Backlinks SEO – How To Get More Power From Links

By | September 19, 2019

Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer if you are brand new here welcome to Chris Palmer SEO. in today’s video We will discuss how you can increase the power and the quality of Backlinks that you already have or that you are going to establish for SEO. So I will walk through exactly the process on my white board here I’ll give you the SEO strategy so you can take it and you two can actually start increasing the power of SEO backlinks from one site to another Now this actually arises because I have continuously gotten questions about link building and Chris I Am able to acquire a backlink, but I’m on a budget How can I increase the rank of my website, but I want to do it on a budget? so this is one way that you can increase the power of backlinks and you can stay on budget and this will really help you out and I cannot wait to go ahead and show you so, I’m gonna jump in here to the white board and Let me give you a visual demonstration of the method the strategy the tip However, you want to think of it. So you have your website and You are building your links. Okay, so When you are acquiring your links from one site to another So this is a write-up and a page and Here they have decided To give you a backlink to your website. For SEO link building Okay, Now this over here is going to be your website. So this is your homepage, right? So this is home ok, and Then you will have, you know page 1 page 2, of website Page 3, of website Ok, and we’ll say on and so forth and so on ok, so, how can I increase The power of a backlink from said page. So this is just another page Okay, so this is another age. So another Page now they have given us a a backlink to our home page now better yet it’s probably not to our home page because as we know we don’t really necessarily want it to our home page, but we may want it to our our ranking page okay, so that is to our ranking page now generally and how I generally suggest and consult is When you’re building your silos or building your website structure You have your main ranking page and then you have supporting articles to support your main ranking page. So how do you maximize the Backlink strength. Well, what if we have found from testing and from in the wild, of course? and I’m sure maybe some of you have noticed this as well is if you’re getting a Link. Okay. Let’s say this is a and this is page B Okay, if you are getting a link from page B Okay to page a this is your main article, okay Now if you have on this same page they have one mention here, right And this is the backlink contextual backlink and then on the same exact article you have another contextual backlink however, this is going to One of your supporting pages. Now what we have actually found is when you have a page We’ll say page B. Ok for sake of argument. Let’s Say web page B if we have page B Give us and send us one link to our main ranking page and then on that same Exact page have them sent another contextual link to another one of our relevant, ok Pages within the silo we have noticed a bump in rankings on not only our main ranking page but also this page and it then funnels and goes all the way up which in other words is the point of a silo structure, so to break this down to run through it really quick just so I can Go back through it without explaining it the long story short. Is this you have your main page? On your main page err let’s start that back over You have your main website? Your main website, let’s say that it has one Two Three let’s just say this is a silo structure. This is your main ranking page and These are supporting articles supporting Articles. Okay. Now we have this website over here and this website has an article and Inside of this article. They have a contextual link where it goes to Your main ranking page that you want to rank but also inside of that article they have decided to link out not once but Twice to our website, but going to different pages now when you have your silo structure set up properly and whether it’s a floating silo or a virtual silo or it’s a Mother-child silo what’s really great about this as your main ranking page is getting power, but you send it to this. Um, you know, maybe the bottom tier of your website silo and what it’ll actually do is pass power up through so this is also getting the benefit or any of the pages that are in between so that’s really gonna wrap up this video how to increase the power and the quality of backlinks without how to create and buy more backlinks I hope that video has given you value and if it has please Leave a comment below ask me. If you have any questions. If you have any ideas for videos, please let me know I’m always happy to help you and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO backlinks digital marketing video have wonderful day!

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