Best YouTube SEO Software | #1 Ranking Automation Tool (2018)

By | August 21, 2019

in this video I’m gonna share with you
my best YouTube SEO software for 2018 this is actually going to be my number
one YouTube automation software this year it’s saving me a lot of time a lot
of money and I want to share it with you in this video
Ben Martin here aka the king of email and welcome to my youtube channel
profits and paradise now if you didn’t do so already go ahead and hit the
subscribe button below this video and find the notification valve so that you
can get updated whenever I release new videos to this channel okay so with that
being said let’s go inside because it’s extremely hot out here it’s a little bit
noisy from the ocean behind me and I really want to give you a demonstration
of this YouTube SEO software in action I’ll see you inside back on the computer
okay so the best YouTube SEO software I’m currently using to make my life way way
way way easier you know saving me time it’s saving me money and it’s saving me
from doing a lot of the necessary but tedious work that you have to do when it
comes to ranking your videos on the first pages of YouTube and Google this
software is basically doing all that stuff for me in your gonna see because
I’m gonna give you a demo after I’ll show you the sales page for it what it’s
doing this for me and if I said two minutes or three minutes tops that would
probably be too long I can probably do this in a minute 45 seconds but it’s
called my my I am place indicator and you can access it anytime you want by
clicking the little first link you find in the description box below this video
so if that being said will read this headline here and then I’ll show you
what this software can do for you so the headline says make YouTube send you try
for any niche and make more money from your videos in just 30 seconds of work
get unlimited real visitors on autopilot of this powerful software so 30 seconds
right you probably thinking yeah yeah whatever
can it really like get me a bunch of traffic and help me rank on 30 seconds
well telling you yes it can and uh they give you examples and demos on this page
but I’m going to show you myself but first let me tell you what my I am place
indicated doors for you so you can take your video or the software will take
your video and it will embed it on 50 plus web 2.0 that sites or awesome it
will give you 15 plus Facebook shares it will give you 15 plus Twitter to it’s
including embedding the video on Twitter – you’ll get put on a PBM blog post
which is edit editable anytime you want and by the way this is all this is all
without having to download anything this software is hosted on the cloud so
there’s no download and it there’s no configuring this you just you just
purchase it you pay your fee monthly and you get to use this basically you can
syndicate one video every single day with this so you’re gonna get additional
social bookmarks to your tears additional LinkedIn shares faster
indexing this works for videos in any language whatsoever now what’s
interesting about this is this my I am play syndicated video submission kind of
like is also a gig that’s a best-seller on source market concur and there’s
already over 800 positive reviews as people drop in testimonies about how
well this software works like crazy but what they decided to do is save everyone
a bunch of money by making this software available for very low monthly fee which
if you want to do your backlink and embed you know video embed too crucial
and social signals are crucial to ranking videos if you want to do all
that manually and it’s going to take you forever and
you can have to pay quite a bit of money to do this well in this case they’re
saving you a lots of money and lots of time and these are some examples of how
they’ve helped other people rank and if I scroll down this page you can see this
is only $19.99 a month you know there is no contract they do give you got a
guarantee you know you can you can test this out and you know not locked in
whatsoever sitting test it out for a month and you hate it you just cancel it
very very easily so as it says it’s easy and fast but they’ve made it simple
you’ll see how simple in a second you get instant video embeds which are
crucial if you want to rank your videos you get instant social signals which is
crucial – and it takes they do it in 30 seconds because they’ve used it many
times the first time I did it it took me a couple of minutes I’m guessing it’ll
take you a couple of minutes – but it’s two minutes of your time worth it to
save you the headache hassle and the money that it normally takes me to build
backlinks social signals video embeds I’m pretty sure your degree is right so
you can use this for YouTube Vimeo local business affiliate offers your own
products launch jacking if you want to rank Facebook pages you can use this for
all kinds of things so I’m not gonna read too much more don’t forget you can
get this at any time you want by clicking the link below this video what
I’m simply gonna do is show you this an action real quick so I’m actually inside
the software right now and this is all explained to you and like one or two
simple short to the point video tutorials that you get with the software
I’m inside the software right now let’s say let’s say the video this was a video
I wanted to rank YouTube SEO tips for backlinks for ranking videos fast what
you do is in this first title box is you would actually drop you
key words in here so the key words you’re trying to rank for so I’m just
gonna I’m just gonna copy my keywords and you would drop them in your title
box and you would make sure that they’re separated basically by a comma so let me
let me see okay so they’re all separated by a comma then what you would do is you
would click on this box here and make sure you were in text mode so click on
text mode I’m gonna go back over to your YouTube video that you want to syndicate
