Best SEO Podcast 311 – Improve Your Landing Page Conversions

By | August 28, 2019

2016-02-19 Podcast 311 Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown
Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, the owner of eWebResults. Chuck: I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results
Advocate. Chris: Welcome back to another fun-filled
edition of our podcast, this is podcast number — Chris & Chuck: 311. Chris: Yeah, as always, we do have a tip from
our previous podcast, and our tip is design display ads based off your audience. Chuck: Look, if you know your target audience
is looking for a certain type and they respect a certain color and a certain language, do
your display ads with the same messaging. Chris: Tip from podcast 310. Alright, please remember, we are broadcasting
live from Houston, Texas, and we are your friendly local neighborhood — Chris & Chuck: Top Position Snatchers. Chris: And our mantra is — Chuck: Don’t be a douche. Chris: Do not be a douche. Chuck: It’s not a good look. Chris: It is a bad look. I have a good article that we’re going to
discuss today. Chuck: We have a great article. Chris: And that article is — Chuck: 6 Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page
Conversion Rate. 6 Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion
Rate. Punch in the face to The AdVenture Media Group. Chris: PTIF! PTIF! Chuck: They posted this over on Search Engine
Journal. We’ll dig in a little later. Chris: Excellent, what’s the point of sending
people to your site if they don’t convert. Chuck: If they don’t convert, exactly. Chris: That’s not a good thing. Hey, if you’re in a position to, you have
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analysis to make sure it’s steered in the right direction for you, your business. Chuck: And your objectives. Like we really want to know, what are you
trying to accomplish, and that way, we can tell you what you need to do with your site. Chris: Absolutely. Do we have any Algo Cats? Chuck: No Algo Cats today, no Algo Cats. Chris: There is no Algo Cats today. Do you have any PTIFs? I’ve got one. Chuck: You’ve got a PTIF? Chris: Yeah, I got one. So this is Jeff Smith, and he has an SEO company
that called, he told them to check out our podcast. So this is a punch in the face for Jeff. He’s our client, right? I had a note that I took like Tuesday or something. So we’ve got a client, punch in the face to
Jeff Smith. Chuck: Can I tell you what he told me before
you do that? Chris: Yeah. This came from you so. Chuck: Not even that. I was talking to him yesterday, and he said
he literally sent this, I thought this was awesome. He said he was talking about making plans
because peak season is coming, and he was like dude, I’m already getting too many leads. Chris: Okay. Chuck: To the point where I’ll propose this
and we can half out just because that’s as fast as we can get to them. Chris: Wow! Punch in the face to you and to me because
we’re churning results and he is a good businessman, he’s going to figure out how to accommodate
those. Chuck: Exactly. Then he got a call, right? You know how it is, a lot of you guys probably
get calls or emails. Chris: We get. Would you like to be on our first page on
Google? Chuck: That’s where you found me, yes, exactly. So he got a call, SEO company offered him
SEO services and he told them. Chris: He said why don’t you call eWebResults
because they handle all of my… No, he told him to check out our podcast. Chuck: Check out our podcast. He’s like you guys need to go watch [00:04:37]
[Indiscernible] Internet Marketing SEO podcast. Chris: Punch in the face to Jeff Smith. Chuck: That’s what’s up. Chris: That’s awesome. You’ve got any PTIFs? Chuck: That’s it for my PTIFs. Chris: Okay. I’ve got just a little bit of news. It was in the news. You know Ransomware, where they’ll come in,
somehow something will get into your internet system, your network. Chuck: They’ll lock you up and say “hey, you
pay us if you want access.” Chris: If you want to unlock, and there was
some hospitals that ended up paying 17 grand to get that done. I thought it was pretty interesting. Chuck: That sucks. Chris: It does, right? At the end of the day, you know what that
really means? They didn’t have proper backups. Chuck: Exactly, that’s all that meant, because
if we had a backup. We do, everything is backed up. Chris: Yeah, we are not paying that. Chuck: We will just push this back up somewhere
else and then fix whatever hole. Chris: Fix the hole, roll it back and then
manually make whatever changes you might have to make since the last backup. Chuck: Exactly. Chris: It just means that their last backup
was long enough ago that it was cheaper to pay 17,000. Chuck: 17,000. Chris: Well, a lot cheaper, because you pay
17k and you don’t even know if anything is going to happen, you’re dealing with crooks. Thank you for the 17k, may I have another. Chuck: Yeah, exactly. That was just too in flash. Chris: Yeah, you paid that really quick, it
usually takes more to pay, I think you have another 17. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: I just thought this was cool, smartwatches
