property. Why’re selling it for low price? You asked me the
right question, madam. Money is not important
for me than mother. I couldn’t get money from reliable
sources, for my mother’s operation. That’s why Iím selling this property
for low price. Okay, give me your documents,
we’ll verify and let you know. See madam, my mothers operation
would stop because of money. It’s not that sir… What sir, she clearly told you, they’ll verify the documents
and then would call you. Yes, give the documents,
we’ll verify and call you… No Yamini.. I know the pain. It’s not that, let Lawyer Karthik
to verify it. No, Iím saying it.
– Atleast once… Even if he’s lying, let it go.
He’s asking in the name of mother. Mr Rao
– Sir Take documents from him, and
give him money. Please come sir.*
– I’ll never forget your help. It’s Okay. What you told is correct madam. As
I used mothers name, he was frozen. Shit, you did wrong thing.
There’s no value for this land. On top if,
thereís graveyard next to it. Mother document is
with Malini, I know. No one is buying as
it is in the outskirts. They cheated you, Subramanyam. What Subramanyam, you bought a waste land There’s graveyard next to it… This will happen
if you challenge me.. Oh god… We’ll build a small subramanya swamy temple at the place that we bought. That Subramanyam will take care
of this Subramanyam. Owner of a small
idly shop on platform, is going to start a water factory? Mr Ramakrishna
– Madam I don’t know what you do.
Entire city must use Malini waters. Every shop must sell Malini waters.
– Okay madam. His water shouldn’t be seen You know something, Malini water
stock is dumped at every place. Our water bottles not available
at any place. They’re covering each shop. Let them do. Hey, what’s this.. Let them do? Call every add agency. From tomorrow, every news channel and
paper should have one thing. That is Malini waters. I’m scared by looking at their speed,
they’re giving so many adds. What would we do, Subramanyam? Let them give, Let them give? Sister, one good news. Your all round attach
has made Subramanyam water bottles to
go back to his factory. I was looking for this, his water
would be used to wash hands. How come you’re so relaxed even
if the load has come back. Let it come What? Why do you say come,
happen, go, do If you keep quite, Malini is not
required to lock our factory. We ourselves can lock our factory,
and go to our native. Karthik, Tell, Subramanyam. How much would’ve Malini spent
to overtake us? Probably, 5 to 6 crores. Why are we discussing about that? Let’s do our work instead
of unnecessary talk. This is also a story. A story
between people and Malini. If you want know, then see
tomorrows newspaper. What, What’s this. How does this
news came out? How could others know that we built
factory at slum, apart from three of us. That’s what even I couldn’t
understand. Hmmm, because of friendship you
told everything to him. Now, he has become our rival. Madam.
– What? The slum people on agitation
before water factory. Just now I got a call.
– Oh God… Sorry madam, we can’t do anything. Please vacate this place, immediately Close the door, go away, close it. Madam, have a look at this.
– No, no, no Okay, let’s see a different one. I’ll give gift to your brother.
– Hey,- Hey, Leave me, leave me Hey, go away, go away No, no Hey, go away I won’t do anything, just 10
minutes. What, are you scared. If I go out, everyone would think
that I raped you. If your asks who it is, tell Ranga. Hey, go away, go away. Hey, stay like that. Hey, come on Come Leave it brother, it’s okay.
They did it to me.. They shouldn’t have put hands
on you, come Hey, who’s ranga here.
Is it him? See, is it him. Who’s Ranga? Come, put your hands
on my sister now. Touch my sister now. So, what? Hey dude, someone is beating me
in our area. Come fast. Get our men. Hey… Come on fast, Oh no, my fishes are gone… Madam, madam, madam What happened? What. Hey, what’s this? Why did you
allow street dogs into the house. Hey, is it a footpath, to bring
unnecessary people, go out. Go out. Who? Why are you pointing at me? Mallika, – Hmmm Hey, what, what? Hey, whatíre you thinking
about yourself? You did everything, so don’t
act as if you’re innocent. Look, the war is between us.
War is between status and platform. Either you should win or myself. Don’t drag others into this.
I won’t accept it. What did my sister do?
What did my sister do? Being a woman, how can you insult
another woman. Aren’t you ashamed? Aren’t you ashamed, shit. Hey, are you human, when can you
understand this? You can understand my paid if
you could’ve born to a mother, shit. Come sister. He came to our house and hit. I think future teller’s
words might become true Still need baby, think yourself. Sir, we took loan
for that water factory. Yes. Here is the final payment. Very good.
Siva. – Give it sir. – Take it. We won’t have any problem if
everyone repays the loan. Thank you sir.
– I’m very happy. And, one more thing.
-Tell me, Karthik. About loan for Leather factory. Siva? – It’s already sanctioned, sir. It’s sanctioned. You might be intimated any time.
You can proceed. Okay sir, thank you.
Shall we leave. One minute,
I heard that day before yesterday, leather buyers from
north has come to city. Okay sir.