using the software you click on share and don’t forget I’m talking to you as
I’m doing this so that’s you know it’s gonna take me a little more time I’m
gonna click on share you’re gonna copy it you’re going to come back over here
you’re going to paste it right there then you’re gonna leave a space you’re
gonna go back over here you’re gonna click share again and this time you’re
gonna grab this link here the share link you’re gonna go back over here you’re
gonna paste that in there you’re gonna drag over it you’re going to click link
and then you are going to select to add add link just like that then you’re
gonna scroll down rights you would select your category which in this case
I want to do something like internet marketing then you scroll down a little
bit further and you would enter your tags in there separated by a comma and
click Add so that’s obviously the tags tags for your video the things your the
terms you’re trying to rank for then in this box here
you could look basically going to enter your like enter a video title again I’m
gonna paste it in there I’m just gonna I’m just gonna do that and then
put a little bit of a description so I’m gonna just gonna grab the first part of
my YouTube description gonna paste a bit of a description in there then you would
basically drop your drop your keywords in there again so I’m gonna copy my
keywords I’m gonna drop my keywords in there again and then at that point you
are literally ready to scroll up and press publish now I’m not going to press
publish because I’ve already published this right but the minute you press
publish this is going to starts indicating your video to over 50 plus
web 2.0 s you’re gonna get the 15 Twitter shares of 15 Facebook shares
with your video embedded and the cool thing is you’re not gonna be you’re not
going to be sitting there thinking did this software really doings they give
you they give you a link once you’re inside the members area I can’t I cannot
show you I cannot show you the link you’ll have to be a member to see where
they embed these things but they give you a site where you can actually go and
see that the software did what it did you’ll be able to see this your software
on the you’ll be able to see saw your video with on the different Twitter
accounts on the different blog posts on these different web 2.0 properties and
not only that if you really want to you’re able to grab you’re able to grab
the links to those sites and you’re able to ping and index them which is gonna
help your video rank even faster so obviously I was talking to you as I was
doing that but could you see there’s only one two three four five there’s
only like six seven eight simple things for you to do literally you can do this
in two minutes and then you can press publish and then what’s really cool is
after seven hours after the software has done its thing roughly takes like they
advise you to wait seven hours but you can come back in here
you can edit the title of this post to make it a more pretty readable title and
if you want to you can write a full article you can write a full article
about whatever your video is about and then you can and then you can publish it
which is only gonna help with your ranking even more so basically this is
the tool I’m using to eliminate me spending a bunch of money on SEO gigs
out there it’s saving me the time of doing this manually myself because this
is the stuff you have to do manually if you want to write your videos and Tonja
it’s a real real real chore and pain-in-the-ass and and time is money at
the end of the day so I think for less than 20 bucks a month
considering you can cancel this at any time this is a real winner and I highly
recommend that you pick it up by clicking the link in the description box
below now what I want to know is because I’m gonna hand it over to you right now
I want to know what was your favorite part about this software what is it
about this software that excites you the most is it the fact that it’s gonna save
you money is it the fact that it’s gonna save you time I think the fact that it’s
going out on Twitter Facebook what do you love about what I showed you about
the software the most leave me a comment below and let me know your feedback and
also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell
because I’m dropping weekly videos on cool topics like this basically every
single week now without fail well that being said there is only one more thing
to say always remember you’re just a 10-minute email away I’ll catch you in
the next video

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  1. Tina Whalen Post author

    Thanks Ben Awesome value an these software rocks

  2. Profits & Paradise Post author

    Hey guys. What did you most like about this software? Comment below and let me know.

  3. Alex Haney Post author

    Keep up all the good ranking tips Ben.

  4. Make Money Online Biz Op Post author

    Are you limited to only one post a day? Or do you have to wait a few hours to submit more of your videos?

  5. Cedric Aubry Post author

    Hey Ben, I'm using the syndicator myself, first time I see someone drop is keywords in the post title. Interesting. I just normally drop them in the tags and in the all in one SEO pack keyword space. Will go test your strategy. Look like it's working great, you are #2 for best youtube seo software. Love your Video 😉

  6. Arie Hendarin Post author

    how many videos can we rank per month using this tool ?

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    Is it good or bad to go back in to videos and change my titles and descriptions

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    I'm confused.. if it's the beat SEO software out there for YT, why after 9 months you only have 1800 views?

  11. Larry Brockington Post author

    If the drip feature works as good as I've presented it, this could be a Game-Changer!


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