Baked Donuts with Spirulina Glaze | Naturally, Danny Seo

By | September 13, 2019

I’ve got my freshly milled oat flour
here and this gives me an idea how to make a donut that’s healthier and
still delicious and also gluten free it’s my baked donuts with spirulina
glaze this version first of all is a lot healthier we’re gonna bake the donuts
but – it’s so easy to make because you can put everything into a blender pour
it into a donut pan and just like that you’ve got fresh donuts we have to make
our batter so into our blender I’m using 2 cups of oat flour next thing we’re gonna use is maple sugar it kind of reminds me of brown
sugar but it’s made from crystals from maple syrup if you don’t have maple
sugar you can use brown sugar we’re gonna do half a cup I’m gonna do 1
tablespoon of baking powder 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and this is my little trick this is a great plant based alternative for
butter coconut milk there’s coconut fat in here
and coconut milk in here it’s as simple as opening the can and pouring the whole
thing right into the blender and our very last thing is 1 egg now it’s time
to blend the whole thing together just a few seconds on a low speed is perfect
for this and we’re done so to get our pans ready
you just need a little bit of coconut oil on the inside it gives you that
little bit of crunch and this batter is enough to make approximately 12 to 18
donuts so just pour and stop and by baking it you lower the fat content it’s
not greasy okay last one to fill I’m gonna put these in the oven at 350
degrees and bake them for about 12 minutes and I have some baking already
in the oven it looks so good transfer them to a cooling rack so that there
isn’t condensation and moisture to make your donut soggy this is sort of the
trickiest part you want to put the rack on the top I think I can do this it’s
still a little warm 1 2 3 this should pop out if we did this right it’s always
1 isn’t it so when this happens pry it out there it goes how cute are they but
they’re missing one thing the glaze in a bowl we need confectioner sugar so this
is a superfine sugar that dissolves very quickly and we need 1 cup and then we’re
gonna need something called spirulina it’s this beautiful emerald green color
it’s considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world it is
something that I love to add to smoothies a little bit goes a very long
way so what I’m gonna do is take about 1/4 teaspoon and I’m just gonna shake it in and the last thing 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond milk and drizzle it in as you’re
stirring because you want to make sure this gets to the right consistency so
this is our beautiful spirulina glaze take our donuts while they’re still just
a tiny bit warm and drizzle it or you can take a whole doughnut just dip it in
and flip it over take that maple sugar and you could just sprinkle a little bit
on okay let’s give it a taste oh my gosh it’s so cakey and moist a
little crispy on the outside – it tastes like a really good donut but I know it’s full of fresh milled oat flour spirulina that’s in the glaze less fat
less calories but still has a hundred percent of the deliciousness you have to
make this cheers

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