Basic HTML for Web Design : Web Page Headers in HTML

By | December 8, 2019

Now we’re going to put an actual header on
our page. And there’s six different levels of headers. And really what this means is
that there’s just six different sizes and weights of a header. And so in our body text
that we just created, I’m going to go ahead and start with h1, and type Page Title, and
then you want to do the end bracket, /h1. And just as an example, I’m going to go ahead
and throw in an h3 too, just so you can see the difference, /h3 (if I can type, there
we go). I’m going to save this, and then just go in my web browser and still opened up to
the old file, and hit refresh. And up here we’re going to see this is Page Title and
header 1, and down here is Page Title and header 3, and it gets smaller from there.

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