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By | August 10, 2019

Looking for SEO company New York? Hello, Before you order any services from my company,
I would like you to see who you is going to provide local SEO company New York to your business
what kind of results you can expect. Unlike many other companies out there, we
work with few customers that have all our full attention. Our goal is to rank your website,
video or page (yelp page for example) on first page of Google, which will tremendously increase
your traffic, number of customers and sales. There are few options that we offer: 1) Video ranking is good for several reasons.
Videos have better click through rate which means more traffic, sales and customers. We
have hundreds of videos professionally made for different niches ranging from restaurants
and doctors to pluming and gold buying. You could also provide us your own video if you’d
like and we will take care of the rest. List of our videos is located in the description
below. 2) Local SEO company New York for websites which will
include website and competition analysis, keyword research, on-page SEO and off- page
SEO, citations and everything that is needed to rank your webpages. If you
don’t have a local Google Plus page for business, we will take care of that as well. 3) One thing that I would like to mention
is that not every website can rank due to the latest updates of Google: “Panda” and
“Penguin” algorithms were changed, and many websites lost their position in Google because
of the way the previous SEO work was done and the websites got penalty. So instead of
doing something that won’t work even after a few months, it is better to create a new
website, video, etc. You probably already know that being on first
page of search engines is very profitable for business, and it can bring hundreds or
maybe thousands of clients every month (depending on your niche). And now you are
wondering: how much will it cost you? All the services that I’ve mentioned earlier
will cost you only $300 for the first month and $200 for every following month. Just think
how many clients will cover the costs of your investment in local SEO
company New York. You can start working with us by making a
deposit of $100 to our verified Paypal account (link below), and after we agree on terms,
payment in full will be due. In case we won’t agree
on something before making the full payment, your $100 will be refunded the same day. I guarantee that we will work hard on your
project and do our best to make sure your website or video will be on first page (simply
because we want to keep you as a client and get referrals from you). If for any reason you won’t be satisfied with
the results you will get the refund of up to $200 of your first month payment
and we will keep our videos. Thank you for watching my videos. Links are
in description.

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