are more popular than Swiss watches. Chuck: Yep, dig that. Chris: Chuck’s got one. Chuck: Let me tell you why smartwatches are
more popular. The biggest feature which is probably, ironically
should be promoted more, safety on the road, because we all get text messaging notifications
while we’re driving. Chris: And you want to check them out. Chuck: Yeah, because it may be wifey, it may
be my kids, it may be the job, it may be some important thing. Chris: Get some milk, get some bread. Chuck: Exactly, and you don’t want to stop
and look down at your phone but while I’m driving — Chris: …with his hand up on the wheel. Chuck: Yeah, I can glance over and be like
oh, and then keep it moving. Chris: Feel the vision, still right. Chuck: Yeah, it makes checking notifications
easier while behind the wheel. Chris: A lot easier. Chuck: I don’t know if that’s a good thing
or not. Chris: Easier, no. Safer, yes. I mean, it’s interesting, I’m in a networking
group and our insurance guy came in and said hey, I’ve got great news, all other insurance
companies in the state of Texas are raising insurance, ours are staying the same, because
we raised them 3 weeks ago, and it’s because of distracted drivers, insurance rates are
going up. Chuck: Makes sense. Chris: That’s a little scary. Piece of news, I thought this was very interesting,
a lot of new answers to this. Apple is refusing a court order to decrypt
that the Federal Government has requested. McAfee, kind of a lunatic genius guy, has
offered to unlock that iPhone, says it’s going to take them 3 weeks. Chuck: That sucks McAfee, like come on! Really McAfee? Chris: So the FBI said this, or paraphrased. This is paraphrased, it says that “there should
not be locks that the FBI can’t break.” Chuck: I disagree, and I agree with Apple. Punch in the face to you Apple for standing
on your loins and not bowing down to big bad government about trying to break people’s
privacy. Like I understand he was a criminal, and by
all means comply, right? With whatever you can do that doesn’t affect
the privacy of your users, I’m team Android so I wouldn’t be affected, and frankly, Google
has already released that data. But the point I’m making is, because there
is a back door Android, but the point I’m making is, the FBI I think is trying to intrude. Punch in the face to you Apple for doing that,
and McAfee, kick in the shin. Chris: It’s just for publicity. Chuck: I know it is, but still. Chris: Okay. So punch in the face from the smart publicity
angle, kick in the shins if you actually try and do it. Chuck: No, I’m going with Norton. Chris: Oh that sounds, totally smokes. Chuck: And I hate Norton. Chris: When I see Norton on a computer of
an I.T client, I remove it. Chuck: When I see Norton, my stomach starts
to hurt. I don’t know why, it’s like uhhh… Chris: It’s pretty bad. That will be a debate for eternity. Do you give up privacy and certain rights
for safety. Chuck: For security and safety. Chris: I think Benjamin, it wasn’t Benjamin,
I think there’s Jefferson that said “people willing to sacrifice rights for security deserve
neither”, nor rights nor security. Chuck: Nor rights nor security. Interesting. Chris: Yes, that was a good quote. Something like that, that was clearly a paraphrase
because it was an old quote. Chuck: Yeah, that may have been from like
Thomas Anjo [Phonetic] Chris: Alright, so, you’ve got any news? Chuck: Thomas Jefferson are actually the same
person, right? Chris: Right. You got some? Chuck: I do have some news. So dig this, Google Translate is now available
on over 100 languages. Chris: Wow! Chuck: Yeah, they said Google announces today
that it has updated its translate with 13 new languages, now offering languages between
103 language in total. They also said with the new languages, Google
says Translate now covers 99% of languages used by the online population. That’s what’s up. I’m just curious on how accurate is it? Chris: When I saw it I was like “and Google
also announces the accuracy has increased to 100%, so now it’s 20.” Chuck: Exactly. Like that accuracy really needs some attention. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: And I got one of those too. So Microsoft introduces advertisers to the
new Bing network. So you know, poor Yahoo. So basically, their search partnership is
done, it’s no more Yahoo Bing Ad network, it’s only the Bing network and now they’re
migrating everything over to the new Bing network. So if you’re running ads on Yahoo, those will
continue to run for a limited time. You have to make some adjustments at some
point, but at that point, you’ll probably just want to stop it. Chris: Just turn it off. That’s it? Chuck: That’s it. Chris: Alright. So I’ve got a couple of reviews. This one is on Stitcher and it is — Chris & Chuck: 5 stars! Chris: It says “fun and accessible, adding
value. I admit it. At first, I was skeptical, these guys just
find an article from one of them major SEO websites and read it out, but they really
