Best Real Estate Marketing – Simple Local SEO Strategy For Agents

By | August 13, 2019

hey guys welcome to a great awesome new edition of John Jay podcast on marketing by Jonathan today I’m actually gonna talk about an awesome awesome real estate local SEO strategy that I have put together for you guys this is basically for real estate agents so as an agent you actually have the opportunity to rank on Google Maps a lot of people may be looking for agents to sell their home or even agents to buy a home so when people are searching for that and they see Google Maps instead of just real estate agencies or widget real estate local real estate shops you can actually appear within those listings so here’s my strategy the first thing you do is you want to build a Google my business listing now the one cool thing about Google my business is that if you deliver services or goods to a person you can actually hide your address so you don’t necessarily need to have an address on Google my business you can hide your address and then add how many miles around that address you actually service within five miles within ten miles or you can add multiple zip codes I don’t suggest to add too many zip codes I suggest that add the ones that are more interest to you as far as you know what’s closest to you them to your address once you do that you need to link it to a website now many real estate agents might not have a website and if you’re starting off as a real estate agent you might need to build a website actually Google my business offers a website for you for free so one page landing page has your telephone number or wait for them to message you and then some information you use you can add like frequently asked questions a little bit about yourself and some bio and you want to add all of this into your Google my business website you can also add photos and images and Google my business that would be either past houses you have sold pictures of yourself maybe pictures of your family to show that empathy of a family owned business or a family man or a family woman that’s in the real estate field and you also want to add the messaging tool which people can actually text message you removal my business so if a person is interested in once more information they can text you from their phone if they see you on Google Maps so let’s go after you’ve done that let’s go to the next level you’ve created Google my business you’ve created your free website in which you can even buy a domain name on Google if you’d like but it’s not necessary you’ve built this and then the next thing I suggest is to build more of an authority so you’ve build the relevance now you want to build more of an authority to build this authority it’s basically creating more directory listings Google sees this as a way to be able to trust that you’re listening is is is legitimate listening in order to do this you would want to hook up with software like next Y ext which you can tell it to hide your address and it’ll take your in business information and put it on the top directories it’s gonna ask for description and seen it has four pictures is gonna ask for key words you want to fill every single bit of information you can on that dashboard it’s three hundred and fifty bucks a year to do that there’s also other systems like bright local that does the same thing as yaks it’s just a little bit more manual there’s like a half and a half manual part or you can do things like white and spark which is completely manual though build these citations for you send your username and password and you have all of this things all of it done manually by a human you can do all those three things now the last part of it is building your local presence so the way you want to build your local presence is you want to be able to have some type of Chamber of Commerce membership so if you are a member into Chamber of Commerce you can see if they can hide your address and just include your link and that will get some authority for your newly created website on Google to be able to rank because Google can see that your legitimate and you’re on the Chamber of Commerce other businesses are like Better Business Bureau or if there’s any real estate agent directory that you can add yourself if you have any questions you can always email me at INF Oh at John gon yellow NSO calm you guys have an awesome day

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