Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Beginners To Earn Fast Commissions

By | November 3, 2019

what’s going on everyone Attan here
and in today’s video I’m going to share with you the best affiliate marketing
strategy for beginners to earn fast commissions. I’m going to share with you
exactly where to find offers where to find the traffic everything’s going to
be explained inside with a few tips and tricks and secrets so all you need to do
is pay attention watch the whole video here so you don’t miss out on any
important information regarding this affiliate marketing strategy so you can
get started to earn fast commissions. I do have my number one recommendation also
right here below this video that you can have a closer look at when we have
finished this video of course alright with that being said let’s get started
okay so the best affiliate marketing strategy is something that is based on a
course I created which is daily list profits you can see here proof that it
is working it has been working it still works this is the number one preferred
method it is about email list building but I’m going to show you also on how to
do this the right way okay because if you don’t know what you’re doing you are
really going to get lost and lose a lot of money also so pay attention as I said
this is proof you can see I’ve been working with a few affiliate networks
here Clickbank here or some cpa networks they do payout via paypal you can of
course do this also with warrior plus but i’m going to focus on today on
something for you to really get started as fast as possible so first let me
explain a little bit on how we are going to make this work okay let me draw a
little bit here it really is a three-step formula so if i just make
this pretty big we need of course traffic we need something called an
opt-in page some people call it so a squeeze page and of course we need
the offer here now this is really super easy and simple formula and doesn’t have
to be any complicated more complicated than this actually so I’m going to show
you a little bit backwards here actually first first we need to find an offer and
instead of go to Wario Plus because the vendors need to know you you need to be
accepted and if you’re totally new it can be a little bit tricky there to be
honest so what we are going to do is we are going to click Bank calm because
here when you have an account I’m not going to explain but you just create an
account here on Clickbank and whatever offer you’re going to apply for here
you’re going to be approached straight away so I’m going for the e-business and
emarketing here today because that is how we are going to drive traffic also
very fast we’re talking about make money online you can see here it is sorted by
popularity and I’m going to change this to gravity gravity is clickbank’s own
matrix and it is a good indicator that the product is converting and selling so
what we see here at the top is actually the 12-minute affiliate system this is
new also which makes it even better for us to promote this offer because if they
have seen the offer that has been promoted again and again from different
people they might not react on it and be like I don’t want this okay so keep that
in mind but I like this because this is a new
offer and we can have a quick look actually at the affiliate page here so
the affiliate page is going to explain a few things
there is the video here of course also with Devon here he explains that it
converts well so you can see here if you need any material at all
here are the acts upsells I’m sorry they do explain you can pick from different
sales page if you want to promote the webinar it
might convert better for you but to get started we are going to be satisfied to
promote the primary affiliate link here you can see the promotional banners if
you have a blog for example so we are going straight here and grabbing this
link so if you want to have a tracking idea you can add it now you can use this
ugly long link or you can go to a link shortener actually like bitly comm this
is a free option to get started with definitely a good way to get a shortened
link or if you want to have a tracker in place you can go for something like
click okay this has everything you need
actually to track and more okay you can do rotators you can add a lot of offers
inside there tons of features and are super easy and actually there is a free
trial to get started with this I can leave a link so you can get access to
the free trial below here okay so I’m gonna leave my link here that you can
get stored there for a free trial so it’s totally free
go ahead go through it actually to click magic in my opinion and we are going to
grab that link of course and we’re going to use it so now let’s get back here to
our drawing at our whiteboard here we need something called an opt-in page or
a squeeze page and of course we need an autoresponder without having explaining
anything to you go straight to a weber i’ve been testing
all the autoresponders have been a solo ad vendor I steal them actually but I
don’t sell to the public right now it might change from next month but I will
announce it later I’ve been testing all the autoresponders and trust me on this
one get started with Aweber no more talk
about this okay they do have the best therefore especially for make money
online but they have been around for so many years they are super legit and
definitely have the best ones the most I say begin a friendly platform they do
convert also very well so go ahead with Aweber okay and then we need something
like an opt-in page and squeeze page and this is how it looks what you need to do
is you need of course to create a free report or a case study in my case here I
actually did a free video where I show you on how I make four hundred and
twenty dollars in less than 24 hours and it is based actually on the method I am
sharing with you here today also there is also here is another example ok I do
have on my my IM tips which is my page of course and blog I do have free report
here the affiliate marketing supremacy and it is a free report also on how you
can make you $100 plus per day so you have to enter your email address and