add value.” So first off, we don’t just find an article. Chuck: We don’t just find an article. Like today’s, who is this by? Chris: This is by Digi Don Draper [Phonetic] Chuck: Cool name. Chris: Digi Don Draper [Phonetic] Chuck: Digi Don Draper [Phonetic] It’s a kind
of cool name. So dig this, for today’s article, sponsored
by The AdVenture Media Group, 6 Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions. I went through 17 articles to get to this
one, read all 17 of them, scrutinized all 17 of them to present this one. Chris: Yeah, so you’re getting like the crème
de la crème. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: It’s not just like “ah lets choose
that article.” “But they really add value, they’re working
on the cold face using the tips and advice from these articles with real clients and
businesses, and they tell you what works and what doesn’t and why. I’m not familiar with the phrase cold face. I’m thinking cold miner, hard work, like digging
in? Chuck: I’m just like cold face, I’m not sure
what you mean either. I am working with the cold face. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Exactly! That’s all I work with, it’s cold face. Chris: They also manage to have fun along
the way which in the technical world of SEO if no bad thing in my book. Charles has his rapping mojo back. I don’t remember when you lost it. Chuck: Yeah, but I’ll take that. Chris: So we’ve kind of gone in from just
choosing articles to cold face to got my mojo back. Chuck: Got my mojo back, I kind of dig it. Chris: You know what? Punch in the face to you. Digi Don Draper. [Phonetic] Chuck: For the name itself. Chris: Next also, — Chris & Chuck: 5 stars! Chris: This is by Ambiance design and it says
a truly informative podcast for startups and for really any business that wants to utilize
the internet to promote their business. They are honest and upfront, no sugar coating,
a little/lot cunny. Chuck: Like I’m a little cunny, he’s a lot
cunny. Chris: I’m cool with that, that’s how I grew
up. “But they haven’t spent any money on cool
yet, but that’s okay.” Chuck: So Ambiance design, I don’t know how
to spend money on cool. I thought I was like default cool, like I
wake up cool, I permeate cool. Chris: You know what? You’re like Digi Don Draper [Phonetic] cool. Chuck: Exactly. It’s cold face cool. Chris: By the way, the issue is on [00:13:00]
[Indiscernible] money for cool. Chuck: So you pay for cool. Chris: We are doing that, we have been spending
anyway. Punch in the face to you Ambiance design. Chuck: I appreciate you for tuning in and
your support man! Chris: And for leaving a star. Chuck: Hopefully, the review came with a follow. Chris: Yeah. This one is also — Chris & Chuck: 5 stars! Chris: It says “great podcast, could be longer.” Chuck: Really? That’s a first. We’ve been trying to trim it down. Chris: Yeah, and this was from Kevin Norene
[Phonetic} It says I have returned to upping my SEO game. Chuck: Welcome back. Chris: Welcome back. And I am glad to hear these familiar faces,
very informative and really relevant. Chuck: That says voices. Chris: Yeah, familiar voices. Chuck: You said faces. Chris: Oh yeah, because it’s cold faces. Alright, “very familiar voices, very informative
and relative.” I think that’s me, relatable. Chuck: I don’t know how you got faces. Chris: There’s an “f” in the word before,
and it ends in ‘s”, I don’t know. So that was our 3 “5 star” reviews for today,
thank you very much. We are the most popular internet marketing
podcast on iTunes. Chuck: And apparently, we do this in cold
face, we permeate cool and it shouldn’t be long. Chris: It shouldn’t be long, I like that. Alright, so that is the potatoes of our podcast,
time to get into the meat. Chuck: So like I said, good punch in the face
to The AdVenture Media Group. They posted this article 6 Quick Tips to Improve
Landing Page Conversion Rates on Search Engine Journal. So let’s dig in. They start off by saying, however, you could
be making a convincing argument to those already interested in your product or services, that
you are the best option. So again, they’re talking about on the landing
page itself, this argument that people who visit this page, why are they there. So, I believe he’s absolutely right. The purpose, the whole purpose of that landing
page is to highlight your particular product or service, really exclusively from the other
products and services that you may offer. So usually, when there is a landing page,
it’s likely coming from a paid campaign or some other specific type of campaign but that
landing page is usually striped down, right? Smaller menu, less distractions and so that
way, when people land, you can be a little bit more specific, a little bit more focused
on what your offer is and you have a higher chance to convert. So that’s exactly what he’s saying, that your
page, that’s why people go to those pages. So your page should do that pretty effectively. So he gives us 6 tips. Number 1. Chris: 1. Chuck: They say brevity and clarity of the
copy, right? We’re talking about your text on here, your
content. Brevity and clarity of the copy. He says first off, website visitors don’t
