Barnacle SEO Strategies for Printing Businesses

By | September 2, 2019

– [Voiceover] Welcome
to the Art Storefronts Success Coaching video series. In this video, we’ll be focusing on the
concept of Barnacle SEO specifically for art and
photo printing companies. And while you can use this
concept of barnacle SEO in many other ways, we’re gonna
specifically focus on Yelp. In this example, we’re working with Skyline Art Printing, a fine
art and photo printing company. First, let’s talk about
what barnacle SEO is. If we go to Google and type
in ‘fine art printing Austin’, which is where Skyline
Art Printing is located, and scroll down we can see they’re in the Google Maps results, they are in the SEO results,
but then also you see a third listing here from Yelp. On the first page of Google
they now have three listings and a powerful one here
with ratings from Yelp. And so if you consider
Yelp to be the boat, Skyline Art Printing is the barnacle attaching itself to a highly
credible website like Yelp, which Google will rank well on its own. And as a result, they
have another ranking here on the first page of Google for a high-traffic keyword search. Now, there would be no
reason to waste our time setting up a Yelp listing
and getting reviews and taking the time to do it, if the data didn’t prove that doing so was a good decision. So again, now we’re gonna
look at some of the statistics of Skyline Art Prints
to look at some data. And again we’re not going
to show any date ranges out of respect for the company. But as you can see here
Yelp is providing referrals. Thirty-two have come in, and out of that they are clearly converting. Three percent… pretty much right in the
line with all of the other sources of traffic. What’s amazing about this is
that people will actually go by this organic listing and
go directly to the Yelp because they feel like
it’s more trustworthy. And these professional
artists and photographers will read some of these reviews and see that this is a legitimate company and then as the data shows these people will immediately
come to the website and buy a fine art print or a photo print. Now the concept of registering
with Yelp and getting reviews sounds simple, but that’s not
what’s going to get Google to rank your Yelp listing
higher in the search engines. In order to figure out
what that strategy is we’ve got it right here
in our success plan and it’s in phase one if you scroll down you can see it right here. Now we’re not gonna click on it out of respect for our customers who are able to take
advantage of this information. But if you’re an existing customer, and you’ve already gone
through this and you’ve already registered with Yelp, I
recommend coming back here, reading the information that’s in here, and making sure that you are following it and that way you can get a
top five or a top ten listing on Google with your Yelp listing. And that’s it. So let’s go over the key takeaways: First, the concept of barnacle
SEO is a way to get you more organic search traffic
from the search engines. Second, Yelp happens to be a great boat to attach your barnacle to. Because as the date shows,
the professional artists and photographers that come to your website as a result of the Yelp
listing will immediately buy if you have an upload-to-print tool and are taking orders on the spot. And last, there is a very specific way to make sure that your listing ranks high in the Google search engines. So make sure you follow the
information in the success plan in order to make that happen. And that’s it. We’ll see you next time.

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