then of course you have you will have been opted to my list here really simple
why we need to build a list instead of sending it straight to the offer I think
you already understand why because here you only have one shot and then goodbye
okay you spend money your spend time time is money so you spend money again
and you lose them because you only get one shot here you get a lot of shots
okay because you can promote again and again and you will of course put and
sequence in place here so they are going to receive emails every single day if
you should be with some value and every now and then you should have every third
or fourth email should be with promotion there and you don’t need to promote to
promote I’m sorry you don’t need to create these email swipes actually
because look at this if you focus on 12-minute affiliate you have one two
three four five six seven eight nine you have 16 swipes here you can insert
and send every single day if you want a heavenly promote on just this offer
alone here ok so you don’t have to think about it you have all the material just
insert it and gets the order with it so when we have this in place of course the
final thing is traffic now as I said earlier here I’ve been a solo ad vendor
this is my sales page I don’t sell to the public right now so don’t come here
and purchase any traffic but it might change from next month I do sell to some
vendors actually behind the scenes so I’m fully booked with those vendors for
now and I’m going to show you on actually
where you can get traffic on a reliable platform and that is so you
remain calm let me just go here sorry this is how it looks when I sign in here
with my profile and there is a few ways that you can find sellers now first
before we get started I will actually leave a link to this also so you can
sign up for free here on this platform this is a trustworthy reliable platform
here so you won’t get scammed so that is probably why you should go to you die my
straight away if you’re totally new and don’t know anything about solo ads here
so one way could be actually to go to find sellers here but you will get lost
because there are so many sellers here we have the solo deals also so what I
would do and what I do actually is I go to the forum section here and I go here
for the monthly competition so first we have the buyers then we have most I got
sales ratings this is a good indicator to get started with we can see here who
got so for example Jason I know this guy he’s a really trustworthy solo ad vendor
ok then we have the top sellers now this starts to get really super
interesting here so we have Jason once again we have Cody my have bought from
this guy I know this guy been working with this guy’s also here so I know them
they are trustworthy sellers he has 12 1 12 monthly movers and shakers contest so
let’s just open Jason and cut him here so we can see what this is all about
look at this I didn’t know this actually 44% of
ratings were by your report sales I mean this is almost one of two buyers they do
report that they have sales so I mean here is how you know that a solo ad is
going to work for you okay we have Jason with 24 this is still very good one of
four are going to make sales here and here is a secret tip I want to share
with you here okay don’t go 400 or even 200 visitors but go for at least 300
visitors because I seen it so many times during all those years has a vendor
people come they purchase 50 clicks hundred clicks and they expect to be
rich it doesn’t work that way if it was that easy everyone was would be reached
today so you need to purchase a bigger amount and that is cause for all paid
traffic I mean if you will spend on pay per click and on being or Google nuts
you can’t just expect to make 5 spend $5 and make 50,000 it doesn’t work that way
ok so you need to spend some money to make some money it is super easy and
simple all right so you get the 300 visitors you have in place here your
swipe and of course your link that you have inserted here ok and then all you
need to do is just add it to the cart the same goes whoever you want to buy
with ok so these are just two of the guys that I would go for I recommend
them and you can see here I mean it’s crazy 44 so I mean with 300 clicks
you’re definitely going to make sale here okay here is my
testimonial also I left in the past year and that is because I know everything is
working it is a good platform here trustworthy guys so everything is
working here okay it’s not fun to be scammed high-beam scammed in the past as
a vendor so I know exactly how it feels and that is why I want to share these
tips and tricks and secrets with you here today regarding solo ads solo ads
work but you need to know what to do and that is exactly what I’m sharing with
you here today so when you’re done that all you have to do is just sit back and
wait of course for the traffic so you have will have received the traffic and
you will check the stats and you will would have made your sales of course
there also so really simple straightforward three-step formula
strategy to make fast Commission’s with affiliate marketing this is definitely
it and of course you you can go faster you can skip to create your squeeze page
but you will lose tons of money and that is why I not recommend it so definitely
go the step create a squeeze page an opt-in page there is a click funnels
also you can do if you want to go for something ready-made otherwise you can
go for yourself hosted the resistance of variations here and whatever fits for
you whatever you think I don’t know you’ll know that you might be good at
creating squeeze pages so you can definitely go with instabuilder or
something like that I still work with instabuilder for example in my this is
this has been made actually my instabuilder anyway there you have it on
the best affiliate marketing strategy on how you can earn fast commissions now if
you’re interested in making a full time passive income online with the
sustainable online business with this method and much more I do have
my one recommendation right here below this
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here that’s it for today thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you soon

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