read, they scan through. He also says important text should be formatted
in bullet points, short lists and colors, avoid long paragraphs in almost every instance
and even avoid complete sentences when possible. Not quite sure about that, I wouldn’t promote
grammar, but I get what he says. Shorter sentences is what I think he was leaning
towards, but he’s right, people don’t read, they do scan. I do like a combination read, scan. Chris: Yeah, like Cyborg thing. That’s like a cold face read. Chuck: Exactly, and that’s what I do, that’s
what he does, and that’s what a bulk of people who find your content will do. Chris: I’m probably the bigger reader in the
office, right? No. Chuck: No. You’re not. Chris: Daniel. Chuck: Yeah, Daniel reads, he’s a creative
writer supposedly. Chris: He’s like reading every word and analyzing
them as he goes, like a writing Cyborg. Chuck: Exactly. Chris: And I’m probably next and still, I’m
a skimmer. Chuck: Skimmer, that’s the word I was looking
for. Chris: Like where is the right piece of information. Is it here? Nope, move on. Chuck: And move on. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: So what I would say is make it really
easy to understand what this page is about, and more importantly, what the point is you’re
trying to make on this page. So visitors shouldn’t struggle. They shouldn’t struggle to understand what
it is that you offer and how to get it from you. So if reading this content, and in this content,
you’ve got some bullet points about, I don’t know, maybe the features of your product or
service, the advantages of using your product or service, the benefits of using that product
or service, bulletize this, make it easy to find, maybe even supply some supporting graphics. The point here is making the brevity and the
clarity of your copy easy to understand, easy to digest, so people can know exactly what
it is they offer. Chris: And use one phrase, like “never make
your visitor work.” Chuck: Yeah, they shouldn’t struggle. Chris: Struggle, that’s right. Chuck: Struggle is the word I use. Chris: We get customers who will show us a
website or I’m doing a website analysis, I’m on the phone with them, I’m like where’s your
phone number. He’s like “well, it’s right at the contact
button”, why are you making them click the contact button, it’s at the bottom of the
page. Chuck: Why are you making them scroll, right? Chris: Yeah. Chuck: So people shouldn’t have to struggle,
I should just land on this page. Chris: They shouldn’t have to struggle, they
shouldn’t have to think. Chuck: Exactly, it’s supposed to be really,
really easy. Number 2. Chris: 2. Chuck: He says understanding triggers, he
says triggers are what we use to draw attention to an action that we make. So let’s be clear here, trigger is different
from your call to action, okay? Your call to action may be, I don’t know,
“get a free web analysis”, or “buy this pair of Jordans”, or “subscribe to my newsletter”,
or whatever your call to action is. The trigger, what he’s talking about understanding
is what makes people take that action, right? So for example, maybe you want to order some
exclusive pair of Jordans, then that trigger is “limited availability.” Chris: That’s the emotional trigger. Chuck: Exactly, the triggers are usually benefit
from FOMO or stuff like that. Chris: I can see their hairs standing on the
back of your head when you hear limited. Chuck: Like limited? Like oh… Chris: Okay, how limited? Chuck: Exactly. It’s limited like “limited, get now”, or limited
where a [00:18:37] [Indiscernible] at the store put these to the side, or limited like
too late limited. But the key is it triggered me to taking action,
right? So maybe your action is subscribe, so you
go “subscribe to my newsletter”, it will only take a minute. “Don’t miss another tip”, that’s a great one,
or stay informed, right? Give people some sort trigger that really
colorize the value of what your action is. Chris: Yep. Chuck: Make your landing page a little bit
more effective. Number 3. Chris: 3. Chuck: Affinity. I was like man, affinity! Cool word and I know what that means to, but
he goes on to say the editorial tone of your site should confirm (to a degree) and validate
your visitors’ sense of belonging. Affinity, what does it really say? Chris: We talk about this regularly, yes. Chuck: Yeah, do they belong here, are they
in the right spot, are you communicating the message the way they need to hear it, the
way they’re accustomed to hearing it, right? Or do they feel out of place. Chris: Or have you written it in old English. Chuck: Exactly. Chris: Have you written it in Harvard, whatever
that means. Chuck: Have you written it in ebonics, have
you written this in slang, have you written this in first person, have you written it
in third person, is it too urban, is it too corporate, understand who your visitor is. Chris: Affinity, I like that. Chuck: Affinity, great word. Punch I’m the face for choosing that. The concept here is to speak the right lingo,
choose the right colors, have the right design, have the right functionality for your target