– Where are they staying, Siva? Hotel Dolphin – Hotel dolphin, why can’t you go and meet them?
They might be helpful. Oh sure sir, We’ll meet them now itself.
-Please Thank you sir.
– All the best By mother’s blessings, loan for
leather factory got sanctioned. Manager also told that we can
start our work in the unit. Now, if this deal is finalised,
we can start quick. Hello, Whoís this. Is that so?
Oh god. What happened? Pooja’s bady was born dead. Karthik, let’s go to hospital. Then, leather deal? She’s my sister. Sir… I can understand your pain
as a doctor. but think from our side if we’re
ready to kill our kid. our status is important. Sir, I accepted to do this as you will delete my records
of criminal case. But, thereís nothing wrong from my
side in that case. I accepted to kill this fetus,
just to be out of that case. But, this sin would chase me
till my death. Mr Mohan, Don’t worry,
Iíll take care of your case. Remove the thing of killing
the kid from your mind. You’re the Dean of our hospital,
from tomorrow. Hey, are you a doctor?
Do you what doctor is? Trust. After god, you’re the only one
who can save life. We can’t trust our parents in this
matter, but we trust you. It’s not wrong to kill someone
who did sin. But, how can you kill a fetus
which is innocent. You’ll never be forgiven, shit. What’s this mallikarjun, why’re
the workers not working? What’s the problem? There’s no supply. What, no supply? – Yes, madam Why, what happened? Our regular leather suppliers
suddenly stopped the supply. Stop? – Yes madam. – Why? I don’t know madam. Are they the suppliers for Malini, too.
– Yes, sir. Ask the supplier to come,
immediately. Malini exports has become the biggest leather company in Andhra Pradesh. Very happy,
Iím proud to have business partnership with such a big company. Thank you, sir. Hello, Dwaraknath here. Hello sir, this is Subramanyam. Oh, Mr Subramanyam, sorry, sorry.
I don’t need unnecessary talks. We’ve decided to do business with
big company like Malini exports. Please do not bother us.
– It’s okay sir, But one thing. Open a telugu news website and see. You’ll come to know about
the status of Malini exports. What? News about
Malini exports on web? Not only from delhi madam, we can’t supply from wherever
the supplier might come from? There’s no stock with big company
like Malini exports. But we’ve supplied the stock
with live animals. What are you saying? It’s illegal
to use banned animal as per law. It’s common in business. madam.
We shouldn’t bother about it. It’s very common in business, madam. Sir.
– Yes. Sir is from bluecross.
Please check it, sir. There’s nothing like that
– Yes, It’s like animals fur. Sorry sir, we’re arresting you. Sir, I want to talk to minister. Sir, there’s no use by talking
to anyone. Sir, please understand why am
I telling this? Go sir, go. Oh, what nonsense is this?
What’s taking place over there? Nothing sir, there’s some thing
which is not correct. Don’t deny it.
– No sir, its… – No, no, no, no. Clear case of criminal activity. Sir, please try to consider… No arguments, – Sir, Please leave me.
Subramanyam, where are you? Are you happy now, I’ll explain you once again, this tender is for
government staff quarters. Need to build 60 houses which are of great quality
and within our budget. We’ll give the land for the one
who gets this tender. You’ve to sell these houses for
the amount that was coded. The tender would
be finalised in a week, thank you ladies and gentlemen. Shall we leave, Malini This contract should never be
out of our hand, Uncle. It’s an important
contract in my life. Who can stand before us for
this big project. Who else, Subramanyam. You’re right. Youíre absolutely
correct, Malini devi. The moment you were scared of me, is the moment that
your failure has started. It sounds good, I think you’re
so confident about yourself. But, it’s wrong. Legally, you
can never beat me. I never regret for what I did,
because I too have certain principles. I’ll talk to people in the
language that they can understand. For good people, good language,
bad people… Do you think Iím going to cheat
like you. You’ll come to see who is
Malini in this tender. Why, did you forget that Iíve
shut your two factories. Why, did you forget that I put
seal to your mothers graveyard. Will never forget. The pain that I suffered
for killing my mother with bulldozer,
will make sure you too will suffer. I’ll see you come to road and
will feel happy. I’ll make sure that Iíd win
this tender. Uncle, – What? This contract should be mine,
that’s it. If not, this Malini not on road,
like a corpse… Sister, why do you talk like
that? I’ll get the quotation for you. How? You’re going to ask Subramanyam’s
sister, go away. Really, it’s a great idea. If I tell mallika, I did a great
mistake, please forgive me. Is she going to believe just
because tell? Ya, what if she won’t believe, You’ve to tell her the way
she believes. Do as I say Brother, how are you brother? My sister doesn’t like my friendship
with Subramanyam. She wanted to separate us, somehow, hence invited
you to birthday party. And insulted through minister’s
son, tell this way. Is that so? Say, yes. No only that, Will Subramanyam be
quite if someone insults you? For sure, heíll fight for you. My sister went as
if to stop the fight, and she herself fell down, told every
