Basic Internet Marketing Funnel Sample

By | September 2, 2019

This is my trading business at the moment.
So up the front, it’s almost like a funnel I’ve got two products. We’ve got one that’s
called the Ultimate Trading Systems and one that’s called Basically
what they are is, if you imagine a business plan, a business needs a business plan to
get started. When you start trading the stock market, you need a trading plan. It’s very
similar to a business plan but tailored specifically to the stock market. So for trading, we created two products that
teach people how to design trading plans. Basically it’s just a step by step process.
First you need to get your psychology right, then you need to get your entries right, then
you need to get your money management right, then you need to get your exits right. At
the end of each chapter, I reference some of my products. So these are very cheap front
end products. The Ultimate Trading Systems we sell for $7. I don’t do that to make
money. I’m not going to get rich selling a $7 product. I do that, it’s a very easy on ramp for
my clients to get introduced. They pre qualify themselves somewhat because they’re spending
a little bit of money with me and they’re happy to use their credit card. Then they
start to build up the trust with me. Once they’ve built up the trust, then I can start
introducing them to my second product line. So how can you apply that in your business?
How can you make it, no matter what someone is doing, whether it is a free report, whether
it’s a free video, whether it’s a free something or a very low cost something where
someone can get to know the basics of your business? For Willows, we’ll just keep on
using that as an example, you could have a report or maybe it’s like a thirty day program
of getting fit at home or something like that, just basic tips on how to stay healthy. What does that do? That positions you as the
expert because you’re creating this content now. It gets them to get introduced to your
products and services and it’s very low risk for them to get on. So that’s what
I use for my front end. Then we’ve got a whole range of products next to that. So we’ve
got the Metastock Programming Study Guide which I told you about. We’ve got the DVDs
that we recorded. Then I made some other info products. We did Trading Secrets Revealed
which is a digital ebook and some videos as well. We’ve got a Darvas program, we’ve
got Subtle Trap of Trading, there are few other ones, Trading in a Nutshell. I won’t draw it all out but the main concept
is what I want you to get here. It’s this idea of having this cheap front end and then
at the end of each chapter I just reference the different products. So I sit there and
I say, ok, you’re up to selecting you charting package now. Well, we use Metastock. If you
want to find out more about Metastock, click here and while you’re at it, we also have
a home study course. So buy the home study course. That’s what we do from there. Then from there, we move, this second tier,
usually if you think about cheap and then this is maybe around the $100 range or something
like that. Then we move into slightly more expensive product. The Triple Your Trading
Profits DVD home study course sells for about $300. That now gets referenced in a few of
these products, not all of them, but a few of the products reference this course. That
is the next step up. Then finally we’ve got the Online Trading Mastermind which is
your ongoing continuity program. That is version 1, that’s were I got started.
I built this business and I didn’t even know I was building this business. I look
back now and I can see it and I can see where I went wrong. Where did I go wrong? Well, I didn’t build
it on a centralized shopping cart system, so it was very hard for me to get other people
to promote these different products. Ideally what I would have liked people to do, I would
have liked affiliates and we’ll talk about that a little bit later. I would have loved,
an affiliate is someone who can sell your product and will get a commission from it,
I would have loved an affiliate to be able to promote this and then get affiliate commission
for everything else that the person had bought after they sold them this. Then I would just go out and find people who
have my target market and I say, here, you sell them this course for $7 or I will give
you the $7, I don’t care you can have the whole upfront cost. It’s very enticing for
them, or maybe they give it away to their clients for free. It gets them into my funnel
and then they get connected through to the rest of the product.

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