Backlinking For SEO : Create Off Page SEO Backlinks 2020

By | October 12, 2019

Hello and welcome, my name is Chris Palmer and in today’s off page SEO Backlinking for SEO video. I’m going to show you how to create a ultra powerful, DA domain authority DA 93 backlink, but not one not two but three Separate backlinks well, and they will come in the form of this. I’m going to save the best Link for last so please stick with me until the end so the very first link I’m going to show you is going to be a Profile link on a Da 93 web site then I will show you how to create an image link That is super powerful and then on top of that to put the cherry on top I’m going to show you how to create a contextual guest post on a DA 93 web site called IBM so let’s just not waste any time and get right into it so the very first thing that you will need to do Is you’re going to need to go to WWW. IBM.COM forward slash community now after you sign up with your email You will be presented with this screen So let’s go right to it. So you’re gonna go over here to the right-hand Corner, I’m gonna start with the profile link. That is a do follow backlink. These are all do follow. Yes, They’re all contextual and they can be indexed So this is going to be the first one you’re going click on the contact details and then you could put in Some information if you would like Now where you’re gonna want to put your website is right here. Now. This is a do follow And just so there’s not any Confusion. I have my Moz SEO bar installed up here If I click on the Moz bar as we can see here The followed links are going to be green and here is a do follow link To my website. Let’s move on And please stick with me because I’m gonna show you some little tips and tricks that you can do now You can add here’s what’s really great. Here’s an image link. Alright, so we’re gonna click on change picture Now I’ve taken the liberty to go ahead and open this up. So we’re gonna copy my image link. We’re gonna head back over We’re gonna go to link URL and put in it’s going to load Absolutely. Wonderful. All right, so that’s going to be an image link alright So now we have created two off page SEO backlinks that are ultra powerful, but I have saved the best for last now if you made it with me this far Wonderful, and you deserve to know how to build this very powerful link So I have taken the liberty and let me show you a couple caveats that you can do to make this even more powerful now like I’ve said in other videos This has been tested it’s tried and true If you have a link going to the same page from another page if I have a link coming from this IBM page Okay. Now I have one page going to my about. I have one link going to my about page I have another backlink going to my contact page. I have another backlink going to my home page It is passing. It is passing a bump to each and every one of those pages. So I would Diversify the amount of links and the links that you’re sending out to different pages But let me show you this best link for this site sort. So I’ve taken the liberty of creating this Absolutely exquisite masterpiece. I’m all about myself so this is roughly about 750 words of unique content Now I’ve tried all of these but if you click on where it says bio a box is going to pop up like this This is absolutely stunning and this is where you’re going to create what I would call a guest post on a DA93 website. So after this is created we’re going to go ahead and make this strong to send a link here Generally the links at the top hold a little bit more weight. So now here’s where it gets really fun now if you’ve made it with me this far Let me go ahead and show you a couple little tricks here Well, here’s what I would do now down the bottom. What I would create is a Citation of sorts. Okay, so I would fill out my address. We have, My name so what I would do is I would head on out to my a GMB listing and as you know, Google Absolutely adores itself as it should so, What I would do or maybe propose to just an added benefit go over here and grab your share link and we’re going to insert our share link into our into the bottom of this page Making a backlink or Citation out of this guest post so it’s down at the bottom Now you can add photos I mean that’s gonna be really up to you. So you can really get fun with this The very last thing let me just show you the last piece and I have no problem pointing an IBM link At my website I would point it right at the site I created the guest post we have created a citation It’s a DA93. This is for your off page SEO now the very last piece of this in my opinion all right, the very last thing now – I would fill out everything but we have added the image link we have the Profile link and then we have created This absolute masterpiece here Alright, we have created the citation and remember Google has stated in the past that they crawl and they see Every mention of it whether it’s at any type of form or fashion, so I just want to let you know I mean you can make a citation Almost anywhere as a backlink So with that being said what I would then do now the very last piece is my account Go to privacy, let me make sure that this is public I Mean, I would probably go through and everything that I’ve added. , let’s make that public I would go ahead and make public go back to the profile Take this let’s open it right to the BIOS screen. This is where we want to go so now we know to get the link that we want that we’re gonna send other links to an index is Going to be found under the my account tab Okay, so then the very next thing that I would do is I would head over to Twitter You could send other backlinks to your backlinks or you can link build off page anywhere I’m always always add a tweet. It would really help things get moving along We’re gonna go ahead and put that in there, too All right. Now we’re gonna tweet that out Really? What we have covered is I have shown you how to create a link. It’s a 93 DA rating Now we have gone ahead and created a profile link which is sitting on its own page We have created an image link and then I’ve showed you an ultra-powerful Way to not only create a guest post of sorts But get multiple IBM links that are DA 93 and I showed you hopefully how to create yet another backlink and citation. This has been absolutely wonderful I’m glad that I can show this to you, but it has simply been an appetizer to my next video Share this video subscribe, and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO digital marketing social media Internet marketing video. Have a wonderful SEO day

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