that Subramanyam has pushed her. Immediately, Iíll slap Subramanyam, and both of us would separate,
was my sister’s plan. Just now I came to know all of
this is my sisters plot. Immediately, I came to let you
know. Mallika will really feel happy. Brother would feel happy, if
he come to know about this. If you want us to be together, I need to know about the quotation. I’ll show my face to Subramanyam,
only after he wins the tender as Iíll code one rupee more under
my sister’s tender. Say like this. Is this the one, brother. This is the one, take it. First. I’ve to make Subramanyam win, you can tell him
about my arrival later. No need to tell him now, Okay. Are the details ready? – What? Are they ready? I’ll verify them one more time. Subramanyam, Call for you from
tender office. Hello, this is Subramanyam. What are you saying? Just one rupee difference,
– Yes sir. It can never happen No sir, they coded one rupee
less than us, we were helpless. What happened Subramanyam? We lost the contract to Malini
because of one rupee difference. What are you saying brother? Karthik brother asked for the
quotation to make you win. What are you saying,
did Karthik here? Yes brother, Karthik brother
came here yesterday. Told that all the things happened
because of his sister’s plan and you both separated. If he knows the quotation amount, can make sure his
sister lose the contract. Later, can show his face to you. Till that time, he asked not
to tell about this thing to you. That’s why I gave the file to him. How did you trust him, so easily. You only told that we can’t doubt
an enemy who’s in tears. Drama is not played by him,
it’s by his sister. Mother, I might lose to Malini, they might get their lost
property because of this tender. I don’t know what to do now. We’ll build a small subramanya swamy temple at the place that we bought. That Subramanyam will take care
of this Subramanyam Okay… – Malini,
we were cheated, look at this What happened?
-Subramanyam is going to build flats. So… Do you where? Next to our place. Where is ground at that place? We sold him a wasteland, remember,
same land. Yes, the same land that we sold him. He’s going to build flats, and
sell it for half the price. Madam, look at this. Subramanyam is selling flats
for half the price of yours. Sir, it’s a false news. Come, let’s go there. Sir, please listen to me. Please sir. These flats would be built as per
Vastu, lower price. If so, give us two flats. You need two flats. – Yes sir. Hey, take documents from them. What, all of you has come in
the morning as if Iím bankrupt. We gave you money for debt, madam.
– So.. you come to house.
Come to office. I’ll sell the flats and clear
your debt. How can sell? Compared to Subramanyam’s price,
none of your flat will be sold. Uncle, keep our house and office
for mortgage and settle their debt. I won’t do business with people
who don’t trust me. Hmmm…All of your business are shut What did you say? Hey, go away.
We’ll talk later, go away. You slapped me, you…
– Get out. What Malini, what are you
going to do? I won’t let Subramanyam to
finish the construction. What are you talking sir, we arranged
money and started construction. How can you say that construction
has stopped in middle. Sir, cement is the only problem. Hey, how dare you? How can you
raid on my go downs. Thank you sir, for accepting
that cement go down is yours. Subramanyam has released cement,
even minister couldn’t do anything. Construction has started. Let him start. Sister, Subramanyam’s flats would
be finished in another 10 days. Let it finish. Malini, that platform Subramanyam
has finished the construction. He’s going to give the keys,
tomorrow. Let him give. What, let him give, what are talking? We’ll on road if he gives. You’ll come to know who’ll
be on road in the morning. Sir!
– Subramanyam… What happened to you?
– Subramanyam, Subramanyam Someone has beaten me and
took Yamini with them. Sir, please come. Hello, Mr Subramanyam, this is
Malini speaking. Don’t be scared, Iíll come
to deal straightly. My flats won’t be sold if you
sell your flats. Iíll come to road. You know that I’ll do anything
to stop it. I’ll call you in exactly 1 hour, Decide between Yamini and
flats and take right decision. What Subramanyam, did you think? Kill Yamini, you can even come
to see the way I sell flats. Hey, are you out of your mind? You too become mad about money
by competing with Malini, brother. How can we live by killing
that girl? Old Subramanyam would listen to
my words, but you new rich Subramanyam. How can you accept to kill your
girlfriend, just for your dead mother. How dad, how can you say that
mother is dead. You know how much
paid I suffered when tried to kill mother with bulldozer. For the past 12 years, Iíve been
sharing my good and bad with mother. Just with one word, you broke
my heart into pieces. There won’t be any fight, if you
think mother is dead. I’d have lived happily with
my idly shop. Did I ask for this money, property? You think Iím mad about money. You forgot that I too worked with you But none of you understood one thing. Yamini is your daughter-in-law, she’s sister-in-law for you,
but she’s my wife. Only I can understand the pain. I may get four other Yamini’s,
but mother is only one. If Malini wins, then mother’s
