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By | September 9, 2019

Hello. Welcome to my website
In this short video, I will be explaining some basic SEO concepts. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.
I’m going to be basically touching the why, the what, and the how. Why do we care about
SEO? Because if we do SEO right, we’ll get more organic traffic, more free traffic coming
to our website and we can be more successful that way. Another reason is a side effect
is we might be building a better site, providing a better user experience for people visiting
our website. What is SEO? SEO is basically the art of guessing
what search engines want or looking for and trying to provide that to the search engine.
So it’s a mixture of common sense and technical items. We’re basically trying to reverse
engineer, to rank sites higher on the search results. How do we do SEO? There’s basically 2 items:
the common sense items and the technical items. The common sense items are things to try to
make your site look better, look more legit, more official, and look more pleasant. Things
like in About page, a contact form, a privacy policy page or a disclosure page if it’s
applicable to what you do. You want to be upfront with the people coming to your site
so they know what you’re about. Doing a nice navigation structure make it easy for
people to navigate around and a pleasant looking feel. Two important things: one, think carefully
of what keywords you want to rank high for. There’s no point in ranking high for a keyword,
working hard to rank high on keywords you don’t really care about or you can’t really
make money easily off of. So you need to make sure you are targeting the right keywords
if you’re targeting keywords. Take your time and study on the web, the competition.
Think about what people would search for, who are looking for what you’re providing. The second point is always key in everything
you do really. Before you become good at something, you need to look at the competition. Always
look at the competition. It’s free information, you can try to guess hundreds of hours of
work they spend. You can try to look at it, spend a few hours and gain some of their knowledge.
Always look at your competition, who’s ranking high on the current keywords and study those
sites. For example in Google, you can go and type
info: and the URL, a domain name or a full page URL. Google will return 4 pieces of information
about that URL and each one can be very interesting for you to analyze, especially the links one. So now let’s touch on the technical points.
Here on this little board, I put some of the technical points you might want to do. There
are full books on SEO…and remember, you can search anything I talk about. You can
ask on my website or you can search the web for more details about that topic. The first one you want to be careful when
you do basic SEO is the URL, the address people will type to find your webpage. That’s a
very good opportunity to get the keywords you want in that URL. It’s very important
for the search engines. Two, the backlinks. That’s key. Backlink
is a link that’s pointing to your page. Google came up with that concept. Basically,
a backlink is like a vote for your webpage. The more backlinks you get, the more people
are voting for your page and that means, your page is more important, more relevant. Now, what’s also important is the text people
using their backlink. The anchor tag text is important so you want them to be diverse
and you want them to be on topic. Now another important point to note here on
the backlinks is not all backlinks are equal. For example, a backlink from the BBC is going
to be very valuable. It might be worth 20 backlinks from these small and less important
sites. The quality of the backlink is important. The quantity of the backlink is important
and the anchor text of the backlink is important. So the less important things but things that
try to develop as a natural skill are the title of your page and the titles on your
page need to try to target those keywords or be pretty close to be related to the domain
you’re targeting. The content and meta tags… so the meta tags, you might want to search
that on Google… the keywords meta tag and the description meta tag can also be important.
So you don’t want to forget those if you have the time. And then when you write content on your website,
you want to try to be careful with the density. You want to try to have at least the keyword
you’re looking for in there multiple times. The exact number would vary depending on the
size of your article… up to 7 times might not be unreasonable if it makes sense. You
don’t want to deform your article. Always look at the competition here too. Look at
the articles that are ranking high, look at what they have, look at the density of the
keywords. It’s pretty tedious but if you really want to compete with other websites,
you really have to look at what they’re doing. The last point I have here is domain name.
You shouldn’t really pick a domain name to rank high. It should be the topic, it should
be something easy for people to remember, it should be your brand because you might
be with that for years. So you want to pick a domain name that fits what you’re doing. But just so you know, there’s a little loophole
right now in Google where the domain name is really favored a lot. People are buying
domain names with the keywords they want to rank high on and they’re making it to the
first page just nearly by doing that. Google is probably going to close that loophole in
the next few months. Remember that in everything you do, it needs
to look natural. It needs to look like it’s organic. Don’t force things so all the same
backlinks have the same anchor tag. You’re repeating the same expression you know, 20
times in your article. Try to look natural. But remember, always have SEO in the back
your mind. When you build a website, it can be very very important for the future of your
website. So I hope this helps. Til next time, take
care. Bye bye.

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    Wow! This is a helpful article on all around seo information! Thanks for sharing.

  2. ovalglobe316 Post author

    Good video; Very informative. Just what I was looking for and explained well.

  3. christophedelsolcom Post author

    @ovalglobe316 Thanks! Will try to find the time to do some more soon…

  4. Nicholas Hilton Post author

    I cant focus on what you are saying, the cameras change too much

  5. Abhijeet Jena Post author

    Which is more important among the following when we deal with the process of SEO ?
    1. Keywords
    2. Website Content
    3. Creating back links
    4. Posting Articles on Regular Basis

  6. christophedelsolcom Post author

    1) Quality back links
    2) Content
    3) Posting articles on a regular basis
    4) Keywords

  7. christophedelsolcom Post author

    sorry about that I'm still learning the video stuff. Will make more stagnant videos in the future…

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    all my video have Closed Caption (CC) it sometimes makes it easier to follow my points…


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