audience. If your target audience is millenials, and
the bulk of your visits happen on mobile devices, then speak to them. Chris: Make sure you paid separately. Chuck: But speak to them in that fashion,
you know, short sentences, smaller words, because frankly, they have a short attention
span. It’s kind of how that works. Maybe your target audience is baby boomers,
and they tend to use Bing and IE for some strange reason, and they’re Windows users
and they’re also on desktop. Okay, then at this point, you may want to
go with short paragraphs, you may want to go with complete sentences because this is
how they tend to absorb content. Oh that’s the Facebook group. Chris: Oh okay. I was kind of like — Chuck: …some messaging? Chris: Yeah. Chuck: So they key is speaking to the right
audience, with the right message on your landing page, making sure that they feel like they’re
in the right spot. Worst thing to ever do is plan on something,
go there, and when you get there, you’re like I am in the wrong spot. Chris: This is not what I thought. Chuck: Exactly. And that happens on your site a lot. If you’ve got a high bounce rate, then chances
are either you’re really converting really, really well, or your affinity really, really
sucks. One of the 2. Chris: Or caught in the middle. Chuck: Which kind of falls into affinity. Chris: Yeah, definitely. Chuck: Number 4. Chris: 4. Chuck: Reciprocity. Like the art of reciprocating. He says that studies have shown that even
a small token gesture will often motivate the recipient to return the gift with a disproportionately
large reciprocation. Oh my God! What does that mean, it means that usually
when you get something away free and they accept it, then they kind of feel that they
have to return the favor. Chris: And they’re willing to do bigger than
what you did. Chuck: Than what you did, exactly. Especially if they perceive great value from
what you gave them, so that’s why you can’t just start churning out garbage content and
garbage e-guides and kind of crappy stuff. Put some thought into it, put some work behind
it so there can actually be some value, and then give it away free. Give it away free, and the key thing here
is when you give it away free is make sure that your marketing is listed up right, so
when they go to your site and they do get that away free, they do end up on some mailing
list, they do end up on your audience lust, and so now, as you begin to market to them
later, with actual paid products, then they have a higher likelihood of buying that from
you because they already took something free from you. Chris: They feel they need to reciprocate. Chuck: Exactly. Chris: 5. Chuck: Number 5. Social proof. I like this one. They go on to say that for social proof to
be an effective aspect of our web design, we need large numbers of people acting in
a certain way, and we need those people to be as much like us as possible. What does that mean with social proof? Yeah, you need to display your social proof. If you have your Facebook shares, Facebook
likes, Twitter followers, rewets, your subscriber counts, your reviews, testimonials, all of
that kind of stuff was social proof. People need social proof to make decisions
these days, which is one of the reasons why we tend to use the Facebook page plug-in on
all of our sites. Why? Because the plug-in does a great job of showing
you your friends that have liked that page. So that way, when people visit your website
that we happened to build for you, if any of their friends have liked you on Facebook,
then their pictures will show up, it kind of increases the engagement. Chris: More engagement, more likely to buy,
trust factor. Chuck: Like okay, my people like this. 10 of my friends have liked this page, awesome. Chris: I should like it too. Chuck: I should like this page. Chris: Engage. Chuck: Or even more, may even contact one
of them. Hey, I know that you liked them, I’m thinking
about buying something from them, how is that experience? Chris: What do you think? Chuck: Exactly. So social proof is a huge deal for getting
conversions on your landing page. last one. Number 6. Chris: 6. Chuck: They say don’t defy convention, right? Don’t defy convention. And what they say about that is you know,
make every element on that page as familiar as possible. We talk about this all the time, and frankly,
at one point, we even got. Chris: Punch in the face for that. Chuck: Yeah. Chris: That’s a punch, another punch, an upper
cut. Chuck: Over the top, all of that. Because what happens is, a lot of times, people
want to do something extremely cool. extremely different, off the charts different,
which is great. I’m not crapping on creativity at all, but
at the same time, people look for certain conventions, they look for logos here, they
look for phone numbers there, they look for certain stuff above the fold, they look for
on a mobile device a menu bar, like they just look for these things, a consistent easy menu. So the point is, don’t lose that, don’t try
to be too creative where you’re really, really cool, and really, really not functional. Because then, you really, really get a high