soul won’t rest happily. Drink… Drink milk… Good… – Sir.. My wife went missing. Sir, I don’t know anything,
I swear on you, sir. Malini took her. Please believe me, Iíve changed. That one word you told that day,
has totally changed me. But can tell you where Malini has
hidden your wife, by asking my men. I’m doing this as a good will for the insult that
Iíve done to your sister. Wouldbe…wouldbe. Hmmm Do you have phone? Yes, I do. Want to call police? Call. Hello! – I’m now with Yamini. Start the sales. I’ll save Yamini in
10 minutes and come We can seize Malini’s property
through court. Manager sir, start the sales. Sir, sir, please come. What’s your confidence? You’re going to see. Subramanyam, these people should fall
10 feets away for each punch. Think of mother. Wouldbe.. Wouldbe… Wouldbe… What are you saying? Did he save her? Malini, Subramanyam has saved
that girl. Has also started sales. Not only that, he bought our
House, office, hospital, factory. He has won the challenge. Sister, sister, Police has come along with court order
to seize the house. Hey, I believe that my
mother is still alive But, all of you together killed
her, today. I’ll not spare anyone of you. I was quite because
of promise made to my mother that Iíll never let
your head held down. But, when you killed my mother
and dragged us to the road, I won’t forgive you, even if
my mother forgives you. You made my sister a scapegoat, just to get good
name from your brother. I’ll make sure you to regret why did you do to my
sister and make you cry. How my family came to road today, every step of my success
will show you failure. Make sure you’ll feel
the pain as I feel today, and make sure you’ll apologize
infront of my mother’s graveyard… Sister, We can’t do anything
to a person who’s mother’s blessings. All of you go, Iíll come. Subramanyam, Karthik is like your
brother. Why everyone is here? Hey surbramanyam, you got Malini
from heights of status to road. Why are you still sad? Why can’t
you be happy. What happened brother?
Aren’t you happy? That day, when they demolished mother’s graveyard
and dragged us to road, And made us cry. I don’t know whether
they felt pain, but today, It’s hurting to see them leave. I’m not happy, I feel I did
something wrong. If I could’ve thought of Karthik
as my brother and Malini as my
sister as mother said, I wouldn’t have done this.
Iíve never felt so bad in my life. Mothers soul may not forgive
me ever. Madam, madam, madam, where did she go?
She’s not even here. Sister, sister.. This contract should be mine,
that’s it. If not, this Malini not on road,
like a corpse… Sister! Sister! Subramanyam! Subramanyam! What Karthik? Sister is not seen? What, sister is not seen, what
happened? She was here, but not seen. I’m scared. Okay, come, let’s search. What, didn’t she come. Yamini, did you call the hospital. She didn’t go it seems.
– May be, she could’ve gone in auto. There were no autos at that
side. No, she won’t go that way. Where she would’ve gone… Brother, can we give complaint
in police station. Police station…not required. If not…
– Subramanyam, I did a big mistake Hey Karthik, why are you talking like this?
– Forgive me. Leave it, it’s not required.
– Keep quite, brother. Hello.. what are you saying? Is that so. Hey, turn the vehicle. Subramanyam, that day,
when I demolished mother’s graveyard and dragged you to road, I didn’t feel pain. But,
you felt pain when we came to road. You’re really great. I completely
lost infront of you. That’s why I came to your mother’s
graveyard to ask for forgiveness. Please forgive me, Subramanyam. Don’t talk like that sister, for whom did you do all this? Just for your brother, for my
friend Karthik. No Subramanyam, Out of greatness you might forgive me, but that kid.. Madam, I heard you changed your mind
by leaving your status. Why’d I have you kid, hence
I came to give you your kid. What madam, you’re looking so
surprisingly, it’s your brother’s kid I didn’t kill him. Without your
knowledge, I brought him up. Hey, just now everyone has
united. Do not inhale again. In happiness… – Hey, don’t talk. Hey, I won’t touch inhaler in
my life again. By doctor’s words, my son… Whatever happened is happened. Now, everyone of us has united.

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  1. Edward Wallace Post author

    The rich think they can do anything, just look at OJ. Oh yea, it happens in USA too.

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    Ramya plays the superbitch so well. The story is interesting and all the actors play their roles well. Music is ok too, but raises a sad question: Is there so much evil in Telugu families? My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

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    bad movie and also bad social. money is God?

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    I got some plan about money 💰 but money is not God

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    duty is more important than relationship, relationship is more important than money ,money is more important to every one

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    This movie kondapalliraja remake but nice movie


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