Best Seo Book Review

By | August 11, 2019

Honestly, my favorite, and this is not actually
a book itself, it’s a video series. I am not affiliated with this person, is Link Liberation
by Dan Thies. It’s an 11 hour video course which is very detailed. Dan Thies, I think
he’s one of the very well respected names in the SEO business. He goes into great detail
about how you get links, what you do on the website. He touches upon some subjects which
are a little bit unnecessary to know, but if you really want something thorough, I would
go with the Link Liberation. I think he has the 2.0 version that came out recently.
Another example would be also Dan Thies book ‘SEO Primer’. It’s a very short, 36 page ebook
that can be downloaded free of charge. Other stuff? I think in terms of SEO books, because
SEO is something that evolves over time. Although the main issue, principles still remain the
same would be going to websites like SEOmass or Search Engine Land. They always have these
free resources that you can just download and talk to people. Some of these websites, they have paid versions.
They have membership sections, but you can also use their free sections as well. Stuff
written by Dan Thies, SEOmass and Search Engine Land, I would recommend those specific resources
to get you started with SEO.

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