bounce and you really, really won’t grow. Instead, got to stick to name and conventions,
you’ve got to do what people are expecting to see. Ain’t nothing wrong with doing it better,
ain’t nothing wrong with making your menu faster, making it look a little different,
we’re talking about where it is, and how people use it. Functionality is the key here. Don’t change from that. So keep it consistent, and I’ll say this,
menus, quack functionality, page layout, things like that, responsiveness, those are the things
you need to kind of keep consistent because people have a certain level of expectation. Chris: Yeah. Chuck: Dude. The AdVenture Media Group, great article. Punch in the face to you guys. 6 Quick Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversion
Rates. Chris: Awesome. Do we have any “what!”? Chuck: Oh! Do I have some “what!” news? Chris: You do. Chuck: Oh yeah. I do go some “what!” news. Chris: We have some “what!” Chuck: No, it wasn’t “what!”, it was like… Chris: We have some “really!” — Chuck: …news. Yeah. So this “really!” news goes to Jeb Bush, and
you guys probably know this, “”, that’s the domain name that he’s been using
for years for all of the things he has campaigned for and run for, and currently, potential
presidential candidate Jeb Bush, didn’t renew his domain name. Not only did he not renew is, as much as I
dislike Trump, punch in the face to Donald Trump and his team for being aware that this
domain name has expired. Not only did they buy it, they redirected
it to their site. So a couple ways he could have done it. If I was him, being the ultimate douche he
is, I’m surprised he didn’t put up a whole other site. Chris: About the bad stuff about Bush. Chuck: About all of the candidates under his
domain name. That’s probably what I would have done if
I was him. Or redirecting it actually had the better
SEO value which I think why he probably had a team or agencies, like you know what? He’s been using this in, so all his link juice,
everybody who’s linking to Jeb Bush, including the Government and everything, the Bush’s
do, just redirect all of this link juice from link authority to “” Chris: Wow! And we were just talking about how Google
can impact a presidential candidate. Chuck: Exactly. Chris: You type presidential candidates, the
first one that shows up, most people are going to give a little credibility to. Chuck: Yeah. So punch in the face ironically to the Trumps
for being aware and taking advantage of the opportunity. Chris: Kick in the shin. Chuck: Kick in the shin to you. Chris: That’s like a full month. So the site is down for a full month before
anything can happen. Chuck: Yeah, you get time, you’ve got some
emails, somebody on your squad has got some emails. Hopefully, it wasn’t one of the people he
let go. But somebody got an email that said hey, this
domain name is expiring, dah, dah, dah… you need to renew it, and if it was [00:27:35]
[Indiscernible] and you get that email like every day for the last week. So yeah. Chris: That’s crazy. Chuck: Got to do better. Chris: I think this is the first kick in the
shins and punch in the face, like related incidence. Chuck: Yeah, that’s like literally a presidential
punch in the face and a presidential kick in the shin. Like come on. Chris: Alright. Hey, if you’re looking to grow your business
with the largest… Chuck: By the way, let me just say this, if
you can’t renew your domain name, you’re probably not ready to run the country. Chris: Yeah. I mean, it’s hard not to think that. If you can’t put the right team together to
do that. Chuck: To renew your domain name. Chris: Alright. If you’re looking to grow your business with
the largest simplest marketing tool on the planet. Chuck: The internet. Chris: Call eWebResults for increased revenue
in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, that’s somebody who’s
interested in internet marketing, web design, even consulting; send them to us, they pay
their bill, we pay you. We’ve got a good referral program. Remember this show was filmed live at 5999,
West 34th Street, suite 106, Houston, Texas 77092. A transcript and video of this podcast are
available on our website Hey you guys have made us the most popular
internet marketing podcast on iTunes, you guys are engaging with us socially. Chuck: We appreciate it. Chris: You guys are writing reviews, asking
questions. Chuck: Send us some more questions, send us
some more questions. Chris: Yeah, more questions will be good. Chuck: And reason being, because we’re working
on another project that we want to offer, where you guys can really log in and get some
exclusive content and things like that. So send us questions, the type of questions
you’ll be interested in learning, or questions you just wanted to ask. Chris: If you wanted access to exclusive content,
what will that exclusive content be? Chuck: Yeah, exactly. Chris: Because we can put together almost
anything. That’s the end of the podcast, until the next
podcast, my name is Chris Burres. Chuck: Charles Lewis. Chris: Bye-bye for now

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